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Trumpington personalities
Allbutt, Sir Thomas Clifford (1836-1925), physician, lived in Trumpington

Anstey family, owners of Anstey Hall, 1748-1838

Bacchus, Edmund (d. 1609), owner of 'Anstey Hall'

Baker, John Fleetwood, Baron Baker (1901-85), civil engineer who lived in Trumpington (see
People in Trumpington database)

Brooke, Rupert Chawner (1887-1915), poet

Bunsen, Sir Bernard de (1907-90), educationalist, born in Trumpington

Byron, Lord George Gordon (1788-1824), poet

Carr, Edith, local historian (see
People in Trumpington database)

Chaplin/Chaplen, Thomas, Lord of the Manor of Trumpington in the early 1600s (see
Background to the name Chaplen Street)

Chaucer, Geoffrey (c. 1343-1400), author

Cosin, Edmund (1510/11-1574?), college head, vicar of Trumpington

Dakins, William (1568/9-1607), biblical scholar, vicar of Trumpington

Darwin, Sir George Howard (1845-1912), mathematician and geophysicist, buried at

Ellis, Robert Leslie (1817-59), mathematician and classical scholar, lived at Anstey Hall

Fawcett, Henry (1833-84), economist and politican, married to Millicent Garrett, buried at
Trumpington. See
Henry Fawcett: Man of Vision, the Funeral of Henry Fawcett, and notes
about Henry Fawcett.

Fawcett, Dame Millicent Garrett Fawcett (1847-1929), leader of the constitutional women's
suffrage movement, married Henry Fawcett in 1867, lived at 18 Brookside
from 1875-84. See
Millicent Garrett Fawcett and the Campaign for Women's Suffrage and notes about Millicent
Garrett Fawcett

Foster family, owners of Anstey Hall, 1838-1941 (see Background to the name Foster Road)

Fowler, Sir Ralph Howard (1889-1944), mathematical physicist, lived in Trumpington (see
People in Trumpington database)

Gill, Eric (1882-1940), artist, craftsman and social critic, sculptor of Trumpington War Memorial

Gresham, Professor Austin (1924-2009), Professor of Morbid Anatomy and Histopathology,
Cambridge University, and Home Office pathologist

Grote, John (1813-66), philosopher, vicar of Trumpington (see
People in Trumpington database)

Hacket, John (1592-1670), bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, vicar of Trumpington

Hailstone, John (1759-1847), geologist, vicar of Trumpington (see
People in Trumpington

Harraden, Richard (1756-1838), topographical draughtsman and printmaker, died in
Trumpington on 2 June 1838, memorial in churchyard (see
People in Trumpington database)

Hartree, Eva (nee Rayner) (c. 1873-1947), prominent local politician, elected Mayor of
Cambridge in 1924 (see
People in Trumpington database)

Henty, George Alfred (1832-1902), journalist and writer, born in Trumpington (see
People in
Trumpington database)

Hobson, Thomas (1544?-1631), carrier, funded Hobson's Conduit (see
Background to the name
Hobson Avenue)

Latham, Rev. Henry (1821-1902), college head, lived in Trumpington

Maddox, Rev. David (1922-97), vicar of Trumpington, 1956-90 (see
Background to the name
Maddox House, People in Trumpington database)

Moule, Rev. A.C. (1873-1957), vicar of Trumpington

Overall, John (bap. 1561, d. 1619), bishop of Norwich, vicar of Trumpington

Overhill, Jack (1903-89), local resident, writer, swimmer (see People in Trumpington database)

Palmer, John (d. 1607), dean of Peterborough, vicar of Trumpington

Palmer, William (1538/9-1605), clergyman, vicar of Trumpington

Peile, John (1838-1910), college head and philologist, lived in Trumpington (see
People in
Trumpington database)

Pemberton family, owners of Trumpington Hall since the 17th century (see
Trumpington Hall
and the Pemberton family; see also Pemberton entries in the People in Trumpington database)

Perne, Andrew (1519?-1589), dean of Ely and college head, conceived of Hobson's Conduit

Pitcher/Pitchard family, owners of the manor between the Trumpington's and the Pemberton's

Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji, maharaja jam sahib of Navanagar [Ranji] (1872-1933), Indian ruler,
cricketer, lived in Trumpington

Richards, Sir Gordon (1904-86), jockey

Robinson, Percy (c. 1878-1943), local school teacher (see
People in Trumpington database)

Sayle, Robert (1816-83), draper and philanthropist, lived in Trumpington (see People in
Trumpington database)

Shadwell, Charles (1898-1979), leader of the BBC Variety Orchestra, retired to Trumpington
and took over the Green Man

Smith, Mary Raeburn (1914-93), local resident and respected watercolour artist

Smith, William Saumarez (1836-1909), Archbishop of Sydney, vicar of Trumpington (see
People in Trumpington database)

Southwell, Sir Richard Vynne (1888-1970), mechanical and aeronautical engineer, lived in
Trumpington (see
People in Trumpington database)

Stokton, John and Agnes (John d. c. 1475), local farmer and benefactor

Tennyson, Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1809-92), poet

Thackeray, William Makepeace (1811-63), novelist

Todd, Alexander Robertus, Lord Todd of Trumpington (1907-97), organic chemist, lived in

Trumpington family, local landowners, 13th-14th century, including Sir Roger de Trumpington
(d. 1289)

Whittle, Sir Frank (1907-96), aeronautical engineer, lived in Trumpington while a student at
Cambridge University in the 1930s (see
People in Trumpington database)

Widnall, Samuel Page (1825-94), local historian

Willers, Kitty [Catherine Elizabeth] (1898-1977), expert bellringer who contributed to the church:
appreciation by the bellringers and friends of the church (see People in Trumpington

Williams, Glanville Llewelyn (1911-1997), jurist and law reformer, lived in Trumpington (see
People in Trumpington database)

Wilson brothers, three brothers who were killed in World War I (see People in Trumpington
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Thomas Hobson.
Cambridge City Council.

Henry and Millicent
Fawcett, 1872. Newnham
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Jack Overhill.