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Resources: the Censuses of
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The Trumpington Local History Group has transcribed the eight censuses
for the parish of Trumpington from 1841 to 1911, in a project completed
in December 2010. This page has an introduction to the censuses and
links to a separate page for each year.
1841 census: carried out on 6 June, population 759 people.

1851 census: carried out on 30 March, population 771 people.

1861 census: carried out on 7 April, population 716 people.

1871 census: carried out on 2 April, population 841 people.

1881 census: carried out on 3 April, population 940 people.

1891 census: carried out on 5 April, population 975 people.

1901 census: carried out on 31 March, population 1084 people.

1911 census: carried out on 2 April, population 1269 people.
Introduction to the Censuses of Trumpington project

A census of England and Wales has been taken by the government every ten years, starting in
1801 (except for 1941). Nearly all the returns from individual households were destroyed after
the censuses were taken from 1801 to 1831, so we now only have access to detailed
information from 1841 onwards.

The latest year to be made public is 1911, so there are 8 complete censuses available for

A team of four members of the Trumpington Local History Group (Ken Fletcher, Sheila
Glasswell, Sylvia Jones and Howard Slatter) have completed transcribing all these eight
censuses for the parish of Trumpington, and these transcriptions are available in pdf format.

Although the ecclesiastical parish boundaries changed over the 70 year period, we have used
the original boundaries (i.e. those of the civil parish) in each transcription. The only exception to
this is Cavendish (later Homerton) College in Hills Road, within the parish, but not transcribed
here because of the largely transient nature of the residents.

With a very few exceptions, we have adopted the "type what you see" approach to
transcription. This means that where a word was mis-spelled or an age was recorded
incorrectly, the written version appears in the transcript. Where there is an obvious error which
can be supported by reference to the Parish Registers, Civil Registration indexes, or other
census years, we have attempted to record that in the 'notes' column, though not all such errors
have been noted yet.

The introductory page to each census year gives the description of the parish for that year and
explains any idiosyncrasies attached to that particular transcript; the detail recorded changed
(usually increasing in quantity) almost each time.

The original census documents and images are held by
The National Archives, which has
information about
researching census records. The records from 1841 to 1911 can be consulted
online in several places, including
Ancestry and Find My Past (1911 census).

We hope that family, social and local historians will find these transcripts useful. If you find an
obvious error, or wish to make any comment about these pages, please contact our

We would welcome links to these pages from other websites.

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