Trumpington Village Sign unveiled June 2010, designed by Sheila Betts.
Trumpington Local History Group

Group Meetings
Programme for 2018
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Meeting archive
The first meeting of the Group was held in November 1995.
A Hundred Years of Change, 27 September 2007
War Time Memories of World War II, 12 November 1999
Summer Walk
Trumpington v. Adolf Hitler, 13 October 2000
Trumpington Worthies, 29 November 2001
The Trumpington
Coprolite Rush
A Century of Childhood in Trumpington, 30 September 2004
A Hundred Years of Wireless, 10 March 2005
Were You There? What Did You Wear?, 30 June 2005
The History of Addenbrooke’s, 9 September 2005
The History of Cambridge American Cemetery, 30 March 2006
Haslingfield Bakehouse Project, 13 July 2006
The History of Cambridge Market, 26 October 2006
Toys, Games and Pastimes of Yesteryear, 29 March 2007
A Midsummer Stroll, 23 June 1998
A Trip Through Trumpington, 17 November 1995
Local Archaeology
History of
Church and
The War
Memorial and
Do You
Anstey Hall Visit, 7 June 1999
Visit to the Park
& Ride
Tour of the
Coprolite site
Cam Conservators
Launch of
Trumpington Past
& Present
East Anglian Film
Unveiling of Blue
Plaque to Henry
On the Street Where You Live, 13 March 2008
Village Hall Centenary Exhibition, 21-25 October 2008
Discussion and AGM, 27 November 2008
Pickwick’s Cambridge Scrapbook, 1838, 5 March 1999.
Along the High Street, 26 March 2009
Rededication of Henry Fawcett grave, 1 April 2009
Trumpington's Farming History, 22 October 2009
History of Trumpington War Memorial, 26 November 2009
Education in Trumpington, 22 April 2010
Local History Group visit to the Cambridgeshire Collection, 25 March 2010: Howard Slatter, Chris Jakes and Shirley Brown. Photo: Stephen Brown.
Howard Slatter (second from left) introducing the evening to participants at the Trumpington Local History Group visit to the Addenbrooke’s Road, 24 June 2010.
Open Day, Clay Farm archaeological investigations, 11 August 2010.
Hobson's Conduit: the First 400 Years, 14 October 2010
The Railways of Trumpington, 1845-2010, 25 November 2010
On the Street Where You Live, 31 March 2011
Archaeological work on the field behind CPDC, 24 February 2011.
Guided Walk, 23 June 2011.
Trumpington Meadows archaeological visit, 24 May 2011
Stories from the Census, 24 November 2011.
The Archaeology of Clay Farm, 29 March 2012.
Visit to Anstey Hall, 15 May 2012.
A Walk Around the Village, 1 July 2012.
Trumpington Traders, 11 October 2012
Trumpington Personalities, 22 November 2012
The Archaeology of Trumpington Meadows and Discovery of the Trumpington Cross, 11 April 2013.
Look Who's Buried Here! 27 June 2013
Extract from the Inland Revenue Land Value map for Trumpington, 1910-11,.
Village Centre Walk.
5 September 2013.
Addenbrooke’s Hospital: Yesterday and Today, 10 October 2013.
Our Local History: What’s the Evidence? 21 November 2013
Visit to the American Cemetery, 8 May 2014.
For more information, contact Howard Slatter, 01223 840365.
Visit to Papworth and Bell School archaeological sites, 18 August 2014
Remembering the First World War, 23 October 2014
Archaeology of Trumpington and South Cambridge, 26 March 2015.
American Cemetery, 1 March 2015
Anstey Hall Farm Barns excavtion, 10 May 2015
Churchyard walk, 30 June 2015
Local History Group walk, 10 September 2015
Discovering Street Names, 12 November 2015
24 May 2018
7 pm from Trumpington Pavilion, Local history walk around the older part
of Trumpington, including Maris Lane, Church Lane, High Street, Alpha
Terrace. This is a similar route to walks held in previous years.

28 June 2018
7 pm from Trumpington Pavilion, Local history walk: north Trumpington,
including High Street, Trumpington Road, Barrow Road, Hobson's Brook,
Lime Avenue, Clay Farm. This is a walk we have not done together before.
For both walks, meet at Trumpington Pavilion (at the end of Anstey Way)
for 7 pm. No charge, just turn up and join us. Everyone is welcome.

27 September 2018
Trumpington Meadows Archaeology, 8 pm, Trumpington Village Hall.
15 November 2018
The Trumpington War Memorial, 8 pm, Trumpington Village Hall.

For more information, contact
Howard Slatter, 01223 840365.
Local History pages
Addenbrooke's Archaeology, March 2016
Look Who's Buried Here, June 2016
Anstey Hall Farm, September 2016
Local History Group meeting, 9 October 2008
Mapping Trumpington: Maps Old and New, 30 March 2017
Gathering at Trumpington Pavilion for a Local History Group walk. Photo: Andrew Roberts, 15 June 2017.
Howard Slatter talking in Alpha Terrace during the Local History Group walk. Photo: Andrew Roberts, 29 June 2017.
Hobson's Conduit, Brook and Park: 28 September 2017
Trumpington at War, 1914-1918, as seen through newspaper reports, 16 November 2017