Trumpington Village Sign unveiled June 2010, designed by Sheila Betts.
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Trumpington subjects
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Personal recollections
Trumpington Fifty Years Ago: Reminiscences of the 1920s, W.E. Dring
My Experience of Education in the Church School, Margot Andrews
Childhood Memories of Trumpington in the 1940s-1950s, Brian Goodliffe
Recollections of Shelford Road, Jean Clews with Howard Slatter
Forty Years of Public Transport in Trumpington, Barry Clarke
Growing up on the Estate, Brenda Bass
Glebe Farm, Trumpington, in the early 1950s, David Stubbings
The Recreation Ground in the 1940s, David Stubbings
The Proud Son of a Trumpington Ploughman, Brian Goodliffe
Personal Reminiscences of the Perse Prep School, Edmund Brookes
Memories of a Trumpington Childhood: 1948-1959, Colin Gedge
My Recollections of Trumpington, Audrey King

Outing to Wicksteed Park, August 1949
Trumpington Young Farmers' Club, supper, early 1960s
Trumpington Charter Fair, July 1968
Trumpington Medieval Weekend, June 1989
Trumpington Village Hall Centenary: Summer Prom, June 2008
Trumpington Village Hall Centenary: Exhibition, October 2008
Trumpington Christmas Fair, December 2008
Opening of Trumpington Pavilion, November 2009
Opening of Addenbrooke's Road, 27 October 2010
Trumpington Christmas Fair, November 2010
Royal Wedding celebration (Prince William and Catherine Middleton,
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), 29 April 2011
Unveiling of the renovated
Trinity Hall milestone, Hauxton Road, May
Local celebrations of the
Queen's Diamond Jubilee, June 2012
Opening of
electronic play space, King George V Playing Field, August
Presentation of
Street Naming Award, 21 November 2013
Tour de France in Trumpington, 7 July 2014
Remembrance Sunday, 9 November 2014.
Trumpington and the
Cambridge Half Marathon, 28 February 2016.

Addenbrooke's Hospital: history of the hospital
Anstey Hall: group visit, May 2012
Anstey Hall Farm: farming history

Archaeology of Trumpington:
• visit to
Trumpington Meadows excavation, May 2011.
• discovery of Anglo-Saxon
bed burial and gold cross, March 2012.
• the
Archaeology of Trumpington Meadows and discovery of the
Trumpington Cross, April 2013.
• visit to
Clay Farm excavation, August 2010.
• visit to
Clay Farm excavation, April 2011.
• talk on the
Archaeology of Clay Farm, March 2012.
• visit to
Papworth Hospital and Bell School excavations, August 2014.
• talk on the
Archaeology of Trumpington and the Southern Fringe, 26
March 2015.
• visit to
Anstey Hall Farm Barns excavation, May 2015.
• talk on
Addenbrooke's Archaeology: the Latest Phase, March 2016.
• talk on the
Archaeology of Anstey Hall Farm, September 2016.

Cambridge Chronicle, 1850-1900: monthly extracts
Cambridgeshire Guided Busway in Trumpington

introduction to the censuses and transcriptions;
local stories from the censuses.

Education and schools in Trumpington: history of local education provision
and schools
Evidence for the History of Trumpington
Farms and farming in Trumpington, including Enclosure and the Plant
Breeding Institute (PBI)
Hobson's Brook: introduction
Hobson's Conduit: history
King George V Playing Field and the Recreation Ground.
Mapping Trumpington: Ordnance Survey work.
Mapping Trumpington: Old Maps and Using Them Today.
Plant Breeding Institute (PBI) and Trumpington
Postcards: selection of historic postcards of Trumpington
Public houses in Trumpington
Railways in Trumpington: history and reminiscences
The School House and William Butterfield: history of the School House,
Church Lane, and the work of its architect
Street names: derivations
Traders and trades: local traders including the history of post offices and
the Anstey Way shops
Trumpington Allotment Society and Foster Road Allotments.
Trumpington Brass Band: history dating from 1910.
Fallen Heroes of World War I, booklet published 2014
Trumpington Hall and the Pemberton family: summary of the history
Trumpington Parish Church: including introduction and pages about its
history, a walking route around the churchyard and details of rectors and
Trumpington Churchyard Extension, Shelford Road:
Monument Finding
List and highlights.
Prisoner of War Camp (PoW Camp 45, World War II)
Trumpington Village Hall: 100 year history of the Village Hall
Trumpington Village Sign: the original and new signs and the unveiling of
the new sign
Trumpington Volunteer Training Corps in World War I.
Trumpington War Memorial: including history, leaflet and the Wilson
Wesleyan Methodists in Trumpington in the 19th century

World War I and Trumpington:
• Trumpington
War Memorial.
Remembrance Sunday, 9 November 2014.
• Trumpington's
Fallen Heroes of World War I.
• Trumpington at War, 1914-18: as seen through
Newspaper Reports
• Trumpington Volunteer Training Corps.
• the
Village Hall and World War I.
Remembering the First World War.
the Trumpington community on the IWM's Lives of the First World
, men and women who contributed to the War.

World War II and Trumpington:
• Trumpington
War Memorial.
Remembrance Sunday, 9 November 2014.
• Trumpington
Prisoner of War Camp.
• the
Village Hall and World War II.
Checklist of personal recollections, events and
topics covered in the Local History pages.
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