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The discovery of the sporting prowess of the
Trumpington men who served in H.M. Services
during World War I led to research into the history
of cricket in Trumpington, including the story of
Trumpington Cricket Club.
The major source of information has come from items published in
Cambridge Independent Press (CIP) up to the end of 1920 and an
incomplete set of
Independent Press and Chronicle (CC) issues published
in 1939 (on the
British Newspaper Archive). Many of the phrases used in
this account were penned by the sports correspondent ‘Vigilant’.

We are keen to learn more about Trumpington Cricket Club and hope that
there are readers who could tell us more about it and perhaps provide us
with copies of team photographs.
Copies of the source newspaper accounts are in separate files, see the
links at the end of this article.
The earliest account of Trumpington Cricket Club was dated 1874, when Trumpington met
Orwell Cricket Club at Orwell on Tuesday 1 October and the match resulted in favour of
Trumpington team: A. Gentle, Matlock, Constable, Norris, Nightingale, Peck, Hutt, D. Gentle,
Scott, Speed, Moore.

A year later, on Tuesday 3 August 1875, Trumpington beat the Orwell team at Trumpington.
Trumpington team: Peck, Tofts, Constable, Sayle, Nightingale, Hutt, Gentle, Scott, Moore,
Gentle, Matlock.

In 1878 Trumpington played Perse Grammar School at Trumpington twice and both times the
home team won.

In 1879 Trumpington played Stapleford at Stapleford and Trumpington won the match.
*** see footnote
There appeared to be a gap of ten years before the next Trumpington cricket report was
published in the newspapers. However the village team had amalgamated with Grantchester. In
the 1889 fixture list of the Old Higher Grade Club, matches were to take place with the
Trumpington and Grantchester Cricket Club in May and August.

On August Bank Holiday 1889 Chesterton played the Grantchester and Trumpington team on
Trinity ground and the game was reported to have been won easily by Chesterton.
Grantchester and Trumpington team: A. Gentle, Cowell, C. Ling, E. Gentle, Lenison, Peck, E.
Ling, James, Creswell, Pettit, Utteridge.

At the Anchor Cricket Club annual supper in October 1890, Mr C. Peck, of the Trumpington
and Grantchester Cricket Club, responded to the toast of ‘Kindred Clubs’ and he remarked that
his Club had beaten three of the Clubs which played in the Cup Tie matches and that they meant
to do their best the next year to win the cup.

An 1891 fixture list indicated that the Grantchester and Trumpington Cricket Club would play
Old Higher Grade in September on Parker’s Piece.

A fund raising concert for the Grantchester and Trumpington Cricket Club was held in
Grantchester in April 1893. At the close of the event, the Vicar, Rev. E. Godfray, in the name of
the audience and the Cricket Club, thanked the performers for a very pleasant evening, and for
the practical sympathy which had been shown by the villagers for the Cricket Club.

Trumpington and Grantchester Cricket Club played Sawston away in June 1893 on the Spike
Ground resulting in a nine run victory for the Trumpington and Grantchester team.
Trumpington & Grantchester team: S. Haddow, C. Peck, C. Ling, G. Frost, F. Berwick, A.
Gentle, F. Tomson, E. Waltham, F.J. Utteridge, Goodyear, M. Pratt.

In 1898 Trumpington was no longer amalgamated with Grantchester. The Trumpington Cricket
Club held its annual meeting in March 1898. The club officers were: President, Mr Mansfield
[Mr Stephen Mansfield of Gilmerton?]; vice-president, Mr Porter; captain, Rev. J.T. Collins;
vice-captain, Mr G. Pamplin; captain 2nd XI, Mr A. Forbes; treasurer, Mr J.A. Sturton;
secretary, Mr D.E. Cowell; committee, Messrs. Gentle, Forbes, Harvey, Hatcher and Salmons.

During 1898 there were accounts of Trumpington matches against Fowlmere, Little Shelford,
and Grantchester. Trumpington Cricket Club was a newcomer to the Cambridgeshire Junior Cup
Competition but it was knocked out in the first round by Histon.
Trumpington team: Ling, Dann, Utteridge, Cowell, Forbes, Garton, Gentle, Seekings, Collins, F.
Peters, C. Peters

The Trumpington Cricket Club annual supper in September 1898 at the Tally Ho public house
marked the close of a very successful season – out of 14 matches, they had won 10, drawn 1
and lost only 3.

In 1899 Trumpington got through the second round of the Cambs. Junior Cup and scored
practically  two to one against Old Chesterton Juniors. However the cup holders, Rodney Club,
visited Trumpington to meet the village team in the third round. Cambridge Independent Press
‘Vigilant’ reported Rodney’s was a rather fortunate win as the decision of the umpire in giving
the Rev. Hamilton out seemed to influence the rest of the Trumpington team and the wild
throwing in of the villagers had something to do with the result.
Trumpington team: W.W. Robinson, Rev. C.J. Hamilton, Shuckburgh, Dann, C.H. Robinson,
Utteridge, Ling, Cowell, Peters, Gentle, Dalsley.

The Trumpington Cricket Club annual supper in October 1899 was held in the Tally Ho and the
secretary, Mr D.E. Cowell, reported another successful season – out of 16 matches played, 11
were won, 2 were drawn, 1 was abandoned in consequence of rain, and 2 only were lost. The
presentation bat for the highest average runs was secured by Mr F. Utteridge, whose average for
10 innings was 17.5, while the ball went to Mr C. Ling for a remarkable bowling average, he
having bowled 156 overs for 306 runs and 61 wickets, an average of 5 per wicket.

In 1900 Trumpington Cricket Club survived the first round of the Cambs. Junior Cup.

A large number of interested spectators were said to have assembled at the Histon cricket ground
in July 1900 to witness the encounter of Trumpington and Histon. It proved a very evenly
matched game resulting in Histon winning by 15 runs. Five of the Histon wickets fell to the Rev.
C.J. Hamilton (the county player) for 10 runs.

In May 1901 Trumpington Juniors played Shamrock Cricket Club at Trumpington and the match
resulted in a win for the home team.
Trumpington Juniors team: W. Wilson, C. Lloyd, F. Peters, H. Oakham, H. Smith, F. Smith, R.
Wilson, E. Wilson, J. Kefford, P. Mansfield, A. Chapman

In June 1901 it was noted that Trumpington was one of the absentees from the Cambs. Junior
Cup Competition but in July 1901 ‘Vigilant’ reported that Grantchester and Trumpington clubs
had amalgamated. The resulting cricket team had been expected to go a long way in the Cambs.
Junior Cup Competition. However, in the second round, Bottisham, on their own ground, had
proved too good for them in a low scoring game, viz. 62 to 50.

A non-amalgamated Trumpington Cricket Club played University Press in 1902 and 1903, and
Great St Mary’s II in 1905 and 1906.

In May 1911 Trumpington played the newly-formed St Paul’s Cricket Club at home and were
defeated by 27 runs on the first innings. Scores: St Paul’s 66, Trumpington 39.

Trumpington Cricket Club did not appear to have joined the Milton and District Cricket League
(set up in 1910?) in 1911 [Source: CC 16 June 1911, p.3].

The Trumpington Club entered the Milton and District League in 1912. It met Over Cricket Club
at Trumpington at the end of June and was victorious by 12 runs.
Trumpington team: J. Kefford, A. Wilson, S. Peters, E. Benton, S. Mayle, S.J. Hutt (captain),
E. Muggleton, R. Wilson, F. Chamberlain, W. Trigg, G. Rayner

In an August friendly at Trumpington with Histon & Impington, Trumpington gained an easy
victory. Going in first the visitors were all dismissed for the rather small score of 47, the wickets
being taken by F.G. Peters (5 for 17), and J. Kefford and Pratt. On Trumpington going in
matters livened up considerably, as in less than half an hour the visitors’ score was passed with
only one wicket down. The total score for Trumpington was 204 of which Mr S. Peters made
103 by forceful cricket.

The last match of the Milton and District League in which Trumpington was engaged was against
Coton. Trumpington were successful by 64 runs to 43. For the winners, Mr R. Wilson took 6
wickets for 19, J. Kefford 2 for 11, and Mr. S. Mayle made 21 runs. There was a delay in the
fixing of the date of the deciding match between Trumpington and Milton, the leaders of the two
divisions of this League. It was suggested this was possibly due to a wait for the harvest to
conclude. Trumpington had finished with 18 points out of a possible 20.
The deciding League match was set for 7 September but, before that game, Trumpington Cricket
Club held an ‘Old ‘Uns v. the Present Team’ match. In an earlier encounter in the year, the
younger players had been disappointed by losing to the elders and so had arranged another
match. This time the present team managed to win rather easily by 90 runs to 48. For the elders
G. Dann made 13 and F. Peters took 5 wickets. For the younger team, S. Mayle made 23 runs.

The final of the Milton and District Cricket League, with Trumpington v. Milton, was played on
the Corpus Christ ground. Trumpington started well and continued to gain a victory by an
innings and 23 runs. In Milton’s first innings, the bowling of Trumpington bowlers, E. Muggleton
and H. Pratt, was described as practically unplayable and, in Milton’s second innings,
Trumpington bowlers, R. Wilson, H. Pratt and F.G. Peters, worked great havoc. It was reported
that Milton had had high hopes, and their hearty captain, F.K. Robinson, fully expected his side
would make a better fight of it than they did. After the match, the cup was presented to the
winners by Mr T.W. Dunn, a vice-president of the League. A vote of thanks, was passed to Mr
Dunn for his kindness, on the proposition of Mr Hutt, captain of the Trumpington team,
seconded by Mr Robinson, the Milton captain.

The Chronicle sports’ correspondent reported that the ‘jubilation’ felt at the success attending
the efforts of the Trumpington cricket team in winning the Milton and District League Cup and
Championship was manifest on that Saturday evening. “Great satisfaction was expressed at the
“clean” game and decisive victory gained on Saturday last. This success, it is thought, will tend
to keep the club together. It is notorious that nothing exists long in Trumpington. Why it is
difficult to understand.” [Source: CC 13 September 1912, p.3]
Trumpington team: E. Muggleton, A. English, A. Wilson, S. Mayle, S. Hutt (captain), S. Peters,
J. Kefford, E. Benton, F.G. Peters, R. Wilson, H. Pratt

The cricket club held a dinner in October at the Men’s Institute. Nearly 60 sat down to a most
enjoyable repast, served by Mr C.H. Hering, of the ‘Green Man’. Mr A.F. Edwards presided,
and he was supported by, in addition to the members of the club, Messrs. C. Forbes, T.
Harrington, P.R. Robinson, D.E. Cowell, H.W. Gray, A.C. Hacon, A. Allgood, J. Kefford,
senior, and many others. Canon T.P. Pemberton (president) attended for a short time. The
proceedings after the repast were most enjoyable, and were kept up until mid-night.

At the annual meeting of the Milton Cricket League in April 1913, Trumpington Cricket Club
was reported as heading Group B in Division II of the League in 1912. In the final, playing
Milton, head of Group A, Trumpington had proved successful. They would be playing in
Division I in 1913.

In May 1913 in the Milton and District Cricket League, Division I, Trumpington Institute met
Cottenham at Cottenham, ending in a win for Trumpington. R. Wilson bowled splendidly for the
winners, taking 6 wickets for 11 runs.
Trumpington team: E. Muggleton, S. Mayle, E. Benton, R. Wilson, S. Hutt, S. Peters, J.
Kefford, G. Rayner, H. Mayle, F. Chambers, P. Utteridge.

Other Milton League matches were played against Ainsworth, Histon Institute and Willingham.
In the latter match in June 1913 it was reported that Willingham did not fare well due to excellent
bowling by R. Wilson – his bowling “being practically unplayable. It was a case of ‘Centre,
please!’ and then – marching orders”.

In the first round of the Cambs. Junior Cup Competition, Trumpington Institute played St
Andrew’s the Great at Trumpington and the home team won by 43 runs. R. Wilson took seven
wickets for 22 runs.

‘Vigilant’ noted that, in the second round of the Cambs. Junior Cup, Trumpington gained a
surprising victory over New Cherryhinton, one of the favourites for the cup. This was their
second win in the competition gained over strong teams. “We may find them competing in the
final if they can only keep up this form”.
Trumpington team: J.R. Kefford, S.J. Hutt, S. Mayle, E. Benton, E. Muggleton, C. Robinson,
R. Wilson, H.R. Pratt, F. Papworth, C. Peters.

However, Trumpington met Ainsworth in the third round of the Cambs, Junior Cup. The match
was played at Corpus Christi ground. J. Kefford made a splendid innings – still scoring when the
last wicket fell. His 45 included several boundaries. The game towards the close proved quite
exciting but Ainsworth won with 20 runs in hand.

In the Milton and District League, Swavesey secured the headship of Division I by defeating
Trumpington away from home. If Trumpington had won, three clubs would have tied for first
place, with 10 points apiece. The googly bowling of Mr J. Kefford (Trumpington skipper) was
noted in the match report. The game was decided on the first innings, scores Swavesey 94,
Trumpington 48.
Trumpington team: H. Pratt, H. Mayle, E. Muggleton, S. Hutt, J. Kefford, S. Mayle, R. Wilson,
S. Peters, C. Peters, G. Rayner, P. Utteridge.

In September 1913, Swavesey, the champions of Division I, of the Milton and District League,
were defeated by a team ‘the Rest’ representing the pick of the League clubs. The Rest’s innings
was conspicuous by the brilliant batting of J. Kefford, of Trumpington Institute. Kefford reached
124, and was caught out a few minutes before the finish. His splendid total included ten 4’s, a 5
and a 6. The Rest scored 192 for the loss of six men.
Trumpington members of the Rest team: J. Kefford, S.J. Hutt, S. Peters, H. Mayle.

At the Annual General Meeting of the Trumpington Institute Cricket Club held in March 1914,
the following Officers were elected: President, Canon Pemberton; vice-presidents, Dr Bury, the
Hon. E.S. Montagu, Mr A.W. Bishop, Dr T.B. Bumpstead, Mr J. Collin, Mr G.R.C. Foster, Mr
D. Munsey, Mr A. Gentle, Mr R. Lewin, Mr W.H. Martin, Mr G.D. Newton, Capt. F.P.C.
Pemberton and Mr H.S. Vinter; captain, Mr S.J. Hutt; vice-captain, Mr J.R. Kefford; treasurer,
Mr C. Peters; secretary, Mr S.J. Hutt; committee, Messrs. E. Benton, E. Colbourne, C.
Fordham, G. Harvey, H. Mayle, S. Mayle, G. Rayner and C. Robinson. It was decided that the
club should enter the Cambs. Junior Cup Competition, the Milton and District League, and, if
possible, the Papworth Cup.

Milton and District League
1st round Trumpington Institute beat Histon Institute
A win for Trumpington by 45 runs, the score being 121 to 76. Trumpington top scorers, Mr F.P.
C. Pemberton 24 and Mr P. Utteridge 22.
2nd round, the Semi-final, Trumpington Institute beat Landbeach
Trumpington was successful by 60 runs, the score being 108 to 48.
Trumpington team: E. Muggleton, R. Wilson, S. Peters, P. Utteridge, C. Scott, J. Kefford, S.J.
Hutt, S. Mayle, E. Benton, G. Rayner, C. Peters
3rd round, the Final, Bottisham versus Trumpington, played on Magdalene College ground.
Bottisham were the victors.
Trumpington team: E. Muggleton, S.J. Hutt, S. Mayle, J. Kefford, C. Scott, H. Mayle, S.
Peters, E. Benton, P. Utteridge, M. Morrell, G. Rayner

Cambs. Junior Cup
1st round Trumpington Institute beat Histon Institute
2nd round Trumpington Institute beaten by New Chesterton Institute
By a very narrow margin Trumpington Institute lost their claim to compete in the 3rd round for
New Chesterton Institute beat them on their own ground by three runs.
Trumpington team: E. Muggleton, S.J. Hutt, J. Kefford, F.P.C. Pemberton, S. Mayle, S. Peters,
E. Benton, H. Mayle, R. Wilson, R. Rayner, G. Rayner

At the 1915 annual meeting of the Cambridgeshire Cricket Association it was reported that New
Chesterton Institute had won the Cambs. Junior Cup for the second time in three years.
The decision was made that, due to the war, there would be no league matches in 1915. The
Cambridgeshire Cricket Club ‘Official Handbook’ later recorded that there were no matches

Members of the Trumpington Cricket Club were actively involved in serving their country during
WWI. Several of the men were killed in action, including Robert Wilson “a well-known
cricketer, being one of the best amateur bowlers in the county” [Source: CIP 1916]; Sidney Ilett
Peters “a good all-round sportsman, being formerly a member of the Institute Football and
Cricket teams, in which he showed conspicuous ability. He assisted to win the cricket cup in the
Milton and District League, and was prominent in all contests in which Trumpington was
engaged” [Source: CIP 8 Dec1916 p.5]; and Francis Percy Campbell Pemberton “a fine all-
round sportsman, a splendid cricketer, a keen huntsman, and an extraordinary good shot. He was
a member of the County Cricket Club, a vice-president and member of the Trumpington Cricket
Club. Shortly before the declaration of war he played for the village club in their county cup tie
with New Chesterton Institute” [Source: CC 30 Oct 1914]. Other members had sustained
wounds and Joseph Robert Kefford had a partial amputation of his right leg.
Card produced in memory of Private R. Wilson:
“For King and Country, Pte R. Wilson,
Trumpington (Suffolk Regiment), killed in action
July 1 1916, card produced in his memory with
portrait and verse”. Cambridgeshire Collection.
Cambridge Central Library, Y.Tru.K16, 23429.

The portrait was possibly cropped from a cricket
team photograph.
In June 1919 Trumpington Cricket Club was included in the list of Cambs. Junior Cup
Competition entrants.
3rd round Trumpington Institute played Discharged Soldiers and Sailors on Parker’s Piece.
Trumpington reached 105 runs and Discharged Soldiers and Sailors made a total of 51 runs.
Trumpington team: R. Cousins, Taylor, S. Harvey, G. Smith, A. Haggis, S. Mayle, P. Utteridge,
S. Hutt, R. Lydd, R. Rayner, A. Wilson
Semi-final Trumpington played Laurels on Parker’s Piece. Laurels were the victors.

Trumpington Cricket Club held its annual meeting in April 1920 in Trumpington Institute.
The elected Officers were: captain, Mr S. Mayle; vice-captain, Mr P. Utteridge; hon. secretary
and treasurer, Mr R. Rayner; committee, H. Stearn, J. Kefford, A. Wilson, C. Fordham, A.
Mynott, E. Stiggles, A. Haggis.
It was agreed the Club would enter the Camb. Junior Cup Competition and the Milton and
District League.

Milton and District League
Trumpington played and won games against Haddenham, Swavesey, Cottenham, and
Willingham. G. Harvey and S. Mayle were the best batters for Trumpington and Kendall took
seven wickets for ten runs and did the ‘hat trick’.

Trumpington were the champions of the Milton and District League in 1920.
In September, Trumpington, the Champions, played the Rest and they won the match.
Trumpington team: R. Lloyd, B. Porter, P. Utteridge, G. Harvey, C. Smith, S. Mayle, A.G.
Haggis, G. Smith, H. Mayle, R. Rayner, A. Wilson

The President of the League, Mr H. Bull, presented S. Mayle (captain of the Trumpington team)
with the League Cup and each player of the winning team with a medal. Mr Bull also presented
2 bats to the players with the highest total score during the season in the 1st and 2nd divisions.
These were taken by G. Harvey (130) in Division I and R. Halls (176) in Division II.

Cambs. Junior Cup
1st round Trumpington beat Burwell
2nd round Trumpington beat Ickleton
3rd round Trumpington beat Stapleford
Semi-final Trumpington beaten by University Press.
The University Press won the match comfortably, having 6 wickets in hand when the winning hit
was made.
Trumpington team: R. Lloyd, B. Porter, P. Utteridge, G. Harvey, G. Smith, S. Mayle, C. Smith,
S. Hutt, A.G. Haggis, R. Rayner, A. Wilson
The University Press beat Bottisham in the Junior Cup final.

In October 1920, to celebrate the winning of Division I, Milton and District League Cup, the
Trumpington Cricket Club held a most successful dinner, when upwards of 70 sat down to an
excellent repast. The dinner was arranged by the Cricket Committee, with the assistance of lady
friends, and reflected great credit on those concerned. All appeared to enjoy themselves to the
utmost, and regret was expressed that these functions were not more frequent. Mr A. F.
Edwards presided and he was supported by, amongst others, Messrs Bull (president of the
Milton and District League), Ballard (hon secretary, Milton and District League), W. L. Hagan
(captain, Pitt Press C.C.), W. Campbell (Cambridge), S. Mayle, G. Harvey, C. Fordham, P.
Utteridge, J. Kefford, C. Forbes, E. E. Kendal, E. J. Smith, R. Rayner (hon. secretary,
Trumpington Cricket Club).

After the dinner, and the loyal toast had been honoured, an excellent programme of music,
interspersed with toasts. Mr Kefford gave the “Trumpington Cricket Club”, and Mr S. Mayle
and Mr P. Utteridge ably responded. Mr C. Fordham, in a few well chosen words, gave the
“Milton and District League” to which Messrs Bull and Ballard suitably responded. Mr G.
Harvey gave the toast of “Kindred Clubs” (our opponents) to which Mr W. L. Hagan, in a
happy little speech, responded.

Regret was expressed that the Trumpington Club had not two cups instead of one to show, but
the hope was expressed that they might be fortunate enough to give a better account of
themselves next season and bring the Cambs. Junior Cup to Trumpington. For the last two
seasons Trumpington had managed to get into the semi-final round, and they hoped, with good
luck and steady progress, to see themselves in the final the next year.

Mr W. Campbell, in an excellent speech, gave “The Visitors” to which Mr C. Forbes responded.
Mr E. Colbourne asked those present to stand for a moment or two in silence, in memory of
those of the Club who would never more be with them. This tribute to the fallen having been
paid, Mr C. Forbes proposed “The Chairman” which was accorded musical honours. Mr
Kefford proposed “The Ladies” who had assisted to make the evening the success it
undoubtedly was, and this was greeted with acclamation.

Those contributing towards the musical portion of the evening were: Messrs Kefford, Geeson,
Cambridge, White, Utteridge,  Hagan, Sewell, Edwards, Parker, Pamplin, Steggles, Kendal,
Smith, and others. Mr A. H. Sewell (Cambridge) ably presided at the piano. The National
Anthem concluded the evening, one of the most enjoyable passed in Trumpington for a
considerable time [Source: 8 Oct 1920 p.3 CIP].

The Cricket Club Secretary’s report, reproduced in the October issue of the Trumpington Parish
Magazine, noted that Trumpington had played 27 matches, won 24, lost 2, drawn 1; that Mr G.
Harvey was top of the batting averages with an average of 16, R. Lloyd was second and S.
Mayle third; and that Mr G. Harvey was the winner of two prizes, one given by H. Bull, Esq.,
President of M.D.L., for the top score in Division I, with 130 runs for 7 innings, and the other
given by the Hon. E.S. Montagu, M.P., for the best batting average in Trumpington Cricket Club.

Trumpington Club was certainly in the finals of both the Milton and District League (Division 1)
and the Milton and District Challenge Cup in 1921 but how far it progressed in the Junior Cup
Competition has not been found.

It was Trumpington v. Willingham in the final match of the Milton and District League (Division
1). The newspaper reported that rarely had there been a more exciting finish to a match than
witnessed when the teams resumed their game on the Monday evening with Willingham requiring
27 runs to win and had three wickets in hand. Their batsmen succeeded in their task and
Willingham won by seven runs.
Trumpington Defeated By Seven Runs!
Cambridge Chronicle and University Journal, 21 September 1921, p.7.
Left to right:- Standing: G. Smith, Lloyd, E. Benton, J. Haggis, C. Smith,
Mayle, J. Kefford
Seated: R. Rayner, A.H. Porter, P. Utteridge (captain), H. Hicks, A. Haggis
and (on the ground) R. Edwards (scorer)
In the final of the Milton and District Challenge Cup, played on the Magdalene College ground,
Trumpington defeated Bottisham by 3 wickets. Bottisham led on the first innings by 22 runs, but
batting a second time were dismissed for 41 leaving Trumpington 64 runs to get to win. Six
wickets were down for 51, but, with the brothers Haggis associated, the necessary runs were
knocked off. After the match the cup was presented by Miss Muriel Bull, daughter of the donor,
Mr Horace Bull, of Waterbeach, to Mr P. Utteridge, the Trumpington captain.

In August 1922 Trumpington met Lode on Magdalene College ground to play the final of the
Milton and District Challenge Cup. Trumpington, the cup holders, were on top all the way
through the match. A.G. Haggis batted well for the victors, scoring 28 in the first innings and 40
in the second. G. Smith took 2 wickets for 14 runs, R. Lloyd 4 for 13, and R. Cousins 2 for 3, in
the first innings; and C. Smith 3 for 14, G. Smith 3 for 18, and Cousins 2 for 4, in the second
innings. It was a sporting encounter and played in the best possible spirit. After the match, the
teams adjourned to the pavilion, where the Trumpington captain, A.H. Porter, received the cup
from Mr H. Bull, the President of the League. Mr Porter said he thought they had won the cup
on their merits. They had had to meet the best club in the League and there had been no doubt
about the game. These cricket competitions made very good sport in the villages, and there were
several cropping up in various parts of the county.

Duke Cup – knock-out competition – Grantchester League
There was an indexed reference in the Cambridgeshire Collection at Cambridge Central Library
to a photograph of the Trumpington cricket team playing a match in 1922. It was annotated as
Trumpington v. Gt. Shelford, July 15th/22. The photographer was Mr. Ted Mott. A search
through the microfilm of Cambridge Independent Press issues for 1922 revealed that the
photograph had been taken during the Duke Cup semi-final. Trumpington put up a creditable
performance at Little Shelford on 15th July by defeating Great Shelford by four wickets.
Trumpington team: A.H. Porter (the captain), Lloyd, Cousins, C. Smith, A.G. Haggis, A.J.
Haggis, Hicks, Mayle, Wilson, Rayner, G. Smith
Duke Cup semi-final, match played at Little Shelford, 15 July 1922.
Cambridgeshire Collection. Cambridge Central Library. Photo - Mott,
Y.Tru K22, 29354.
[Wale Recreation Ground.]
An exciting finish was reported to the match between Trumpington and Newton in the final for
the Duke Cup. The game was won by Trumpington by five runs. It was commenced a week
previously, but owing to inclement weather only a few balls were bowled. Trumpington,
however, lost three wickets for four runs. There was a large attendance of spectators when the
game resumed at Great Shelford. Trumpington made 51 runs in their first innings, and Newton
responded with 53. The Newton bowlers sent Trumpington back for 35 in their second venture,
but in turn Newton went down for 28. The bowling of the brothers Smith was the decisive factor.
Trumpington team: R. Lloyd, A.H. Porter, R. Cousins, S. Mayle, A.J. Haggis, C. Smith, H.
Hicks, A. Wilson, G. Smith, R. Rayner

Grantchester and District League
On 9 September 1922 Trumpington played Grantchester at Trumpington. This was a match of
the Grantchester and District League. The homesters batted first and put up the quite respectable
score for 93. The visitors were soon disposed of by the Smith brothers for a paltry 21 runs: C.
Smith taking 8 wickets for 7 runs, and G. Smith 2 wickets for 13. This victory secured
Trumpington their position at the head of their division of the Grantchester and District League.
They then had to meet the winners of the other division to decide the holders of the League

A second photograph indexed in the Cambridgeshire Collection was of the Trumpington cricket
team and it had been published in Cambridge Chronicle, 4 October 1922, p.7. The caption gave
the following information: Winners of their respective groups, Newton and Trumpington met in
the final of the Grantchester and District League on Saturday, when the former Club, created a
surprise by winning the match by an innings and some runs to spare. In August the same teams
met in the final of the knock-out competition run in connection with Grantchester League;
Trumpington on that occasion proved the victors… The Trumpington team, whose fine all-round
display throughout the season made them one of the most formidable of the local elevens.
Grantchester and District League final, Trumpington v. Newton
Cambridge Chronicle, 4 October 1922, p. 7.
Standing: A.F. Edwards (Hon. Treasurer), C. Smith, E. Benton, E. Peters, S.
Harvey, R. Cousins, and G. Smith. Seated: S. Mayle, H. Stearn, A. H. Porter
(captain), R. Rayner, and H. Hicks. Seated in front is the son of the Club’s Hon.
Treasurer, R. Edwards, who acted as scorer.
Trumpington Recreation Ground

Trumpington home matches were played on Trumpington Recreation Ground. The location of
the recreation ground and cricket pavilion was marked on the 1925 Ordnance Survey map. It
was on the east side of Trumpington High Street.  On the opposite side of the High Street, where
the Shell petrol station currently stands, were the premises of the carpenters and wheelwrights,
Mr Edwin Smith and his sons, Gordon and Clifford. The brothers were outstanding cricketers
and Cliff was a county player. It was said that “at village matches he was expected to hit at least
one ball onto the roof of the carpenter’s shop from the recreation ground across the road”
[Source: Trumpington Past & Present, by Trumpington Local History Group: Stroud, Sutton
Publishing Ltd., 2003, p.83].
Ordnance Survey Map 1925.
Trumpington Recreation Ground and
A Norvic Mill Real Photo postcard, dated circa 1920s, of
London Road, Trumpington, showed the recreation
ground on the right and, on the left, the carpentry
business with the Smith's name board attached to the
Source: Cambridgeshire Collection. Cambridge Central
Library, Y.Tru K2, 24687, Norvic Mill Road Real
Photo, J9950, date c.1920s.
Trumpington from the Air. Aerial view from the North East.
Cambridge Chronicle, 6 August 1919, p. 9.
Trumpington Recreation Ground located in centre of photograph, possibly with a
suggestion of the cricket pitch in the middle of the grass area.
A 1927 reference in the photograph index in the Cambridgeshire Collection led to a search of the
microfilmed local newspapers for the previous year, to trace details of Trumpington winning the
1926 final of the British Legion Cup. However this year turned out to be a bumper year for the
Trumpington Cricket Club, as they won not only the British Legion Cup but also the Cambs.
Junior Cup and the Cambs. Junior League; and also reached the final of the Grantchester and
District Challenge Cup.

British Legion Cup
Trumpington easily defeated Bottisham in the final of the Lord Lieutenant’s Cricket Cup
Competition on Fenners. The competition was confined to County branches of the British
Legion and Trumpington fielded six members of the team which were in the eleven which won
the Cambs. Junior Cup. A.G. Haggis was the top scorer with 57 including a 6 and seven 4s
among other hits. For Trumpington, Plummer took four wickets for 2, Cousins 1 for 5, G. Smith
3 for 22, and Haggis 2 for 15.
Legion Trophy for Trumpington
Cambridge Chronicle and University Journal, 8 September 1926, p. 7.
Photo 1- Standing: Umpire Ballard, R. Rayner, H. Plummer, A.G. Haggis, S.
Mayle, W. Osborne, C. Cousins, A. Godsalve, Umpire. Seated: A. Wilson, Capt.
Plumb (organising secretary), G. Smith (captain), R. Cousins, H. Pamplin, Mr
Stimson (vice chairman County Committee). On ground: G. Rayner (scorer).
Photo 2- Gordon Smith, the Trumpington captain, receives the trophy on behalf
of his club.
Photo 3- Three cheers for Bottisham.
Cambs. Junior Cup
1st round Trumpington beat St Giles’ II
2nd round Trumpington beat Cambridge L.N.E.R.
3rd round Trumpumpington beat Old Chesterton
Semi-final Trumpington beat Stapleford – Century by L.A. Unwin
Final Trumpington beat Great Wilbraham
For the first time in the history of the club, Trumpington won the Cambs. Junior Cup, defeating
in the final Great Wilbraham by over 130 runs.
Trumpington's Triumph.  Trumpington defeated  Great Wilbraham
Cambridge Chronicle and University Journal, 1 September 1926, p. 7.
Standing: R. Rayner, L. Unwin, A. Haggis, L.R. Truelove, A.J. Haggis, J.J.
Seated: F.W. Osborne, A.J. Wilson, R. Cousins, A.G. Haggis, Gordon Smith, H.
Cambs. Junior League
Semi-final Trumpington beat Willingham
Final Trumpington beat Y.M.C.A. – Century by L.A. Unwin

Grantchester and District Challenge Cup
Semi-final Trumpington beat Grantchester
Trumpington team: L.A. Unwin, L.R. Truelove, J.J. Wilson, A.J. Haggis, A.G. Haggis, R.
Cousins, H. Plummer, A. Wilson, G.M. Smith, A. Haggis, W. Osborne
Final Trumpington v. Coton – match played in May 1927

A company of nearly a hundred attended the dinner held by the Trumpington Cricket Club in
October 1926 to celebrate the achievements of the past season. The President of the Club (Mr
W.W. Pemberton) was in the chair, and he was supported by Mr Harry Richford (Hon.
Secretary, Cambs. Cricket Association), Mr W. Campbell, Major C.W. Stanley, and the club
officers. After the company had enjoyed the ample dinner, and the loyal toast had been
honoured, the Hon. Secretary (Mr L.R. Truelove) gave a report of the accomplishments of the
past season.

The club had entered three competitions, namely, the Cambs. Junior Cup, the Cambs. Junior
League, and the Grantchester and District Challenge Cup. For the first time in the history of the
club the Junior League and Junior Cup had been won. (Applause.) In the final of the former the
Y.M.C.A. had been defeated by six wickets, and in the final of the Junior Cup Great Wilbraham
were beaten by 135 runs. Trumpington had also reached the final of the Grantchester and
District Cup, in which Coton was to be met, but this would not be decided until the
commencement of next season. Two centuries had been scored, both by L.A. Unwin (102 not
out and 135 not out), and the hat trick had been done by A.G. Haggis. The Secretary, on behalf
of the club, heartily congratulated the Trumpington British Legion on their success in the Lord
Lieutenant’s Cup. During the season the club had played 22 matches, winning 18 and losing 4;
they won every match from June 5th to the end of the season. (Applause.)

The toast of ‘The Cambs. Cricket Association’ was proposed by Mr. W. Campbell, and with it
he coupled the name of its Secretary, Mr H. Richford. “Clubs such as Trumpington,” said Mr
Campbell during the course of an interesting speech, “Owe much to the Cambs. Cricket
Association, and to Mr Richford, for the work they have done in the interests of Cambridgeshire
cricket,” (Applause.) Mr Richford made a suitable response, and mentioned that there was at
least one player in the club who was highly thought of by the County authorities, namely, A.G.
Haggis, a left hand bat. The County Member, Capt. R.G. Briscoe, arrived during the evening
and was enthusiastically received. Mr F.W. Bunn proposed ‘The Trumpington Cricket Club,’
and in an amusing speech described his emotions at the final of the Junior League. He
congratulated the team on the way they had stuck together throughout a very trying season. In
responding, the Captain (Mr A.G. Haggis) thanked the team for the support they had given him,
and expressed the hope that before long the Senior Cup would make an appearance at
Trumpington. (Applause.)

A presentation was made to Mr G.M. Smith, a prominent member of the team, who is shortly to
be married. The gift took the form of a handsome clock, and was the joint gift of the
Trumpington Cricket and Football Clubs.

The health of the Chairman was proposed by Mr R. Cousins, and was enthusiastically drunk. Mr
Pemberton expressed the pleasure he felt at the wonderful success of the club, and hoped that
the Grantchester Cup would come safely to Trumpington. Capt. Briscoe was heartily applauded
on rising to respond to the toast of ‘The Visitors.’ He wished the club every success. Mr
Robinson thanked the helpers and artistes for the work they had done. [Source: Cambridge
Chronicle 20 October 1926, p.7]

The 1926 final of the Grantchester and District match for the Walston Cup, Trumpington v.
Coton, took place at Grantchester in May 1927. This was because Trumpington had been unable
to play it the previous year. Coton won the match by six wickets.
Trumpington team: S. Truelove, A.G. Haggis, G. Smith, A.J. Haggis, L. Unwin, J.J. Wilson, A.
Wilson, H. Plummer, W. Osborne, A. Haggis, E. Peters
Walston Cup: Winner - 1926 COTON. sold at auction, November
The third index reference at the Cambridgeshire Collection was to photographs which had been
published in
Cambridge Independent Press, 19 August 1927, p.10. One was of the Trumpington
cricket team, winners of the British Legion Cup, and the second was of Lady Blenkinsop
presenting the Cup to G. Smith, the Trumpington captain. The match had been Trumpington,
the holders of the British Legion Cup, playing Cottenham in the British Legion (Lord Lieutenant’
s Cup) final at Fenners in August 1927. Trumpington won by six wickets. It was mentioned in
the match description that G. Smith was a Town footballer.
Trumpington team: A.G. Haggis, R. Cousins, G. Smith (captain), H. Pamplin, H. Plummer, F.
Hart, A. Wilson, S. Mayle, E. Benton, W. Osbourn, P. Noble.
British Legion (Lord Lieutenant’s Cup) final at Fenners, Trumpington v.
Cambridge Independent Press, 19 August 1927, p. 10.
Independent Press and Chronicle issues for 1939 in the online British Newspaper Archive gave
details of matches in the Cambs. Junior League. Trumpington Cricket Club was entered in
Division II of the Eastern Division of the League. A match against Fordham, in which
Trumpington won by one run, led to Fordham, Landbeach and Trumpington ending the season
with equal points and resulting in them meeting again. Landbeach beat Fordham and the decider
match between Landbeach and Trumpington was to take place on 2 September 1939 on Parker's
Trumpington team was named in advance: G. Chapman, G. Smith, M. Aves, W. Dring ***, B.
Read, B. Austin, J. Plummer, C. Galley, E. Haynes, T. Mansfield, and A.N. Other.

The Declaration of war by the United Kingdom and France was given on 3 September 1939,
after German forces invaded Poland on 1 September.

The winner of the Trumpington versus Landbeach match was to play the winner of the Western
Division, the Over Cricket Club, to complete the Cambs. Junior League, Division II,
competition. The Cambridgeshire Cricket Association ‘Official Handbook’ recorded that the
1939 Junior League was not completed.

There were no more references to photographs of Trumpington Cricket Club team members in
the Cambridgeshire Collection index to act as guides to further significant events in the club
history. However the Cambridgeshire Collection held an incomplete set of the Official Handbook
of the Cambridgeshire Cricket Association from Season 1952 to 1993. It was hoped that this
would be a useful tool to discover details of more recent club information. This proved to be the
case. The Handbook listed details such as contact details of the club secretary, competition
registrations with Junior League Division members and Junior Challenge Cup Draws, where
relevant, plus there was a cumulated list of Cambs. Cricket Association winners.
New Location of the Trumpington Home Matches from the 1950s

The 1950 Ordnance Survey map of Trumpington marked the recreation ground with the Foster
Road/Paget Road Estate built behind it. In the 1954 map the ground had been developed with
the shops and housing. However King George V Playing Field had been purchased in January
1951 and it became the new home for the Trumpington Cricket Club.
Aerial view of Trumpington from the North, 1955. Mr W. Stanion.
King George V Playing Field bounded by Byron Square, centre left of the
Entries for Trumpington in the incomplete set of Cambridgeshire Cricket Association Official
, held by the Cambridgeshire Collection, Cambridge Central Library, class C.38:

Club Secretary: W. Tipper, 65 Byron Square, Trumpington
Junior League Division IV (South)  
Atlas Sports (Meldreth), Bottisham II, Fowlmere, Haslingfield, Melbourn & Meldreth II,
Junior Cup draw
Preliminary round, 6- Trumpington v. New Chesterton Institute II

Club Secretary: D.G. Spalding, Trinity Farm, Long Road, Cambridge
Junior League Div. IV (North)
Chippenham, Cromwell Park II, Marshalls Sports I, Wilbraham II, Wilburton, Trumpington
Junior Cup draw
First round, 29- Trumpington v. Witcham

Club Secretary: D.G. Spalding, Trinity Farm, 103 Long Road, Cambridge
Junior League Div IV (North)
Lode II, Simplex, Waterbeach, Witchford, Oakington or Willingham II, Trumpington
Junior Cup draw
Preliminary round, 2- Trumpington v. Oakington

Club Secretary: G.S. Timms, 77 Foster Road, Trumpington
Junior League Div III (South)
Caldicote, Eastern Electricity (Cambridge), Eversden, Grantchester, Harlton, Trumpington
Junior Cup draw
Preliminary round (A), 9- Arrington & Wimpole v. Trumpington

Club Secretary: P.A. Jolley, 1B Anstey Way, Trumpington
Junior League Div IV (South)
Dry Drayton, Elsworth, Horseheath II, Great Shelford, Shepreth, Trumpington
Junior Cup draw
Preliminary round (A), 9- Trumpington v. Chesterfords

Club Secretary: P.A. Jolley, 1B Anstey Way, Trumpington   
Junior League Div V (South)
Arrington & Wimpole, Balsham, Chesterfords, Fen Drayton, Spike (Sawston), Trumpington
Junior Cup draw
Preliminary round (A), 10- Trumpington v. Dry Drayton

Club Secretary: T. Flint, 38 Foster Road, Trumpington
Junior League Div VI
Broughton, Linton Village, Stretham I, University Computer Laboratory & Library, Whittlesford
Lawn, Trumpington
No Junior Cup entry for Trumpington

Club Secretary: T. Flint, 38 Foster Road, Trumpington
Junior League Div VI (South)
Foxton, Newmarket Town II, Pye Group, University Computer Laboratory & Library,
Whittlesford Lawn, Trumpington
No Junior Cup entry for Trumpington

Club Secretary: G.S. Timms, 77 Foster Road, Trumpington
Junior League Div VI (South)
Elsworth II, Newmarket Town II, Pye Group, Spike (Sawston), Whittlesford Lawn,
Junior Cup draw
Preliminary round (A), 1- Trumpington v. Little Thetford

Club Secretary: G.S. Timms, 77 Foster Road, Trumpington
Junior League Div IV (South)
Audley End & Littlebury II, Burrough Green II, Cherry Hinton II, Foxton, Harlton, Horseheath
II, Wilbrahams II, Trumpington
Junior Cup draw
Preliminary round (B), 10- Trumpington v. Longstowe II

Club Secretary: R. Anstee, 58 Minerva Way, Cambridge
Junior League Div V (South)
Comberton II, Elsworth II, Eversden II, Harlton, Longstowe II, Spike (Sawston), Trumpington
Junior Cup draw
Preliminary round (B), 2- Trumpington v. Somersham Town

Club Secretary: R. Anstee, 58 Minerva Way, Cambridge, CB4 2UA
Junior League Div IV (South)
Cherry Hinton II, Hardwick, Horseheath II, Longstowe II, Newmarket Town II, Wilbrahams II,
Junior Cup draw
Preliminary round (B), Winner of Shepreth I v. Stretham   v. Trumpington

Club Secretary: R. Anstee, 58 Minerva Way, Cambridge, CB4 2UA
Junior League Div III (South)
Babraham, Burrough Green II, Cambridge Telephones, Horseheath II, Longstowe II,
Newmarket Town I, Stapleford II, Trumpington
Junior Cup draw
Preliminary round (A), 1- Wilbrahams II v. Trumpington

There were no entries for Trumpington in the Handbooks for 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1992 or
1993. This would suggest that at some point between 1984 and 1986 Trumpington ceased to
take part in Cambridgeshire Cricket Association competitions.

Trumpington Cricket Club may have continued to be active after 1983. The team may have
arranged to play in other league competitions or friendlies.
Cambridgeshire Cricket Association Official Handbook, Season 1983, p. 16-19.
Winners of Competitions
1926 - Trumpington - winners of the Junior League and the Junior Challenge Cup
*** Addenda

Several early items were published in the Trumpington Parish Magazines

June. At a meeting of the Cricket Club, the officers and committee of the past year were
unanimously requested to serve again, with the exception of Mr C. Peck, who desired to retire,
and was replaced by Mr A. Gentle.

July. Trumpington Cricket Club played Stapleford on the ground of the latter, on 28 May,
resulting in victory for Trumpington.
Players: Aves, Collier, Gunnell, Pearce, Aspinall, Grain, Dunn, Rawlinson, Headley, Crisford,
Anstead, I.G. Owen, H.G. Owen, H.F. Norris, Barton, L. Norris, Sheddon, Baines, Bagnall, A.
Gentle, W. Sayle

August. A match was played at Cambridge, Tuesday. 15 July, between Whittlesford and
Trumpington. Time not allowing a conclusion of the 2nd innings, the match was decided by the
1st, resulting in a ‘tie’.
Trumpington team: Anstead, Owen, Peck, Nightingale, Bagnall, Norris, Shedden, Harrington,
Jones, Gentle, Smith, Hayward,

September. The Cricket Club played three matches during the month: against the Perse School,
the Cambridge Alexandra Club and the Stapleford Club. Owing to the unavoidable absence of
the captain and several of the best players, the Club was beaten in all three matches. “We hope
for better luck next season.”

October. A cricket match was played on Parker’s Piece on 11 September, between the
Trumpington and Alexandra clubs. Trumpington 295: Alexandra 129. “It is to be hoped that
another season we may be more fortunate in the presence of our regular eleven, and so be less
dependent upon foreign aid.”
Trumpington team: A. Gentle, Diver, Day, Peck, Whitaker, Boning and Harrington, Thurston
and W. Gentle, Odams, Stearn, C. Rayner, Dawson

August. On 29 June, a match was played at Trumpington between the married and single
members of the village club. A few gaps among the married men were filled up from the ranks of
the single. The Singles were victorious.

On 22 July, a match was played between Trumpington and Shelford on the ground of the latter
club. The match resulted in a victory for Shelford.

September. A very good cricket match was played on the Trumpington ground with the
Cambridge Alexandra Club. After an exciting finish, the home team won by one run.

July. “It would be most desirable if the Cricket Club could be revived. If a field can be obtained,
Mr George Sayle has kindly undertaken to be Secretary.”

August. “Through Mrs Sayle’s kindness, cricket has been pursued with vigour by the young men
in her field. The boys still content themselves with a patch that should be grass, and is not in the
middle of the road, and they much want a piece of ground for play. We hope it may be possible
to arrange it another summer.”

W.E. Dring's Reminiscences of Trumpington in the 1920s

.. Newell's, the cycle repair shop. The owner of this [Mr Harry J. Newell] also ran a taxi service
with a venerable but capacious Daimler into which we used somehow to pack the whole cricket
team for away matches.


As noted earlier, we are keen to learn more about Trumpington cricket and Trumpington Cricket
Club and hope that there are readers who could tell us more about it and perhaps provide us with
copies of team photographs.

Copies of the source newspaper accounts are in two separate files (Word files, 15 MB each)