Trumpington Village Sign unveiled June 2010, designed by Sheila Betts.
Trumpington Local History Group
Trumpington Maps: Decade by
, 1861-2011
These maps show the 'ancient' parish of Trumpington at intervals of ten years from 1861 up to
2011. These years have been chosen to correspond to those of the regular censuses, from which
much information is available about the people who lived in the parish, and where they lived.

On each map you will see, marked in purple, all those buildings where people are known to have
been living. Those buildings are superimposed on a modern map of Trumpington, from
OpenStreetMap data.

You can zoom in and out on each map to see finer or coarser detail as desired. If you click on a
building, you will then see a dialogue box. In most cases, if there is information available, a link
will appear to the relevant page in the
Streets, Houses and People resource lists, where you will
see who has lived there over time. You can then click again to link to the corresponding entry in
People in Trumpington database.

These maps have been compiled from a variety of sources. These include the 25 inch Ordnance
Survey maps available on the
National Library of Scotland website and older maps of the parish,
including that from the Inclosure Award (1804) and Baker’s map of Cambridge (1830).

For more about the historical mapping of Trumpington, see the report of the Group
meeting held
in May 2017.

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Trumpington Maps: Decade by Decade resource.
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Extracts from the Trumpington maps, 1881 and 1951
Welcome to this resource about the story of the development of
Trumpington from 1861 to the present, as told through maps. The
Trumpington Maps: Decade by Decade resource is based on the Streets,
Houses and People
and the People in Trumpington resources. The
resources have been developed by Howard Slatter.
Extracts from the Trumpington maps, 1881 and 1951.