Trumpington Village Sign unveiled June 2010, designed by Sheila Betts.
Trumpington Local History Group
Archaeology and Art of Clay
Farm: 22 March 2018
Archaeology and Art of Clay Farm at The Clay Farm Centre
22 March 2018

This was the first Trumpington Local History Group meeting to be held at The Clay Farm
Centre, one of a handful of pre-launch events in the Centre, before it open
ed to the public on 4
April 2018. We are very grateful to the Centre for its support in organising this meeting.

Tom Phillips, Oxford Archaeology East (OAE), gave an update about the archaeology of Clay
Farm and the surrounding area, based on the excavation carried out by OAE on Clay Farm and
Fawcett Primary School. These excavations revealed evidence of the occupation and farming of
the land during the Bronze Age. The research influenced the layout of Hobson Square and The
Clay Farm Centre, including the rill which runs diagonally across the square and the orientation
of the entrance into the Centre, which respect a Bronze Age field boundary. See the report on
Excavations at Clay Farm, 2010-15.

The artists, Heather and Ivan Morrison, have created the 'Bronze House' sculpture in Hobson
Square and the reception desk and spiral staircase within The Clay Farm Centre, and Andy
Robinson, Future City, gave the second talk about the
public art.

The talks were preceded by an opportunity to look around the Centre, including the new
Library. The Local History Group has worked with the Centre to create a history display
The Changing Face of Trumpington, which was launched at this meeting.

There is information on the Local History and TRA websites about:

a site visit we made to see the Clay Farm excavation (April 2011);
previous talks by Richard Mortimer and Tom Phillips (March 2012, March 2015);
and public art.
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Poster: Sheila Glasswell and
Andrew Roberts.
Tom Phillips and Andy Robinson, speakers at the
Trumpington Local History Group meeting at the
Clay Farm Centre. Photo: Andrew Roberts, 22
March 2018.
Randall Evans, Andrew Roberts, Alison
Sutton and Howard Slatter, at the launch of
Changing Face of Trumpington
display, Trumpington Local History Group
meeting, the Clay Farm Centre. Photo:
Wendy Roberts, 22 March 2018.