Trumpington Village Sign unveiled June 2010, designed by Sheila Betts.
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Ambrose, Tom (2006). St Mary & St Michael
. [Church guide]. [Trumpington: Parish
Church.] Copies available in the Church.
An illustrated guide to the church, with information
about its main architectural features and windows,
and brief details of some of the rectors and vicars.

Atkins, Rob and Hurst, Valory (2014). ‘Avenell
Way: an ancient track across south Cambridgeshire’,
Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society,
103, 83-106.

Bradley, Simon and Pevsner, Nicholas (2014).
Cambridgeshire. The Buildings of England.
London: Yale University Press. ISBN 978 0 300
20596 1.
Includes information about Trumpington: St Mary
and St Michael Church and brief entries for
Trumpington Hall, Anstey Hall, Church Lane area,
village and Clay Farm (pages 355-58).

Brown, Shirley (1986).
Trumpington in Old Picture
. Zaltbommel, Netherlands: European
Library. ISBN 90-288-3350-1.
Over 75 reproductions of postcards, with detailed
captions, providing an insight into Trumpington from
1880 to 1930.

Brown, Shirley and Brown, Stephen (2013).
Trumpington Through Time. Stroud,
Gloucestershire: Amberley Publishing. ISBN 978-1-
An extensive selection of old and new photographs
showing the ways in which Trumpington has
developed in the last 100 years.

Bushell, W.D. (1938).
Hobson's Conduit. The New
River at Cambridge Commonly Called Hobson's
. Cambridge: CUP.
The history and course of Hobson's Conduit, from
Nine Wells through Trumpington into Cambridge,
with maps and illustrations.

Cambridge Camden Society (1845).
Churches of
Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely
. Cambridge: The
Includes Trumpington Church.

Cambridge City Council. Planning Department
Trumpington. Conservation Area Appraisal.
Cambridge: City Council.
Includes the planning background, a brief history, the
character of Trumpington and information about
individual areas and properties, and maps. Updated
October 2010.

Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (2010).
and Living: an A to Z for Trumpington
. : Cambridge
Curiosity and Imagination.
Produced as part of the Public Art Strategy for Clay
Farm and Glebe Farm, the ideas in the book had
input from Crossways Gardens, Fawcett School, the
Trumpington Local History Group, Cambridge City
Council's Children and Young People's Participation
Service (ChYpPS) and the Trumpington Residents'

Cambridgeshire Family History Society (1987).
Mary's and St Michael's Parish Church,
Trumpington, Cambridgeshire. Monumental
. Transcribed by Stephen Walley and
Alan Bullwinkle. : CFHS.

Cambridgeshire Family History Society (2002).
Vestry Audit Book, 1602-1753. Transcribed by
David E. Bland. : CFHS.

Cambridgeshire Family History Society (2010).
Parish Registers. St Mary's and St Michael's Parish
Church, Trumpington. Transcribed by David Jordan,
Margaret Marrs and members of the Society. CD-
ROM version. : CFHS.

Cambridgeshire Federations of Women's Institutes
The Cambridgeshire Village Book.
Newbury: Countryside Books. ISBN 1-85306-035-6.
Includes a short entry about Trumpington (pages 168-

Carr, Edith (1968 and 1971).
The Story of
Trumpington Church
. Saffron Walden: Talbot.

Carr, Edith (1973).
Trumpington: a Cambridgeshire
. In People and Places. An East Anglian
Miscellany. Pages 8-67. Lavenham: Terence Dalton
Ltd. SBN 900963-24-7.
Traces the history of Trumpington from the Roman
period to the end of the 19th century, with 15

Cheason, Denis (1980).
The Cambridgeshire of
Rupert Brooke. An Illustrated Guide to the Places
Mentioned in Rupert Brooke's Poem 'The Old
Vicarage, Grantchester'
. Waterbeach: The Author.
ISBN 0-9506614-1-4.
Illustrated with sketches of Byron's Pool and
Trumpington in the 1970s.

Chisholm, Michael (2002). 'Conservators of the
River Cam: 1702-2002'.
Proceedings of the
Cambridge Antiquarian Society
, XCII, pages 183-
The history of the Conservators from their
establishment by Act of Parliament in 1702.

Collins, Judith (2006).
Eric Gill. The Sculpture.
London: A. & C. Black. ISBN 0-71367927-1.
Includes information about the War Memorial.

Cooper, Anthony J. (2000).
Planners and
Preservationists. The Cambridge Preservation
Society and the City's Green Belt, 1928-1985
Cambridge: Cambridge Preservation Society. ISBN 0-
Discusses planning, housing and transport
developments in Cambridge and the surrounding area
since the 1920s, the history of the green belt and the
role of the Cambridge Preservation Society.

Cooper, Charles Henry (1842-52).
Annals of
. 5 volumes. : Metcalfe & Palmer.

Dawson, Peter (2009).
Henry Fawcett - Man of
Cambridge: Trumpington Local History
Written by Peter Dawson, this brief life of Henry
Fawcett includes information about his burial in

Dawson, Peter (2009).
Who Was Henry Fawcett?
Cambridge: Trumpington Local History Group.
A short leaflet with key facts about Fawcett.

Dring, W.E. (1974).
Trumpington – Fifty Years
. Unpublished typescript.
The lively and informative recollections of a local
man, born in Alpha Terrace in 1912?, remembering
Trumpington as it was in his childhood.

Evans, Christopher, with Duncan Mackay and Leo
Webley (2008).
Borderlands. The Archaeology of
the Addenbrooke's Environs, South Cambridge
CAU Landscape Archives: New Archaeologies of the
Cambridge Region, 1. Cambridge: Cambridge
Archaeological Unit with Oxbow Books. ISBN 978-0-
A detailed analysis of new evidence for the
archaeology of the Addenbrooke's and Trumpington
area, based on the extensive excavations and field
work carried out in advance of building

Flitton, A.R. [Arthur Russell] (1926).
The Bells of
. Bury St Edmunds.

Garrett, Martin (2004).
Cambridge. A Cultural and
Literary History
. Cities of the Imagination. Oxford:
Signal Books. ISBN 1-902669-78-9.
Includes discussions of Chaucer's Reeve's Tale,
Byron's Pool and Trumpington Mill.

Gray, E.A. (1977).
Hobson's Conduit, the Story of a
Cambridgeshire Chalk Stream
. Barton,
Cambridgeshire: Bird's Farm Publications. ISBN 0-
The story of the valley to the east of Trumpington,
following the route of Hobson's Brook.

Gray, Ronald and Stubbins, Derek (2000).
Cambridge Street Names: their Origins and
. Cambridge: CUP. ISBN 0521789567.
A narrative history of the street names of Cambridge,
including Trumpington.

Grove, Richard (1976).
The Cambridgeshire
Coprolite Mining Rush
. Cambridge: Oleander Press.
ISBN 0-902675-61-3.
The impact of coprolite digging on Cambridgeshire,
including Trumpington.

Hunter Blair, Andrew (2007).
Along the River Cam.
: Sutton Publishing. ISBN 0-7509-4455-2.
Traces the story of the river and surrounding

Jenkins, Simon (2000).
England's Thousand Best
. London: Penguin Books. ISBN 0-140-
Includes a brief entry on Trumpington Church and
the brass.

Jennings, Christine (2003).
Widnall. A Capital
Contriver. the Story of a Victorian Household in the
Village of Grantchester
. Swavesey: Folly Press.
ISBN 0-9544818-0-1.
Describes the life and times of Page Widnall (1825-
94), a farmer who lived at the Old Vicarage,
Grantchester, from 1850, and wrote and published
books about local history.

John Lewis (2008).
A History of Robert Sayle, 1840-
. Third Edition. Cambridge: John Lewis. ISBN
A history of the Robert Sayle family and department
store, updated to include the opening of the new
John Lewis store in Cambridge. Includes details
about family life in Trumpington.

Jurgensen, Birtt and Anning, Vicky (2015).
Habitorials: a Showground of Real Living.
Trumpington & Great Kneighton
. : Jeanneworks.
Part of the art project for the Clay Farm housing
development, with interviews with a number of local

Kindersley, Lida Lopes Cardozo and Sherwood,
Thomas (2011).
Cutting Across Cambridge.
Kindersley Inscriptions in the City and University
Cambridge: Cardozo Kindersley.
Includes section on inscriptions in Trumpington
churchyard and cemetery, pages 74-77.

Lloyd, David Willson (1951).
English Village: the
Story of Trumpington
. Cambridge: Heffers.
A brief history and memoir of the village, written c.
1950. Chapters cover the origins of the village, the
church, houses and fields, poets and the village as it
was in the 1940s.

McClure, Gillian, John Wiltshire and the Children of
Fawcett School (2008).
The Wishing Eel.
[Cambridge]: Vital Communities. ISBN 978-0-
A short illustrated story created by pupils from
Fawcett Primary School and residents of Crossways
Gardens as part of the
Vital Communities project.

Mee, Arthur (1939).
Cambridgeshire. The King's
England. : Hodder & Stoughton.
Trumpington church and personalities (pages 209-11).

Moule, A.C. (1922). 'Some Trumpington
Inscriptions, with Special Reference to the Base of
the Old Village Cross',
Proceedings of the
Cambridge Antiquarian Society
, 24, p. 95-109.
Includes a contemporary account of the rediscovery
of the base of the old village cross.

Moule, A.C. [Arthur Christopher] (1923, 1929, 1934
and 1944).
Trumpington Church. Cambridge: [CUP].

O'Connor, Bernard (1998).
The Dinosaurs on
Coldham's Common: the Story of Cambridge's
Coprolite Industry
. Sandy, Bedfordshire: the Author.
ISBN 0-902810-00-7.
The history of coprolite mining in Cambridge and
Trumpington, particularly in the 1850s-70s and
World War I, when large quantities of phosphatic
nodules were extracted from land in Trumpington for
processing as fertilizer.

O'Connor, Bernard (1999).
The Trumpington Fossil
Diggings: An Account of the 19th Century Coprolite
. Sandy, Bedfordshire: the Author.
The specific story of coprolite exploitation in

Overhill, Jack (1953).
The Miller of Trumpington.
London: Staples.

Powell, W.C. (1942).
Christopher Anstey: Bath
Laureate. A Dissertation
. Presented to the Faculty
of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences ...
University of Pennsylvania.
A PhD dissertation about Christopher Anstey (1724-
1805), author of the
New Bath Guide.

Renfrew, Jane M., Renfrew, Magnus A. and Rose,
John K. (1996).
Rus In Urbe. Chaucer Road and
Latham Road: the History of Two Rural Roads in
. Cambridge: Solachra. ISBN 0-9528751-
Richly illustrated account of the history of the
Chaucer Road and Latham Road area from
prehistory to the present and the personalities and
university connections of the area.

Royal Commission on Historical Monuments
(England) (1959).
An Inventory of the Historical
Monuments in the City of Cambridge. Part II
London: HMSO. ISBN 0-11-300023-5.
The Trumpington entry includes the Parish Church,
Trumpington Hall, Vicarage, Anstey Hall, Anstey
Hall Farm, The Old House, Manor Farm, Green
Man, Coach and Horses and Clay Farm.

Royal Commission on Historical Monuments
(England) (1959).
Parish Church of St. Mary and St.
Nicholas, Trumpington
. London: HMSO.

Sargood, Lisa (2004).
Literary Cambridge. Stroud:
Sutton Publishing. ISBN 0-7509-2288-5.
Includes Byron's Pool and Trumpington Mill.

Searby, Peter (editor) (2010).
Cambridge at War.
The Diary of Jack Overhill 1939-1945
. Volume 19.
Cambridge: Cambridgeshire Records Society. ISBN
An edited version of the wartime diary of Jack
Overhill. During the war, Jack and his wife rented
out their Shelford Road, Trumpington, house and
lived in Saxon Street, Cambridge. The diary
describes life in Cambridge and his continuing links
with Trumpington.

Shelford Oral History Group (2008).
Some Shelford
. Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire: The Group.
Interviews with 50 residents of Great Shelford, who
reminisce about their lives in the village, with some
references to nearby Trumpington.

Spittle, S.D.T. (1970). 'The Trumpington Brass'.
The Archaeological Journal, 127, p. 223-227.
Discusses the history of the church brass, concluding
that the brass was made for Giles de Trumpington
and then used to commemorate his son, the younger
Roger de Trumpington, in c. 1326.

Taylor, Alison (1998).
South East Cambridgeshire
and Fen Edge
. Archaeology of Cambridgeshire.
Volume  2. Cambridgeshire County Council. ISBN 0-

Taylor, Alison (1999).
Cambridge: the Hidden
. Stroud: Tempus. ISBN 0-7524-1436-4.
Brief details about Trumpington (pages 126-30).

Taylor, Alison, Browne, David M. and Darby, H.C.
Early Cambridgeshire. Cambridge: Oleander
A compendium of four previous publications on
Prehistoric, Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval

Taylor, Christopher (1973).
The Cambridgeshire
Landscape. The Making of the English Landscape
London: Hodder and Stoughton. No ISBN.
Refers to evidence of Iron Age settlement and
coprolite digging at Trumpington.

Taylor, Patrick (2011).
The Toll-houses of
. Ipswich: Polystar Press. ISNB 978-
Includes background to turnpikes and toll houses and
description of the Trumpington toll house.

Trumpington Local History Group (2000).
Century Trumpington
. Written by Shirley Brown.
[Cambridge: The Group.]
A decade-by-decade account of Trumpington
through the 20th century, with information about
people, places and events.

Trumpington Local History Group (2003).
Trumpington Past & Present. Researched and
written by Shirley Brown. Stroud: Sutton Publishing.
ISBN 0-7509-3156-6.
An illustrated account of Trumpington, particularly in
the 20th century. It has sections on roads, farms and
gardens, buildings, events and occasions and people.

Trumpington Local History Group (2014).
Trumpington’s Fallen Heroes of World War I.
Written by Ken Fletcher. Cambridge: Trumpington
Local History Group.
Web version.

Trumpington Residents’ Association and
Trumpington Local History Group (2013).
Trumpington History Trails 1. The Historic Centre
of Trumpington
. Cambridge: Trumpington Residents’
Association. January 2013.

Trumpington Residents’ Association and
Trumpington Local History Group (2016).
Trumpington History Trails: Ten Walking and
Cycling Trails Around Trumpington and the
Surrounding Area
. Cambridge: Trumpington
Residents’ Association.
Web version.

The Victoria History of the Counties of England
The History of the County of Cambridge &
the Isle of Ely. Volume I
. Edited by L.F. Salzman.
Oxford: Oxford University Press for the Institute of
Historical Research.
Covers geology and natural history and Anglo-Saxon
history, plus a detailed account of the Domesday
Survey in Cambridgeshire, with its record of

The Victoria History of the Counties of England
The History of the County of Cambridge &
the Isle of Ely. Volume II
. Edited by L.F. Salzman.
Oxford: Oxford University Press for the Institute of
Historical Research.
Web version.
Includes social and economic history, ecclesiastical
history, education and political history.

The Victoria History of the Counties of England
The History of the County of Cambridge &
the Isle of Ely. Volume III. The City and University
of Cambridge
. Edited by J.P.C. Roach. Oxford:
Oxford University Press for the Institute of Historical
Web version.
Detailed information about the history of the city,
university and colleges, with brief references to

The Victoria History of the Counties of England
The History of the County of Cambridge &
the Isle of Ely. Volume V
. Edited by C.R. Elrington.
Oxford: Oxford University Press for the Institute of
Historical Research.
Web version.
Grantchester, with references to the road
pattern, Bryon's Pool and Trumpington and
Grantchester mills.

The Victoria History of the Counties of England
The History of the County of Cambridge &
the Isle of Ely. Volume VII: Roman Cambridgeshire
Edited by J.J. Wilkes and C.R. Elrington. Oxford:
Oxford University Press for the Institute of Historical
An overview of Cambridgeshire in the Roman
period, including settlements and road patterns.

The Victoria History of the Counties of England
A History of Cambridgeshire and the Isle of
Ely, Volume VIII. Armingford and Thriplow
. Edited by C.R. Elrington. Oxford: Oxford
University Press for the Institute of Historical
Research. ISBN 0-19-722757-0.
Web version.
Trumpington (part of Thriplow Hundred),
with a detailed record of the history of the parish, its
development, manors, church and major fatures,
with extensive references to primary sources. This
volume also covers
Harston, Hauxton and Great

Widnall, S.P. [Samuel Page] (1875).
A History of
Grantchester in the County of Cambridge
Grantchester: the Author.
See also Widnall's short reminiscences of

Widnall, S.P. [Samuel Page] (1889).
of Trumpington Fifty Years Ago
. Grantchester: the
Widnall had already published his more detailed
history of Grantchester when he issued these short
reminiscences (25 pages), copies of which were
available 'at the Post Office, Trumpington, or post
free from the author'. Includes brief thoughts about
travel, the Stone Bridge, road to Grantchester, the
Roman road through the village and particularly the
village school, where Widnall was a pupil in the
1830s. See also Jennings (2003).

Wilson, Peter J. (1997). 'Byron's Pool'.
Nature in
, 39, 17-21.
A short history of the area around Byron's Pool and
the river, with information about the woodland,
ponds and possible mill features.

Yorke, Malcolm (1981).
Eric Gill. Man of Flesh
and Spirit
. London: Constable. ISBN 0-09463740-7.
Includes information about Trumpington War
Front cover, 20th Century Trumpington
Front cover, Trumpington Past & Present
Front cover, Trumpington in Old Picture Postcards
Title page, Widnall's Reminiscences of Trumpington
Front cover, Trumpington, a Cambridgeshire Village
Front cover, Rus in Urb
Front cover: the Cambridgeshire Villages Book
Front cover, Early Cambridgeshire
Front cover, Cambridgeshire Landscape
Front cover, Cambridgeshire of Rupert Brooke
Publications about Trumpington or with references to Trumpington
people, places or events.
Front cover, Guide to Trumpington Church
Front cover, Hobson's Conduit
Front cover, Hobson's Conduit
Front cover, Cambridge Street Names
Front cover, Inventory of the Historical Monuments in the City of Cambridge
Front cover, Victoria County History of Cambridge, Volume VIII
Front cover: the Dinosaurs on Coldham's Common
Front cover, Cambridge Hidden History
Front cover, St Mary & St Michael, Trumpington
Front page, Planners and Preservationists
Front cover: English Village: the Story of Trumpington
Front cover, Some Shelford Lives
A History of Robert Sayle, 1840-2007
Front page, Borderlands
Front cover, Wishing Eel
Henry Fawcett - Man of Vision
Who Was Henry Fawcett?
Art and Living front cover
Cambridge at War. The Diaries of Jack Overhill.
The Toll-houses of Cambridgeshire
Trumpington Through Time
Trumpington's Fallen Heroes of World War I
Front cover of Bradley annd Pevsner, Cambridgeshire.
Habitorials, issue 0