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Cambridgeshire (GENUKI)
Trumpington (GENUKI)

Parish records

The County Record Office has a bound transcript of the Parish Register.
This was transcribed by David Jordan, Margaret Marrs and members of
the Cambridgeshire Family History Society. The introduction explains that
the Register starts in 1671, but there must have been an earlier volume
from 1563. The entries are based in part on the Bishop's Transcripts held
at Cambridge University Library. The Register transciption includes
baptisms 1563-2003, marriages 1599-2003, banns 1754-1953, burials
1600-2003 and a surname index.

In 1987, the Cambridgeshire Family History Society carried out a project
to transcribe the
Monumental Inscriptions at the Parish Church,
including the interior of the church (1577-1976) and the old churchyard
(1709-1986). The work was undertaken by Stephen Walley and Alan
Bullwinkle. A photocopy of the indexes to the cemetery at the junction of
Hauxton Road and Shelford Road was deposited in the County Archive.

The Cambridgeshire Family History Society has also published a transcript
of the
Vestry Audit Book (1602-1753), with information about the
administration of the parish. This was transcribed in 2002 by David E.

Copies of the Parish Register, Monumental Inscriptions and the Vestry
Audit Book, 1662-1753, are available from the
Cambridgeshire Family
History Society. The CFHS has published one CD-Rom with
transcriptions of the registers (CD/PR/10) and another with Miscellaneous
Documents including the Vestry Audit Book (CD/012).


The original census records are held by The National Archives. The
details from 1841 to 1911 can be searched online through services such as
Ancestry. The Local History Group has transcribed the censuses from
1841 to 1911, see the separate introduction to the
Trumpington census


The County Record Office has a copy of the pre-inclosure layout of
Trumpington, dating from 1804, CRO R60/24/2/70(a) (assumed to be a
copy of the original at the Cambridge University library, MS Plans R
6/11-12). This is titled
A Map of the Parish of Trumpington in the County
of Cambridge
. Annotated with "All pieces without other names owned by
FCJ Pemberton": the majority of the fields were allocated to F.C.J.
Pemberton and the Vicar. See the pages on the
enclosure of Trumpington.

Baker's map of the University and Town of Cambridge, 1830, extends as
far as Trumpington. A reproduction of this was published by the
Cambridgeshire Records Society in 1998, with an introduction by Sarah
Bendall. Copies are available from the County Record Office.

The County Record Office has an extensive range of 1:2500 Ordnance
Survey maps of Trumpington, including 1885, 1901, 1925, 1939, 1950
and 1954.

The County Record Office has the 1910-11 Land Value map and schedule
(CRO 470/047). The schedule is titled
The Commissioners of Inland
Revenue (1910). Duties on Land Values. Record of Valuations Made by
the Commissioners of Inland Revenue ... Valuation Book for the
Parishes of Coton, Dry Drayton, Grantchester and Trumpington
. The
schedule lists the occupier, owner and status of each plot of land. The
map is the 1901-03 Ordnance Survey 1:2500 map, annotated in 1911,
with information assumed to have been collected in 1909-10. The
certificate for Trumpington is dated 1910. There are four sheets for
Trumpington: XLVII.10 (centre of village), 9 (west), 6 (north, but this has
not been annotated) and 14 (south).

The County Record Office has an extensive range of 1:2500 Ordnance
Survey maps of Trumpington, including 1885, 1901, 1925, 1939, 1950
and 1954. Some of these are available online on the
National Library of
Scotland website.

The current edition of the Ordnance Survey map can be consulted through
public computers in each of Cambridgeshire Libraries, using the County
Council's Geographic Information System (GIS) (this is not available
through the Libraries Web site).

Electoral Registers

The electoral registers provide annual lists of local residents. The
Cambridgeshire Collection, Cambridge Library, holds registers throughout
the 20th century.


The County Record Office holds copies of many of the local directories,
while the University of Leicester maintains a searchable online resource of
Historical Directories. Examples of directories with local information:

Gardner's History, Gazetteer & Directory of Cambridgeshire: 1851 edition
available at Historical Directories.

Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire: 1883, 1896, 1904, 1916 editions
available at Historical Directories.

Post Office Directory of Cambridgeshire: 1879 edition available at
Historical Directories.

Spalding's Directory of Cambridge: the County Record Office has editions
including Trumpington from the 1930s (extract for Trumpington in 1939
held by the Local History Group).

Kelly's Directory of Cambridge: the County Record Office has editions
covering Trumpington from 1929 and the 1940s-70s (extract for
Trumpington in 1962 held by the Local History Group).