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Trumpington and World War 2:
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Ernest Henry Chapman collection: Army Book 64. Soldier's
Service and Pay Book and Army Identity Certificate.
Wendy Roberts
Photographs of wartime activities of men and women of Trumpington
during the Second World War, 1939-1945.
These photographs illustrate some of the wartime activities of the men and women of
Trumpington during the Second World War, 1939-1945. They include photographs and reports
from local Cambridge newspapers, such as ‘Independent Press and Chronicle’ [I.P.&C.]. For
information about the stories behind the photographs, see the page
Trumpington and World War
2: Text and the spreadsheet 'Trumpington Men and Women and World War 2'.

Crowson, George Albert.
I.P.&C. Friday 18 October 1940, p.15
Sheldrick, Ernest Reginald.
I.P.&C. 11 Oct 1940 p.2
Damaged Buildings,
17 & 19 Barrow
I.P.&C. Friday 18
October 1940, p.14
First Aid Post
I.P.&C. 27 December
1940, p.10
Ash, Stanley G., Headstone, Belfast City Cemetery.
Two crew members of H.M.S. La Malouine killed during the
Belfast blitz.
Creek, Jack Neville.
Pendlebury, John Devitt Stringfellow, in 1934.
Above: Wilson, Ernest. I.P.&C. 31 Jan 1941 p.9
Left: Poster 1941, source: Percy Seeby.
Angell, Alexander.
I.P.&C. 17 April 1942, p.13
Chapman, Margaret.
I.P.&C. 14 August 1942, p.6
Clarke, Bertram James.
I.P.&C. 3 April 1942, p.7
Duke, Robert O. W.
I.P.&C. 3 April 1942, p.7
Harris, John Corbett.
I.P.&C. 13 November 1942, p.9
Kitson, Ronald.
I.P.&C. 17 April 1942, p.13
Marshall, Gilbert George.
I.P.&C. 7 August 1942, p.5
Mayle, Alfred William.
I.P.&C. 8 May 1942, p.5
Ward, Jack.
I.P.&C. 17 April 1942, p.13
Seekings, Charles Stanley.
I.P.&C. 10 April 1942, p.9
Carter, Arthur Edward.
I.P.&C. 24 September 1943, p.9
Orr, Florence Mary.
I.P.&C. 5 Nov 1943
Robinson, Percy
I.P.&C. 10 Dec 1943
Farrington, Brian Thomas.
Right: Memorial on parent's headstone at Trumpington Churchyard Extension
Harradine, Francis B.
I.P.&C. 9 June 1944 p.3
Medhurst, Marjorie Joan.
I.P.&C. 15 Sept 1944 p.9
Price, Sidney.
I.P.&C. 2 June 1944 p.9
Scott, Walter Mostyn.
I.P.&C. 11 Aug 1944 p.11
White, Victor Charles.
I.P.&C. 2 June 1944, p.9
Group of Italian prisoners, understood to be in Trumpington
Camp, including Vittorio Prati (second from right in the
front row) and Camp pass giving permission for Vittorio
Prati to be absent from Trumpington Camp, 15 September
1944. Cristina Prati, 2013.
Vittorio Prati page.
Chapman, Ernest Henry and colleagues in
Rangoon, 1945.
Chapman, Ernest Henry's Invitation to
Trumpington Homecoming Social and
Trumpington Homecoming Fund Gift Card.
Goodwin, Stanley Harold.
I.P.&C. Friday 14 December 1945, p.7
Goodwin, Stanley Harold.
Left: Wooden cross marking the mass grave at Buddhist monastery in Mewaing, 1946.
Above: Memorial at Taukkyan War Cemetery, 2016.
Hall, Elizabeth Rosemary.
I.P.&C. 29 March 1946 p.6
Spalding, Donald George.
I.P.&C. 28 June 1946 p.3
German Prisoners of War, 1948.
Above: "A Cambridge University course for
German Prisoners-of-war was being held at in
1948: listening to the opening lecture ... at St
John's College. About 200 prisoners attended
this six-week course organised by the Board of
Extra Mural Studies in 1948 ...".
Left: "While the special course for German
Prisoners-of-war was being held at Cambridge
University in 1948, the prisoners were moved
to a special camp at Trumpington".
Cambridgeshire Collection, Cambridge Central
Library. Reference Y.Tru.K48.
Trumpington War Memorial, Remembrance
Sunday, 9 November 2014.
Above: The original inscription to World War
2, unveiled on 9 November 1947.
Left: The wreath in memory of Lieutenant
Jack Creek underneath the newly added
inscription commemorating ‘Jack Creek’.
c. 1967
Remembrance Day c. 1967. British Legion Chairman, Stanley
Newell, laying wreath at the War Memorial on Remembrance Day.
Newell Family collection.
Harry James and Ellen Newell in 1949. Harry in his
Special Constable uniform. Newell Family collection.

Cambridge News, November 1962
Obituary extract – Harry James Newell, died 11
November 1962
“He commenced business in the Old Pound building in
the High Street just about 40 years ago and his
workshop in the rear was removed from the Royal
Show site (now known as Barrow Road) in 1922.

Harry was born in Cambridge. He served in the Army
Service Corps and was with the supply units at the
Battle of the Somme. For something like 35 years he
was a Special Constable and served in the War Reserve.

His generous nature and service to the community found
its field in the local branch of the British Legion and
here he was able to do good work in an assuming way
without reward and with very little acknowledgement.”
Unveiling of the new inscription on the Trumpington War Memorial by Major
E. Saville Peck, D.L. (Cambridgeshire Regt. T.), with Rev. T. Young to his
left, 9 November 1947. Newell Family collection.
Newell, Stanley James. Serving in R.E.M.E. in Kalyan,
India, 1945. Newell Family collection.
Newell, Stanley James, R.A.O.C.
In Durban, South Africa, en route
to El Alamein, 1942. Newell
Family collection.
Memorial to Captain John Pendlebury, on
reverse of sign at entrance to Trumpington
Parish Churchyard.
Trumpington Church School, Group III, 1926. Boys: D. Freestone, G. Wilson, J. Gillingham, T. Green, B. Clarke,
P. Wilson, B. Chamberlain, G. Marshall, H. Chamberlain//Girls: A. Benton, D. Howard, D. Frost, K. Green, I.
Wilson, E. Wilson, N. Poole, B. Porter, M. Andrews//Boys: T. Mansfield, J. Darling, J. Shepherd, M. Kefford, S.
Newell, B. Medhurst, E. Chapman, S. Price. Headmaster: Mr P.R. Robinson. Teacher: Miss Burgess.
A number of these boys appear in the WW2 notes, photographs and spreadsheet. Newell Family collection.
Trumpington Church School. Gardening Class, 1929.  Standing: E. King, M. Spiller, F. Seekings,
A. Seekings, A. Dockerill, R. Sheldrick, R. Kitson, D. Darling, R. Mynott, J. Plummer. Seated:
S. White, D. Benton, C. Spencer, F. Webb, H. Burbridge. A number of these boys appear in the
WW2 notes, photographs and spreadsheet. Newell Family collection.
Angell, Alexander. Headstone at Yokohama
War Cemetery, Japan. Photograph taken by
Paul Murray, 2017.
Carter, Jack Rupert. Source:
Image of the initial grave site of Lt Jack Creek at Sidi Barrani Italian military cemetery.
Cambridge City Council, South Area Committee decision note, 23 June 2014.
See separate page with a photograph of a group of Civil Defence Service men and women in the
courtyard in front of the entrance to Anstey Hall, c. 1941.