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Meeting: 1 April 2009
Rededication of Henry Fawcett's
Grave, 1 April 2009

The rededication of Henry Fawcett's grave at
the Church of St Mary and St Michael,
Trumpington, took place on 1 April 2009. This
followed the renovation of the grave, which had
deteriorated in the 125 years since Fawcett's
death in November 1884.

A group of 30 people processed around the
graveyard, led by Reverend Dr Jeremy Morris,
Dean of Fawcett's college, Trinity Hall, and
Graeme Minto and Dr Clare Bartlett, the
Churchwardens. Once assembled beside the
grave, Dr Morris read a brief eulogy and psalm
and said two prayers. The group joined in the
Lord's Prayer and Blessing. With a final wish
for Henry Fawcett to rest in peace, the group
processed into the Church for a short reception.
Peter Dawson read a tribute from the
Life of
Henry Fawcett
, by Leslie Stephen, a friend of
Fawcett. The group raised a toast to the great

The group included members of the Fawcett
and Garrett families, who had brought pictures
and family trees to show and were able to view
the Fawcett window and a display panel
produced by the Local History Group.

There was much appreciation of the renovation
of the grave that had been carried out by Hibbitt
& Sons, monumental masons.

Peter Dawson led the renovation project on
behalf of the Local History Group. He has also
written a booklet about Henry Fawcett and –
with Ken Fletcher - a leaflet about his life.
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Rededication of Henry Fawcett's
grave: Graeme Minto, Reverend
Dr Jeremy Morris and Dr Clare
Bartlett. Photo: Stephen Brown, 1
April 2009.
Henry Fawcett's grave, before and after
renovation, completed in 2009. Photos:
Stephen Brown
Rededication of Henry Fawcett's grave, 1 April 2009.
Henry Fawcett’s grave, before renovation.
Henry Fawcett’s grave, after renovation, completed in 2009.