Trumpington Village Sign unveiled June 2010, designed by Sheila Betts.
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Two Trumpington Mayors:
26 September 2019
Two Trumpington Mayors: Eva Hartree and Jean Barker (Baroness

The meeting on 26 September 2019 discussed the lives of two women with Trumpington
connections who had influential political careers in Cambridge and further afield.

Philippa Slatter talked about Eva Hartree (1873-1947) who was a Cambridge Borough
Councillor from 1922-42 and the first woman Mayor of Cambridge in 1924-25.
See the page
Eva Hartree.

Edmund Brookes introduced the life of Jean Barker (Baroness Trumpington) (1922-2018),
Howard Slatter gave a brief review of her time in Cambridge and Stephen Siddall talked about
her involvement with The Leys School when her husband was Headmaster. We were delighted
to be joined by Adam Barker, the son of Jean Barker, who made some person comments and
brought a number of scrapbooks about her period as Mayor. See the page about
Jean Barker
(Baroness Trumpington).

There was also a display about the history of Trumpington Tornadoes, produced by Wendy
Roberts. This had been shown at the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Trumpington Pavilion on
21 September 2019, when the three changing rooms on King George V playing field were named
in recognition of Neville Haylock, Trumpington Tornadoes and Trumpington Football Club
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Poster: Sheila Glasswell and
Howard Slatter.
Left: Philippa Slatter, talking about Eva Hartree, with the Council minute book for 1925.
Right: Edmund Brookes, Adam Barker, Howard Slatter and Stephen Siddall, talking about Jean
Barker (Baroness Trumpington).
Wendy Roberts with the display about the
history of Trumpington Tornadoes.