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History of Trumpington Football
Clubs, 1904 - 2019
The earliest record of football in Cambridgeshire is noted in the University records of 1579. It
was of a match played at Chesterton between townspeople and University students. It was an
unruly game and ended in a violent brawl. [Source: Cambridgeshire Football Association.
Centenary. 1884-1984. One Hundred Years of County Football. Compiled by F.C. Barrett,
Cambridgeshire Football Association, 1984, p.3]

A medieval game in England, which was particularly popular in East Anglia, was called
‘camping’ and it was a mixture of football and handball. ‘Camping Close’, the place where this
game was played, was a common field name in towns and villages. The close was usually near
the church. In the Trumpington section of the Victoria County History there are a couple of
references to a Camping Close. “In 1681 Thomas Allen gave for apprenticing poor boys the 9-a.
Camping Close: the immediate thousand-year lease of it for £3 a year for that purpose passed
later from his kinsmen the Barons to the Pembertons”. [Source: The Victoria History of the
Counties of England (1982). A History of Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely, Volume 8.
Armingford and Thriplow Hundreds. Edited by C.R. Elrington. Oxford: Oxford University Press
for the Institute of Historical Research, p.248] The location of this 9 acre piece of land was
described in the County History - “West of the main road that formed the high street there may
originally have lain a large, more or less triangular green, with the church and several manor
houses around its western apex. Its probable northwest section, 9 a. in private hands by the
1660s, and still known c. 1800 as the Camping Close, was incorporated after 1780 into the
Pembertons' park”. [Source: The Victoria History of the Counties of England (1982). A History
of Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely, Volume 8. Armingford and Thriplow Hundreds. Edited by
C.R. Elrington. Oxford: Oxford University Press for the Institute of Historical Research, p.249]
Unfortunately no documentation has been uncovered giving match reports of games played on
this Camping Close in Trumpington!

For football to be organised, rules were required and, in 1848, a group of University students
agreed on a single set of rules by which to play football and the details were posted on trees
surrounding Parker's Piece. These 11 Cambridge Rules were the first rules for football in the
modern era. They were almost entirely adopted by the Football Association (F.A.) when drafting
the F.A. rules in 1863. There was a delay of 17 years before Cambridgeshire joined the existing
two dozen counties in association with the national body and in 1884 the Cambridgeshire
Football Association (CFA) was formed. [Source: Cambridgeshire Football Association.
Centenary. 1884-1984. One Hundred Years of County Football. Compiled by F.C. Barrett,
Cambridgeshire Football Association, 1984, p.3]
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Trumpington Football
Club, 1923-24 Season.
Wendy Roberts, October 2019

A history of local football clubs, including the original Trumpington
Football Club/Trumpington Rovers (early 1900s-1990s), Trumpington
Tornadoes (1973-2012) and the current Trumpington Football Club
(2017-). See also the
Appendices. There is a Word version of the history.
Cambridge Rules 1848’. Sculpture commissioned and
funded by Cambridge City Council and unveiled on
Parker's Piece, Cambridge, in May 2018. Artists: Alan
Ward and Neville Gabie. Photo: Wendy Roberts,
September 2019.
The earliest accounts of football games played in Trumpington so far located were dated 1904.

The major sources of football information in this report have come from items published in
Cambridge Independent Press (CIP) up to the end of 1920 and an incomplete set of Independent
Press and Chronicle issues published in 1939, accessed via the British Newspaper Archive, and
the Trumpington Parish Magazines from 1923. Many of the phrases used in these notes during
this period were penned by the CIP sports correspondent, ‘Vigilant’, and the Trumpington
Football Club honorary secretaries. The more recent accounts have been found during searches
through microfilmed copies of local papers e.g. Cambridge Evening News (CEN),
Cambridgeshire Football Association publications, various football-related websites and personal
communications with people who have had connections with local teams. Trumpington team
members have been named where possible.

1904 - 1905 Season
Under the column heading of ‘Other Matches’ there was a brief report of a match between
Crusaders and Trumpington played at Trumpington on a Saturday afternoon. Crusaders won by
3 goals to nil. [CIP 11 Nov. 1904, p.7]

About a month later Trumpington played New Town and the latter team won by 2 goals to 1.
[CIP 9 Dec 1904, p.7]

1905 – 1906 Season
The Shepreth Football Club opened its season at home, its visitors being Trumpington Football
Club. In the first 15 minutes the game was fairly even, but from then on to the interval the home
team fairly asserted its superiority, notching 6 goals. From the interval the home team rarely left
the visitors’ half and added 6 more goals, the visitors retiring beaten by 12 goals to 0. Knightly,
the home custodian, only had one shot during the whole game to contend with. [Herts. and
Cambs. Reporter, 29 Sep 1905, p.6]

The second team of Sawston Church Institute footballers received a visit from the Trumpington
team, who, after a very spirited and well-contested game, returned home victorious by 2 goals to
1. [CIP 3 Nov 1905, p.8]

Barrington and Orwell United played a match with Trumpington on a Saturday at Trumpington
resulting in the home team winning by 4 goals to 3. [Herts. and Cambs. Reporter, 10 Nov 1905,

Trumpington scored 7 goals against University Press Reserves in late November but the score
was 2 goals all when the return match took place in December. [CIP 1 Dec 1905, p.7; CIP 22
Dec 1905 p.7]

Trumpington drew 3 goals all against Kingston Rovers in January 1906. [CIP 26 Jan 1906, p.7]

Histon Institute won by 2 goals to nil against Trumpington at Trumpington in February and again
in the return match at Histon in March. [CIP 23 Feb 1906, p.8; CIP 23 Mar 1906, p.8]

In April Trumpington beat the Excelsior team by 2 goals to nil. [CIP 13 Apr 1906, p.7]

1906 – 1907 Season
Trumpington entered the Cambridgeshire Football Association Junior Cup Competition (set up in
1896) for the first time. They were among nine newcomers to the Junior Cup including
Cambridge Albions, United Cantabs, March St Wendreda, The Hares (Lower Hare Park),
Wisbech Alfred House, Wisbech St Augustine, Ely Albion, Stetchworth and Histon Institute.
Some teams, which had played in the previous season of the Junior Cup Competition, had not
rejoined but the total number of teams entered had risen from the 1905/06 season total of 27 to a
new high of 31 teams for the 1906/07 season.  Trumpington was drawn to play East Anglians
(Wisbech) in the first round of the competition and, as it was the club drawn first, it had the
choice of ground. The newspaper sports correspondent noted that some of the country teams
were due to make long and awkward journeys from one side of the county to the other. [CIP 12
Oct 1906, p.7]

The match Trumpington versus East Anglians (Wisbech) was played at Trumpington. After a
good and even game, neither side could claim the advantage, having scored one goal each.
Trumpington, with the wind in their favour, became the aggressors at the outset, and, after
several unsuccessful attempts, scored from a corner. Scott, the Trumpington captain, placed the
ball well in the mouth of the Wisbech goal, and the Wisbech custodian, in attempting to save,
deflected the ball through his own goal. Soon after Register put the teams on equal terms, and
the score was level at half-time. The second half was keenly contested, but no scoring took
place, and, although an extra half-hour was played, no definite result was arrived at. [CIP 23
Nov 1906, p.7]
Trumpington team: A. Careless, goal; A. Smith and J. Kefford, backs; E.W. Rogers, R. Lawson
and A. Freeman, half-backs; J. Hemmings, M. Scott, G. Rayner, A.E. Freestone and R.
Harradine, forwards.

This match was the subject at a December meeting of the Cambs. Football Association. The
Wisbech East Anglians were reported for having played an ineligible man in their tie in the first
round of the Cambs. Junior Cup Competition against Trumpington on November 17th. It was
reported that J. Storry, who played for Wisbech Alfred House in the Senior League in season
1903-04, took part in the match in the name of another member and that it was in the knowledge
of the Secretary, E. Fiddy. The CFA awarded the match to Trumpington, suspended Fiddy from
taking any part in football for the remainder of the season, and cautioned Storry. [CIP 14 Dec
1906, p.8]

In October the results of two Friendlies were reported. The Cambridge Hotspurs met
Trumpington at Trumpington and easily defeated the villagers by 4 goals to nothing. The Anchor
journeyed to Trumpington and met the villagers in a friendly encounter. The opening stages of
the game were very much in favour of the visiting team, who, after five minutes’ play, were 2
goals up. After a spell of even play, the villagers scored their first goal. The second half opened
with an attack by the visitors, and Flack again scored. Just before time Trumpington scored their
second goal, and were thus defeated by 3 goals to 2. [CIP 12 Oct 1906, p.7; CIP 19 Oct 1906, p.

In December Trumpington met the United Cantab on Parkers Piece in the second round of the
Cambs. Junior Cup Competition. A good game was witnessed by a large number of spectators.
At the commencement of the game the visitors attacked, and when the game had been in
progress a few minutes they were awarded a penalty, which proved unfruitful. After a short spell
of even play, the visitors again attacked, and their first, and what proved to be their only goal
was registered by Turvey with a well-judged long shot. However at half time the United Cantabs
were leading by 2 goals to one. Soon after the interval the United Cantabs scored again and the
visitors left the field defeated by 3 goals to one. The superiority of the United Cantabs’ team was
reported but mention was made of Turvey and Freestone being the shining lights on the
Trumpington side. The former played a dashing game at inside right, and Freestone, at right
back, was often the saviour of the side, his kicking being very creditable. [CIP 28 Dec 1906, p.5]
Trumpington team: A. Careless, goal; Freestone and Smith, backs; Kefford, Lawson and Rogers,
half-backs; Rayment, Turvey, Hemmings, Fry, and Harradine, forwards.

As with the Trumpington first round match, there was a problem with this second round match.
The United Cantabs were short of one of their selected players when the game started, and their
goalkeeper was played in the forward line, and a substitute placed in goal. On the arrival of
Hurrell, about a quarter of an hour after the kick-off, the substitute was dispensed with, and
Howes returned into goal. Trumpington protested against the match standing good, on the
ground that the winners changed one of their players during the game. [CIP 11 Jan 1907, p.7]
The villagers were successful in their protest and the match was ordered to be re-played at
Trumpington on 19th January. The United Cantabs won the re-play of this Junior Cup
Competition. [CIP 25 Jan 1907, p.7]

1907 – 1908 Season
The Cambs. Football Association met in May to wind up the last season’s affairs and commence
their arrangements for the next season. A set of rules were decided for a new Junior League
named the Cambs. Football Association Junior Shield. The idea was that it would supplement the
existing Junior Cup Competition and therefore was only to be open to clubs who were entered
for the Cambs. Junior Cup Competition in the same season. The decision was made to establish
the Cambs. Junior Shield on the League system with the object of maintaining throughout the
season the interest of the Junior Clubs who may be knocked out in the early stages of the Junior
Cup Competition. [CIP 17 May 1907, p7; CIP 31 May 1907, p.7]

The Junior Shield fixtures were fixed up at meetings of club secretaries. Trumpington Football
Club had entered the Cambs. Junior Cup Competition and the Cambs. Junior Shield. They were
in Group B of the Junior Shield to play against Anchor, Shepreth, Cambridge Scientific
Instrument Company, Swifts, Grantchester and Gonville Rovers. [CIP 27 Sep 1907, p7]

On their own ground Trumpington opened their Junior Shield fixtures by losing a couple of
points to the Anchor. Trumpington, winning the toss, decided to play with the wind and sun at
their backs, and during the first twenty minutes the Anchor had all they could do to hold the
Trumpington forwards in check. The Anchor goalkeeper was called upon several times, but
cleared well. After that period the edge was taken off the Trumpington attack, and the game was
largely fought in the home half. Early in the first half the Anchor had a good opportunity to take
the lead, owing to the award of a penalty for hands. Flack was entrusted to the kick, but shot
straight at the goalkeeper, who saved. The same player made amends by opening the scoring for
the Anchor after thirty-five minutes play. Half-time arrived with the Anchor leading by 1 goal to
nil. Within two minutes of the resumption a good piece of play by the left wing enabled Squires
to score the second goal. For the next half an hour Trumpington were kept continually on the
defence. The goalkeeper was kept busy, stopping several shots at short range, but was eventually
beaten by a splendid shot by Woodhouse, and the Anchor thus won a somewhat uninteresting
game by 3 goals to nil. [CIP 18 Oct 1907, p.7]
Trumpington team: A. Careless, goalkeeper; S. Linsey and A. Freestone; E.W. Rogers, H. Scott
and C. Rayment; E.B. Bury, M. Rockwood, G. Rayner, S. Hutt and R. Harradine.

Again there was controversy following this match when it was found that the Anchor played an
unregistered player. Trumpington was awarded this match. [CIP 22 Nov 1907, p.7]

In November, Scientific Instruments Company met Trumpington at Trumpington. The visitors
had materially the larger share of the game. The homesters, however, set up a plucky fight, and
effected a draw of 3 goals each. [CIP 1 Nov 1907, p.7]

A week later, at Trumpington, the village team failed to hold the Swifts, the latter winning by 4
goals to love. [CIP 8 Nov 1907, p.6]
Trumpington team: H. Scott; A. Freestone and E. Rogers; S. Linsey, C. Cousins and C.
Rayment; G. Rayner, S. Mayle, S. Hutt, S. Peters and R. Harradine.

For the week ending 16th November, Trumpington, having played four games, was second from
bottom in the Group B table of the Junior Shield and the team had scored a total of 3 goals and
had 21 goals scored against it. [CIP 22 Nov 1907, p.7]

In the Cambs. Junior Cup match in November, Trumpington, although on their own ground, was
completely outplayed by Grantchester. At half-time Grantchester led by 4 goals to nil, and having
all the play after the change of ends, increased their lead to 7 before the whistle finally sounded.
[CIP 15 Nov 1907, p7]
Trumpington team: A. Careless; G.W. Rogers and W.H. Fry; C. Cousins, S. Linsey and C.
Rayment; G. Rayner, S. Hutt, H. Scott, D. Howard and S. Mayle.

In January Trumpington was poorly represented in their Junior Shield match against the Anchor
on Parker’s Piece, and there was some prolific scoring by the Anchor’s men. No less than 8
goals were obtained in the first half, and the splendid total of 11 was made up before the whistle
blew for time. [CIP 10 Jan 1908, p5]
Trumpington team: A. Careless, E. Rogers, G. Rayner, S. Linsey, S. Hutt, Peters, A. Haslop and
C. Cousins

In another Shield match Shepreth went to Trumpington and, as many other clubs had done,
outplayed the homesters at all points. The final score in Shepreth’s favour was 7-0. [CIP 7 Feb
1908, p7]
Trumpington team: Careless; Rayner and Rogers; Scott, Linsey and Rayment; Haslop, Hutt,
Page, Cousins and Mayle.

In the next Shield match it was reported that a splendidly contested game took place in
Trumpington, the villagers putting up a fine fight against Gonville Rovers. In the first half the
game was very fast and even. Up to within a few minutes before time the Rovers could only
claim a lead of 1 goal, but Trumpington’s defence then completely gave way, and the Rovers
increased the margin to 4. The final reading Gonville Rovers 4, Trumpington 0. [CIP 14 Feb
1908, p7]
Trumpington team: A. Careless; A. Freestone and S. Linsey; C. Rayment, S. Hutt and H.
Rogers; P. Utteridge, C. Cousins, J. Page, C. Rayner and H. Scott.

In the review of the past season, the new Junior League Competition, i.e. the Cambs. Junior
Shield, was deemed to have been a successful venture. However, the Trumpington club was at
the bottom of Group B table, having played the twelve games, scoring a total of 4 goals and
having 53 goals scored against it. [CIP 8 May 1908, p7]

1908 – 1909 Season
No accounts were found of the Trumpington Football Club for this season or indeed until the
1912 – 1913 season.

1912 – 1913 Season
A trial match in connection with the resuscitated club was played at Trumpington. It was Whites
v. Colours, and after an interesting game, the result was a draw of 2 goals each. The sides were
captained by Messrs E. Benton and F. Chamberlain respectively, and the game was refereed by
Mr J. Kefford, the able secretary. The brothers Trigg and W. Pratt were amongst those who
showed promise, and mention might be made of the two goalkeepers, who, if they would throw
more energy into their work, would become real good players. [Cambridge Chronicle 27 Sep
1912, p.9]

Trumpington opened the season with a friendly match at home with Great Shelford. After a
fairly good game, during which several of the Trumpington team showed promise, the result was
a goalless draw. The game was refereed by Mr J. Kefford. [Cambridge Chronicle 4 Oct 1912, p.
Trumpington team: H. Pratt, goal; W. Fellowes and W. Merriman, backs; W. Trigg, W. Pratt,
and E. Benton, half-backs; B. Harradine, P. Utteridge, S. Hutt, R. Pratt, and E. English,

Trumpington was not entered for the 1912-1913 Cambs. Junior Shield. However Trumpington
Institute was playing in Group A of the Histon and District Football League, against Horningsea
Rovers, Coton Institute, Cottenham Reserves and West Cambs. Rovers. By January 1913,
Trumpington had played four matches, won two, drawn one and lost one, and scored 3 goals
and had 8 goals scored against it. One game had been awarded to Trumpington because their
opponents, West Cambs. Rovers, had played an ineligible man. [CIP 31 Jan 1913, p3]

Trumpington Institute met Horningsea Rovers at Trumpington in the Histon and District League
and, although the visitors turned up with only ten men, the homesters failed to stave off defeat.
The game was fairly even in the first part of the match. Trumpington scored about half-way
through the first half, and lead by this score at half-time. Soon after the resumption the visitors
equalised, and from the scoring of this point to the end they were all over their opponents, and,
but for the bad shooting of their forwards, they would have gained an easy victory. Only one
more goal was registered, this by Gibson, who beat the Trumpington goalie with a fine screw
shot. Result: Rovers 2, Trumpington 1. [CIP 21 Feb 1913, p4]

In March a friendly match of Trumpington versus Matthew and Sons resulted in a win for
Trumpington playing at home. The home team scored 2 goals and the visitors scored just 1,
despite one of their players hitting the cross-bar three times. [CIP 28 Mar 1913, p4]

1913 – 1914 Season
Trumpington entered the Cambs. Junior Cup and the Junior Shield. The Club was in Group B of
the Junior Shield League to play against Royston Town, Foxton, Gamlingay, Cherryhinton, and
Barrington. [CIP 7 Nov 1913, p.3]

In November Trumpington met Royston Town in a Cambs. Junior Cup match. It was played in
Royston and the home team won easily, although only playing ten men nearly the whole of the
game. S.[sic] Rayner kicked off for Trumpington. Royston at once began to press, and Rayment
put in a good centre, but Wilson cleared. Trumpington got down, and Blows, in trying to clear,
came into collision with Utteridge. He sustained a bad cut over the eye, and had to be taken to
the surgery. He returned later, but did not take any further part in the game. Peters at outside
right got in a good run, but his centre was cleared. Royston then pressed, and forced two corners
in quick succession. A foul was given against Patterson in the penalty area just as he was about
to shoot. Kirkham passed to Rayment, who put in a splendid centre, which Patterson headed
neatly into the net, opening the score for Royston. From the kick-off the Trumpington forwards
got away, but could not score. Royston returned to the attack, and Sharpe centred, and Carter
put in a hot shot, which shook the upright. Play was for some time in the visitors’ territory. A
penalty was given against Trumpington. Rollason took the kick, and put the ball into the net.
Shortly after, a shot from Pigg just shaved the cross-bar. Trumpington pressed, and Peters and
Utteridge were prominent with shots that just missed. A shot from Chamberlain was only saved
at the expense of a corner. Royston forwards broke away, and Rollason scored from a centre
from the left. Half-time arrived with Royston leading 3-0. From the restart Royston again got
down, and Pratt saved a good shot from Rollason, only to be beaten by Carter with a shot which
gave him no chance. After Pratt had managed to fist out a good shot from Sharpe, one of the
visitors’ backs put through his own goal. From the kick-off Trumpington got away, and Peters
beat Sermons with a splendid shot, opening the score for Trumpington. Royston quickly returned
and forced a corner, and play was now practically confined to the visitors’ half, although their
right wing broke away several times, but did not succeed in again beating Sermons. From a
centre by Sharpe, Patterson added another goal, and shortly after Pigg found the net. Shots
continued to rain in on the visitors’ goal, and four more points were scored in quick succession
by Rollason, Carter, and Rayment. Trumpington just before the last goal was scored appealed
for a foul against Patterson, and as the referee did not give a free-kick, they left the field half a
minute before time. Final score: Royston Town 11, Trumpington 1. [CIP 7 November 1913, p3]
Trumpington team: Pratt; Benton and Wilson; Rayner, Hutt and Trigg; Peters, Chamberlain, G.
Rayner, A. Wilson and Utteridge.

Football Club - R. Rayner was appointed Secretary. Matches played: Jan. 3rd, v. Barrington
(lost); Jan. 24, v. Sanit's Motor Employees (lost); Jan. 31, v. S. Peters (won). [The Monthly
Magazine for the Parishes of Little Shelford, Stapleford and Trumpington, February 1914]

Trumpington entertained Cherryhinton in a Junior Shield fixture in February 1914 and the
visitors evidently did not feel quite at home. They were a man short, and that may have made
some little difference. However the Trumpingtonians emerged wearing the laurel wreaths of
victory. The final score: Trumpington 3, Cherryhinton 1. At this point in the season Trumpington
was in fourth position in Group B of the Junior Shield. The Club had won 2 matches and lost 2:
scored 9 goals and had 10 goals scored against them. [CIP 13 Feb 1914, p3]

1914 – 1915 Season
Football Association matches were not played during the war.

In this period Trumpington Football Club lost some of their members such as Sidney I. Peters,
who was killed in action. Mr Arnold, a Vice-President, had died in 1915 due to ill health. He had
lived at Trinity Farm, Trumpington, and took a great interest in the Club. [CIP 26 Mar 1915, p.7]

1919 – 1920 Season
Trumpington was not entered for the Cambs. Junior Shield but was playing in Group A of the
Histon and District League against Girton Reserves, Coton Institute, Histon Institute Reserves,
Horningsea and Grantchester.

When Coton Institute travelled to Trumpington in October, it was a fairly even game, but the
visitors were the better side, their defence being especially good. W. Cousins gave them the lead
early in the game, and the same player added another goal before half-time. Coton did most of
the attacking in the second half, but nothing more was scored and so the game ended: Coton 2,
Trumpington nil. [CIP 17 Oct 1919, p11]. The return match was played at Coton in November.
The visitors kicked off with ten men, but aided by a stiff breeze, attacked, and a long shot from
the right wing gave them the lead early in the game. About 15 minutes later they increased their
lead. This roused the home team, who set up a sharp attack and forced a corner, from which W.
Childerley headed a brilliant goal. Half-time: Trumpington 2, Coton 1. After the change of ends,
Coton, with the wind behind them, did all the attacking, except for an occasional breakaway, but
weak shooting and a determined defence foiled all their efforts. About five minutes from the end
they attacked hotly, and shots were sent in from all directions, but failed to find the net, until
Beaumont beat the goalie at short range a few seconds before the final whistle. Final score:
Trumpington 2, Coton 2. [CIP 21 Nov 1919, p.11]

By mid-December Trumpington had played four games, won 1, drew 1 and lost 2; had scored 5
goals with 7 goals scored against; which placed them in fourth position in Group A. [CIP 12 Dec
1919, p.3]

1920 – 1921 Season
The season began with a friendly against Cherryhinton at Cherryhinton. Trumpington was only
composed of a scratch team and Cherryhinton won: the final score was 5-2. The second match
of the season was played at Trumpington with Cherryhinton. This match was a great contrast to
the former game with Trumpington putting forward about their best team in the field. The play
on both sides was excellent, the players doing their utmost. Only one goal was scored in the first
half by Haggis. A Trumpington player was unfortunately hurt by falling and had to retire. In the
second half they played a substitute, who scored 1 goal, and Haggis scored again, and so the
game ended: Trumpington 3, Cherryhinton 0. [CIP 1 Oct 1920, p11]
Trumpington team: included Haggis

Trumpington had joined the Foxton and District League this season. The establishment of local
District Leagues enabled the villages of an area to enjoy League football without excessive
travelling expenses, most places could be reached by bicycle. There were three main leagues,
Foxton, Bottisham and Landbeach. [Source: Cambridgeshire Football Association. Centenary.
1884-1984. One Hundred Years of County Football. Compiled by F.C. Barrett, Cambridgeshire
Football Association, 1984, p.30] The other clubs in the Foxton and District League were
Foxton, Barrington, Melbourn, Wimpole, Orwell, Great Shelford, Whittlesford, Barton and Great

In October Trumpington played Barrington at Barrington in their first Foxton and District League
match, the trophy of which was the Foster Cup. It was a very evenly contested game, both sides
scoring in the first half. In the second half both sides strove strenuously to score, but try as they
would, they were unsuccessful, and when the final whistle sounded the score was still one all,
and both teams had gained a very valuable point. [CIP 8 Oct 1920, p11]
Trumpington team: A.G. Haggis; G. Smith and C. Smith; C.W. Cronin, F. Chamberlain and R.
Lloyd; W. Bass, E. Osborne, A. Haggis, A. Wilson and E. Peters

The next match Trumpington played in the Foxton and District League was against Melbourn at
Trumpington. Both teams started very slowly, and the goalkeepers had little or no work to do for
some time, until Cronin broke through on his own and scored a neat goal for the homesters. Half-
time arrived with the score 1-0 in favour of Trumpington. In the second half Trumpington
played a much improved game, all the forwards passing neatly. The visitors’ goalie had a pretty
warm time, and saved some very good shots from Cronin and Lloyd, but after determined
efforts A. Haggis put on number two for Trumpington, and that ended the scoring of a very
enjoyable game. [CIP 15 Oct 1920, p.11]
Trumpington team: A.G. Haggis; G. Harvey and G. Smith; R. Lloyd, P. Wedd, F. Chamberlain;
A. Wilson, C. Smith, C.W. Cronin, A. Haggis and B. Harradine.

Trumpington then played Wimpole at Wimpole. It was a very pleasant and enjoyable game
resulting in a final score of Trumpington 4, Wimpole nil. The goal scorers were E. Osborne (2),
C.W. Cronin and B. Harradine. [CIP 22 Oct 1920, p11]
Trumpington team: A.G. Haggis; G. Smith and G. Harvey; R. Lloyd, P. Wedd and F.
Chamberlain; E. Osborne, C. Smith, C.W. Cronin, A. Haggis and B. Harradine.

The first match Trumpington played Orwell in the Foxton League took place at Trumpington. It
was a clean and evenly-contested game, and a draw seemed inevitable until A. Haggis wound up
a fine solo effort by beating the Orwell custodian with a nice low drive, about ten minutes from
time. This was the only goal scored, although both teams came within an ace of scoring during
the latter part of the second half. [CIP 29 Oct 1920, p.11]
Trumpington team: Arthur Haggis; G. Smith and G. Harvey; R. Lloyd, P. Wedd, and E. Peters;
E. Osborne, C. Smith, C. Cronin, Alf Haggis and B. Harradine.

In November Trumpington played at home against Barrington. It proved to be an interesting and
clean game throughout, and when the final whistle went both teams were well satisfied with the
way the referee had conducted the game. Play ruled very evenly during the first half, no goals
being registered. The second half was much faster, and the homesters, with the sun at their
backs, played a sound game and about two minutes from time their efforts were rewarded
through C.W. Cronin, who netted with a brilliant first-timer. The fact that only 1 goal was scored
shows the skill of both goalies, who were in good form, their clearances being repeatedly
applauded. Final score: Trumpington 1, Barrington 0 [CIP 12 Nov 1920, p11]
Trumpington team: A.G. Haggis; G. Smith and G. Harvey; R. Lloyd, P. Wedd, and F.
Chamberlain; E. Osborne, C. Smith, C. Cronin, A, Haggis and A. Wilson.

Trumpington played their Foxton League match against Eversden at Eversden in November.
Trumpington had matters very much their own way. The visitors won the toss, and kicked down
the slope. The homesters’ goal was quickly raided, and E. Osborne netted with a nice oblique
grounder. A few minutes later A. Haggis increased the lead with a shot which had the goalie well
beaten. Midfield play ensued until the visitors’ left winger ran down and centred. The goalie left
his charge to clear, but could not get rid of the ball, and C. Cronin scored through an open goal.
Before half time arrived B. Harradine netted, this being a good effort considering the difficult
position in which he was placed. Half time Trumpington 4, Eversden 0. Eversden had more of
the play during the second half, but found the visitors’ defence too good for them. C. Cronin
increased the visitors’ lead after a nice effort, and about ten minutes from time A. Haggis again
scored with a shot which would have beaten most goalies. He shot at about twenty yards’ range,
and the ball hit the upright and the bar at the same time, and went into the net. Eversden must be
commended upon the game way in which they played, although several goals in arrears. The
combination of the Trumpington team was a feature of the match, and had it not been for the
hard work put in by the homesters’ centre-half, no doubt the score would have been much
heavier. Final score: Trumpington 6, Eversden 0. [CIP 19 Nov 1920, p11]
Trumpington team: A.G. Haggis; G. Smith (captain) and G. Harvey; C. Smith, R. Lloyd, and F.
Chamberlain; E. Osborne, A. Haggis, C.W. Cronin, B. Harradine and A. Wilson.

Trumpington met Eversden again on 4th December at home. Although played under somewhat
dismal conditions, the game proved to be interesting. Trumpington, with the wind in their favour,
scored 2 goals without response, and crossed over with this lead at the interval. The goals were
scored by B. Harradine and G. Smith, both shots being well out of the reach of the goalie. The
second half proved somewhat exciting, and Eversden could not notch a point, although presented
with a penalty. Trumpington then set a fast pace, and C. Cronin went through on his own,
skilfully eluding the opposing backs, and scored. This was the last goal scored, and the result
fairly represents the run of the play. Final score: Trumpington 3, Eversden 0. During the interval
a collection was made on behalf of Mr A. Wilson, who was on the injured list as a result of a
match played the previous Saturday. Mr Wilson thanked all the spectators and players for their
act of gratitude in presenting him with 19s, being the proceeds of the collection. [CIP 10 Dec
1920, p.11] Trumpington was, at this point in the season, at the top of the Foxton and District
League, having played 9 games, won 7, drawn 1 and lost 1.

A couple of weeks later Trumpington met Barton at Trumpington. The first half was mainly
taken up by midfield play, the homesters having slightly the better of exchanges, scoring 2 goals
without response. The second half produced a very convincing display by the homesters, the
halves feeding the forwards very nicely, whose combination was now excellent. The visitors
evidently could not stay the pressure, and were literally run off their legs. Four goals were added
in double quick time, and when the final whistle went the score was 6-0 in favour of the
homesters. [CIP 24 Dec 1920, p11]
Trumpington team: A.G. Haggis; R. Rayner and G. Smith; R. Lloyd, F. Chamberlain and P.
Wedd; E. Osborne, C. Smith, G. Harvey, S. Harvey and B. Harradine.

Trumpington was reported to have a good Christmas programme, visiting Shelford on Christmas
Day, and playing the return game on Boxing Day. The 2nd XI was to play Foxton 2nd XI two
games also. [The Monthly Magazine for the Parishes of Cherry Hinton, Little Shelford,
Stapleford, and Trumpington, 1920]

1921 – 1922 Season
The Cambridgeshire Football Association reorganised the county arrangements for the 1921-
1922 season. The Senior and Junior Shield Leagues and the Senior Cup Competition had been
scrapped and they had been replaced by a single League of three divisions with twelve clubs in
each division. Trumpington was not entered for the county league. [Source: Cambridgeshire
Football Association. Centenary. 1884-1984. One Hundred Years of County Football. Compiled
by F.C. Barrett, Cambridgeshire Football Association, 1984, p.30]

1922 – 1923 Season
Trumpington Football Club entered Division 3 Section B of the Cambs. League. Mr C.H.
Cousins, Hon. Secretary, gave a report on the Club’s season. The Club had started well, winning
most of its matches, but then injuries to players occurred. The first casualty was F. Marshall,
who was hurt in the side, an injury which prevented him from playing for the rest of the season,
a loss greatly felt on the forward line. Then on Boxing Day, the team captain, W. Osborne, and
C. Smith were injured. W. Osborne was unable to play again during the season but C. Smith was
able to return to the team later on. The Secretary reported that two of their Vice-Presidents had
died; Rev. H.S. Cronin and Mr G.S. Todd. A whist drive had been held for Club funds. It was a
huge success with twenty one tables in play.
The Club finished fourth in the League Table – played 25, won 12, lost 11, drawn 2. Goals for,
50; goals against, 35. [The Monthly Magazine for the Parishes of Cherry Hinton, Little Shelford,
Stapleford, and Trumpington, July 1923]
Trumpington team: included W. Osborne (captain), F. Marshall, C. Smith and
Leading goal-scorers: A. Darling 17, H. Plummer 11, Ted Osborne 6.

1923 – 1924 Season
In his end of season report, C.H. Cousins, Hon. Secretary, told how the Club had at one time
high hopes of heading Division 3 but, being a trifle unlucky, it finished third in the Table,
Gamlingay having made 30 points, Soham 28 and Trumpington, 27. In League football
Trumpington played 18 matches, won 12, drawn 3, lost 3; Cup matches played 2, drawn 1, and
lost 1; and in Friendlies played 8, won 7, and lost 1. In total, scored 96 goals, while 39 scored
against. [Trumpington Magazine, June 1924]

Leading goal-scorers: W. Osborne 22, L. Burgess 22, H. Plummer 16, E. Osborne 13, C. Smith
8, W. Haslop.
Trumpington Football Club,
1923 – 1924 Season. Cambridge
Chronicle, 26 March 1924, p.9.
A photograph was taken of the team and orders were accepted for copies. The photograph was
published in Cambridge Chronicle, 26 March 1924, p.9, with the title ' Third Division Favourites'
and the caption “Trumpington football eleven and officials of the Club, photographed on the
Saturday prior to defeating Albert Institute by five goals to two. They have high hopes of
retaining their position at the head of the Third Division of the County League. (Left to right):
Top row: Charles Cousins (Hon. Secretary) [C.H. Cousins], J. Haggis (Linesman) [A. Haggis],
Cliff Smith [C.J. Smith], W. Frost [W.F. Frost], J. Haggis [A.J. Haggis], and P.E. Noble
(Treasurer). Second row: G. Stone, Gordon Smith [G.M. Smith], A. Haggis (Captain) [A.G.
Haggis], Mr W.W. Pemberton (President), T. Osbourn (Vice-Captain) [E. Osborne known as
Ted], J. Osbourn [F.W. Osborne known as Joe], and W. Haslop. On ground: Harry Plummer
and L. Burgess.”
The Osborne family had a framed copy of this photograph with some amendments to names,
which are given here in square brackets.

1924 – 1925 Season
At the Annual General Meeting held in the Village Hall on 30th July 1924, the election of officers
took place, and the following were elected and re-elected: President: W.W. Pemberton, Esq.;
Vice-Presidents: Capt. R.G. Briscoe, M.C., M.P., Prof. E.G. Browne, F.B.A., W. Campbell,
Esq., A.E. Chaplin, Esq., G.R.C. Foster, Esq., Dr H. Guillemard, E. Hartree, E. Jackson, Esq.,
Rev. A.C. Moule, F.C. Parsons, Esq., Major C.W. Stanley, Dr C.H.S. Taylor.
Captain: G.M. Smith; Vice-Captain: E. Osborne; Hon. Sec. and Treas.: C.H. Cousins.
Committee: P.E. Noble, A. Haggis, W.F. Frost, S. Mayle, E. Osborne, W. Osborne.
It was decided that they would again enter the Cambs. Junior League. They were planning to
hold a whist drive and this was one of several held during the season, assisting to raise funds for
the Club. [Trumpington Magazine, September 1924]

It was reported in September 1924 that the Trumpington School Managers had decided, at the
suggestion of the Head Teacher, Mr P. Robinson, to give badges to all scholars above Standard
1, to be worn on their caps, hats or pockets. The badge design would be of the arms of Roger of
Trumpington – blue “sprinkled with crosses of gold and two trumpets of gold”. In March 1925 C.
H. Cousins, Hon. Secretary, wrote that the Football Club was making good progress in the
Cambs. League and, if it won its Division, it was hoped that the Club could adopt the
Trumpington badge, larger than the school’s version, to wear on the players’ jerseys.
[Trumpington Magazine, March 1925]
Trumpington Football Club,
1923 – 1924 Season.
Photograph provided by Colin
Osborne, grandson of F.W.
The arms of Roger of
Trumpington. [Trumpington
Magazine, March 1925]
Trumpington finished at the head of Division 3. The Hon. Secretary reported that they would be
playing in Division 2 next season but would not be satisfied until they reached the Premier
Division. He pointed out that in Division 2 their travelling expenses would be double and that
they hoped they would continue to receive all the support possible from the village, as they
planned a full winter programme of various functions. The Club record for the season: played
22, won 17, lost 3, drawn 2. Number of goals scored, 83; against 30. [Trumpington Magazine,
June 1925]
Three leading goal-scorers: E. Osborne 17, W. Osborne 15, L. Burgess 13.

1925 – 1926 Season
In his end of season report, C.H. Cousins reported the Club had had a moderate season. During
1924-25 their success was mainly due to keeping the team together, as far as possible playing the
same team every week, by which all the players had a perfect understanding between
themselves. This season, in Division 2, they had been playing more strenuous football but had
been able to field a full team only about four times. They had had high hopes of running a
second team but, after a few weeks, they had to bring some members into the first team. They
had finished midway down the League Table. Altogether, in the League, Cup and Friendly
matches, they had played 29 matches, won 15, drawn 2, and lost 12. Goals scored 110; goals
against 91. [Trumpington Magazine, June 1926]
Four leading goal-scorers: L. Unwin 31, H. Plummer 28, E. Osborne 19, S. Harvey 12.

1926 – 1927 Season
On 15th December 1926 Mr P. Robinson presented to Trumpington Football Club a set of 15
Village Badges, to be worn by players on their jerseys. At the Village Hall event Mr Robinson
gave an interesting talk on the origin of the badge design i.e. the arms of Roger of Trumpington.
[Trumpington Magazine, February 1927]

This was C.H. Cousins’ report for the January parish magazine: “The Club is going on quite
nicely, although we have just lost a couple of matches, but we are picking up again. Up to now
in the League we have played 5 matches, of which we have won 3, and lost 2, falling easy
victims to Chesterton Vics on both occasions. In the Minor Challenge Cup our luck just about
deserted us. In the 1st Round we were drawn at home to Burwell, and after a good game ended
all square, 1-1. The next week we journeyed to Burwell for the replay, and the same score
resulted, 1-1. The following week we met Burwell for the third time, on a neutral ground, and
the honours came to us by a 4-1 victory. In the 2nd Round, we were drawn at home to Sawston
Institute, who we easily trounced by 8-1. In the 3rd Round, we were drawn at home to
Fulbourn, and here our trouble started. The appointed referee failed to turn up, and after waiting
twenty minutes for him, a man was chosen on the ground, by mutual consent of both Captains,
so, owing to the delay, both teams agreed to play short time owing to the light, deducting ten
minutes each half. We won the match by 3-2. When the case was reported to the Cambs. F.A.,
they very kindly reminded us that, in a Cup Tie, full time must be played, so a replay was
ordered, which, as fate would have it, we lost by 2-1, thus we made our exit from the Cup in
very disappointing circumstances; but we have high hopes of running very close for the 2nd
Division Championship.” [Trumpington Magazine, January 1927]

No end of season was published in the parish magazine.

1927 – 1928 Season
The new Hon. Secretary, A.E. Darling, reported that they had played eleven League fixtures:
won 5, drawn 2, lost 4. Goals scored for: 27, goals against: 23. He mentioned that at times they
had had a job to raise a team. [Trumpington Magazine, March 1928]
Leading goal-scorers: C. Smith 8, O. Tebbit 6, E. Osborne 5.

1928 – 1929 Season
The Review of the Season, 1928-29 was written by P.W. Filby. This was the first season to
have two teams in a league. The number of playing members was just less than 50. The 1st team
was beaten in the early rounds of the Minor Cup and finished sixth in the Cambs. League,
Division 2. The 2nd team finished near the bottom of the Federation League, Division A. They
had been unlucky on occasions and also had lost P. Seekings, playing at left back, due to injury,
early in the season. E. Plummer had been pointed out as the best goalkeeper in the Federation
League. Mr E.H. Church, the League’s President, had said of the second team: “A very sporting
and good team, a great achievement in drawing with the potential League champions and Cup
finalists, Camden United, in their last game of the season.”  [Trumpington Magazine, June 1929]
Leading goal-scorers:1st team: W. Osborne 12, C.J. Smith 7, R. Childerley, 5
2nd team: G. Chapman and G. Seekings 16 each, A. Medhurst 9

1929 – 1930 Season
At the Annual General Meeting on 24th July 1929 the following officers were elected: President:
Mr W.W. Pemberton (re-elected): Vice-Presidents: (en bloc) with the addition of Mr H.V.
Hudson; Treasurer: P.E. Noble (re-elected); Secretary: A.E. Darling; Committee: Messrs. R.
Childerley, P.W. Filby, C. Cousins, A.T. Haggis, E.W. Osborne, H. White, A. Wilson; 1st team
Captain: L.R. Truelove; Vice-Captain: A.E. Darling; 2nd team Captain: P.W. Filby; Vice-
Captain: E. Plummer; Secretary: A. Medhurst; Committee: Messrs. A. Medhurst, W. Green, T.
Mansfield, E. Plummer, P.W. Filby. [Trumpington Magazine, August 1929]

It was found necessary to obtain the service of two new Cambridge forwards for the first team
as no local talent had been forth coming. The inside forwards had been the weak part of the
previous season’s team. [Trumpington Magazine, October 1929]

The 1st team played in the League and the Minor Cup and the 2nd team played in the Cambs.
Federation League. A call was made to investigate interest in establishing a Thursday Team to
play Thursday League teams: applicants were requested to contact A. Medhurst, 58 Alpha
Terrace, Trumpington, or P. Filby, Aubretia, Cambridge Road, Great Shelford. [Trumpington
Magazine, December 1929]

Trumpington Thursday XI team played several matches – v. King’s College Club, won 4-2
(Carter, Darling, A. Green, R. Medhurst); v. Y.M.C.A. III, won 7-6 (A. Medhurst 4, R.
Medhurst 2, Kefford); v. Rolyat, lost 4-3 (R. Medhurst 2, C. Dockerill). [Trumpington
Magazine, February 1930].

1930 – 1931 Season

No football reports were published in the parish magazine during this season. The Trumpington
Football Club had remained in Division 2 of the Cambs. League. The Trumpington Thursday
Team was the winner of the Cambridge Federation League, without losing a match.
[Trumpington Magazine, November 1931]

1931 – 1932 Season
The number of clubs applying to join the County League had increased so much that it became
necessary in 1931 to reorganise the League into Premier, First, Second and Third Divisions. The
divisions, with the exception of the Premier, were divided into sections. Division champions were
to be determined by the section winners playing a Final Tie. [Source: Cambridgeshire Football
Association. Centenary. 1884-1984. One Hundred Years of County Football. Compiled by F.C.
Barrett, Cambridgeshire Football Association, 1984, p.32]

Trumpington was in Division 1, Section B, of the new League arrangement. This Saturday team
lost 4 of its first 5 games in the season. [Trumpington Magazine, November 1931]
Goal scorers: R. Chamberlain 3, G. Seekings 2, H. Green, M. Aves, L.R. Truelove, and C.J.

After winning the Cambridge Federation League last season, the Thursday team entered the
Cambridge Thursday League, Division II. The Thursday XI for the second season in succession
completed its fixtures without a defeat, and consequently became holders of the Letts’ Cup for
the Championship of Thursday League, Division II. [Trumpington Magazine, May 1932]
Chief scorers: A. Medhurst 29, B. Medhurst 29, D. Hewitt 25, R. Dean 17, L. Truelove 8, S.
Price 8.

1932 – 1933 Season
The Saturday team had dropped to Division 2 and it was reported that the team had lost its early
League matches. [Trumpington Magazine, December 1932]
Goal scorers: T. Mansfield 9, C. Dockerill 3, A. Green 1, W. Green 1, F.W. Osborne 1, J.
Wilson 1

The Thursday team was promoted to Cambridge Thursday League, Division I and entered the
Thursday Challenge Shield competition and reached the semi-final at the first attempt to win the
Shield. [Trumpington Magazine, December 1932]

1933 – 1934 Season
At the Annual General Meeting the Officers were elected: President: W.W. Pemberton, Esq.;
Vice-Presidents: re-elected en bloc, with the addition of S.W. Cole, Esq., L.G. Dorey, Esq., P.E.
Heley, Esq.; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer: A.G. Medhurst; Captain: L. Truelove; Vice-Captain:
J. Darling.

The following competitions were entered:- Cambs. Thursday League, Cambs. Thursday
Challenge Shield, and initially Cambs. Federation League (Saturday). It was later decided that,
owing to the poor outlook of playing talent, the Club would not enter the Cambs. Federation

The meeting was concluded by a vote of thanks to Mr B. Chapman for his services as Secretary.
[Trumpington Magazine, October 1933]

The review of the season reported that the team had had the most successful season since its
promotion to Division I of the Thursday League. Sixteen League games had been played, 6 won,
3 drawn, and 7 lost. The position in the League Table was 6th, compared with 10th the previous
season. The Club – for the first time in its history – had been honoured by the selection of a
player, D. Swain, to keep goal for the Cambs. League against Peterborough.
Through an item in the parish magazine, Trumpington Football Club thanked all those who had
played and helped at an Old Crocks’ match held on Easter Monday. [Trumpington Magazine,
June 1934]

1934 – 1935 Season
The Annual Meeting was held on 27th July and attended by not more than 18 members, mostly
Thursday representatives. The Officers were elected: President: W.W. Pemberton; Vice-
Presidents: Brig.-General Bainbridge, P. Browne, A.E. Chaplin, F. King, G.R.C. Foster, Prof.
Fowler, P.E. Heley, Rev. A.B. Wright, E.B. Wye; Secretary and Treasurer: A.G. Medhurst, 58
Alpha Terrace; Captain: L. Truelove; Vice-Captain: T. Mansfield; General Committee: R.
Medhurst, E. Wilson, G. Wilson, J. Darling, L. Truelove, T. Mansfield.

It was decided to enter: Cambs. Thursday League (Division I), Cambs. Thursday Challenge
Shield, and Cambs. Russell Cup.

The Club requested, through the parish magazine, responsible persons to refrain from allowing
their dogs to make holes on the football pitch as they were a danger not only to villagers but also
to visiting teams. [Trumpington Magazine, September 1934]

At the beginning of the season three wins of friendly matches against Railway Social, Fowlmere
and Beehives were reported. The Club also drew readers’ attention to two items: 1. Thanks to
the Corporation the Club now had a playing pitch which many country teams would envy and it
was hoped that people would refrain from causing damage to the pitch or other property or
leaving rubbish and litter about: 2. A practice goal had been erected on the ground and people
were asked to make use of this instead of the goal on the match pitch. [Trumpington Magazine,
October 1934]

The Club was pleased with its victory over Linton Granta to reach the semi-final of the Russell
Cup. Linton Granta had won the cup the previous two years. [Trumpington Magazine, March
1935] However, Trumpington lost 1-6 against Victoria United in the Russell Cup semi-final.
[Trumpington Magazine, April 1935]

1935 – 1936 Season
At the Annual Meeting on 29th July it was decided to continue the Club; and hoped that the
younger people would unite in an effort to re-organize a Saturday team.

The elected Officers: President: W.W. Pemberton; Vice-Presidents: Messrs. P. Browne, G.R.C.
Foster, P.E. Heley, F.W. King, Prof. Fowler, S.J. Miller, and Rev. A.B. Wright; Secretary and
Treasurer: A.G. Medhurst, 82 Alpha Terrace; General Committee: Messrs. E. Wilson, T.
Mansfield, S. Price, V. Clarke, M. Wilkinson, W. Price.

It was decided to enter: Cambs. Thursday League and Cambs. Thursday Challenge Shield.
[Trumpington Magazine, September 1935]

A month later it was reported that, after a lapse of three years, the Club had a newly established
Saturday team, which had a list of friendly matches arranged. [Trumpington Magazine,
November 1935]

On the conclusion of the season the results showed that it had been the worst in the Thursday
Team’s seven years of existence: having only one league victory to their credit, they would be
demoted after a premier life of four years. The Saturday XI had had mixed fortune but it was
hoped, with the assistance of more local talent, the team would be improved in the next season.
[Trumpington Magazine, April 1936]

1936 – 1937 Season
The Annual Meeting was held on 28th July 1936. It was decided, after a lengthy discussion, to
continue the Club individually as in the past and not amalgamate with the Men’s Institute.

The elected Officers: President: W.W. Pemberton; Vice-Presidents: P. Browne, Canon Burrell,
Prof. Fowler, A.W. Dilly, F.W. King, Rev. A.B. Wright; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer: A.G.
Medhurst, 82 Alpha Terrace; Hon. Auditor: F.W. Bunn; Committee: Messrs. Mansfield, J.
Wilson, Wilkerson, Facer, and Secretary.

It was decided to enter: Cambs. Thursday League and Cambs. Thursday Challenge Shield, and
Cambs. Federation League.

Captain of Thursday XI: S. Price; Vice-Captain of Thursday XI: G. Wilson
Captain of Saturday XI: W. Price; Vice-Captain of Saturday XI: T. Tedder
[Trumpington Magazine, September 1936]

Mr A.G. Medhurst, Hon. Secretary, summarised the progress of the season. The Thursday XI,
had done well until Christmas but then had not only failed to win games but players had left,
there had been great difficulty to raise a team on occasions and consequently the team was one
of the poorest ever. The Saturday XI had played in the Cambs. Federation and, although the
results had not been brilliant, the players had shown enthusiasm and kept together well.

The Club had introduced two new matches, one at Christmas, and the other at Easter. These
were charity matches against Grantchester and a collection was taken for the Nursing
Association. [Trumpington Magazine, April 1937]

1937 – 1938 Season
At the Annual Meeting, business commenced by the reading of the Minutes of the last Annual
Meeting followed by the Secretary’s report, and the Balance Sheet, the latter being much better
than the former.

The elected Officers: President: W.W. Pemberton; Vice-Presidents: Canon Burrell, A.W. Dilley,
R. Branston, Rev. Wright, F.W. King, P. Browne, Prof. Fowler; Secretary and Treasurer: A.
Medhurst; General Committee: Messrs. G. Chapman, Mansfield, Wilkinson, Tedder, Price,

It was decided to enter: the Cambs. Federation League and the Cambs. Thursday League.
The Club Headquarters would continue to be at the ‘Tally-Ho’, Trumpington. The Committee
would meet Monday evenings at 8 o’clock, commencing 30th August.

Captain of Thursday XI: S. Price; Vice-Captain of Thursday XI: A. Medhurst
Captain of Saturday XI: H. Tedder; Vice-Captain of Saturday XI: L. Howe
[Trumpington Magazine, September 1937]

Unfortunately, due to Saturday Team members’ lack of interest, the Club had no alternative but
to withdraw the team from the Cambs. Federation League.

The results of the Thursday Team were mixed. The goalkeeper’s injury probably played a part.
Total of goals during the season: 50.

Chief scorers: S. Price 8, N. Hemsted 6, M. Dean 5, M. Wilkerson 5, L. Pratt 4
[Trumpington Magazine, May 1938]

1938 – 1939 Season
The Annual Meeting was held as usual in the Village Hall.

The elected Officers: President: W.W. Pemberton; Vice-Presidents: P. Browne, Canon Burrell,
Councillor Dilley, Bishop Kempthorne, F.W. King, J.A. Pope, Rev. Wright; Hon. Secretary and
Treasurer: A.G. Medhurst, 82 Alpha Terrace; Hon. Auditor: F.W. Bunn.

It was decided to enter: the Cambs. Thursday League and Cambs. Thursday Challenge Shield.

Captain: S. Price; Vice-Captain: M. Wilkerson

Subscriptions were discussed and it was decided that players pay 3/-, as the previous season, and
that a list of honorary members be re-opened to enable past players, supporters and tradesmen to
donate a small sum of money to the Club, as was the practice in other villages.
[Trumpington Magazine, September 1938]

In Round 1 of the Challenge Shield, after a draw of 4-4 goals, Trumpington won the replay
against King and Harpers (the ‘Motorists’) at Cambridge 4-1. Round 2 provided another great
game, reported Mr A.G. Medhurst, of which Trumpington Thursday Team had 80% of the play
against Eastern Counties’ Bus Company, but goals in the first and last five minutes gave the
‘Busmen’ the verdict 2-0.
Goal scorers: G. Trundle 3, F. Lowe 3, H. Pawley 1, M. Wilkerson 1
[Trumpington Magazine, December 1938]

Trumpington was entered in the Cambridge and District Thursday League to play in Division II
against Eastern Counties’ Bus Company, King and Harpers, Fowlmere, Exning Thursday
Athletic, Royston Thursday and Y.M.C.A.
In the Thursday League table to 31st December 1938, Trumpington was in second place having
played 6 games, won 5 and lost 1; scored 17 goals and had 11 scored against. [Independent
Press and Chronicle 6 Jan 1939, p.12]

The team was named for the forthcoming Thursday League game against Exning Thursday
Athletic match. [Cambridge Daily News Wed. 8 Jan 1939, p7]
Trumpington team: E. Caldecoat; A. Saunders and A. Medhurst; A. J. Bagstaffe, A. Butler and
J. Darling; G. Trundle, J. Clover, S. Price, N. Hempstead and W. Green.

In advance of the Thursday League match against Royston Thursday to be played at Royston,
the Trumpington list of players was published from whom the team would be selected .
[Cambridge Daily News Wed. 1 Feb 1939, p7]
Trumpington team: (from) E. Caldecoat, A. Saunders, A. Medhurst, B. Hitch, J. Darling, A.
Butler, A.J. Bagstaffe, G. Trundle, J. Clover, F. Lowe, N. Hempsted, T. Mansfield,  Reserve, S.

No end of season report was published in the parish magazine.

War was declared on 3 September 1939.

All young people between the ages of 14 and 21 years are urged to join the Trumpington Youth
Club in order that full advantage may be taken of facilities now offered for football, hockey and
net-ball. It is hoped that local teams may be formed to take part in league matches on Saturday
afternoons. Hockey and net-ball Thursdays. Members will also probably have access to indoor
swimming.    D.M. Smith [Source: Trumpington Magazine, August 1946].

1949 – 1995 Seasons, Cambridgeshire Football Association League
The Tables of the Cambridgeshire Football Association competitions, which were compiled in
2011 by Gordon Smith, the Wisbech Town Football Club Historian, showed the mixed fortunes
of the Trumpington teams in the Cambridgeshire League. There were no Trumpington entries
for the seasons 1933-34 to 1948-49 as seen earlier from the 1930s Trumpington Magazine
reports in the above sections. In 1949 Trumpington played in Division 4 Section B and from
1950 to 1954 in Division 3 Section B. They did not enter a team from 1954 to 1958 but
Trumpington Rovers re-entered in 1959 moving from Division 4 to Division 2 and the
Trumpington Rovers Reserve team was the champion of Division 4 in 1962. Trumpington
Rovers were winners of Division 2 Section A in 1964 and winners of Division 1 Section A in
1966. Trumpington was promoted to the Premier Division in the late 1960s but pulled out of the
League from 1970 to 1975. In the late 1970s to the mid-1980s they were playing two teams and,
on occasions, both the main and reserve team reached the play-off games of their respective
divisions. Trumpington Rovers won their final section games in 1976, 1977, 1982 and 1983.
[Source: Cambridgeshire Football Association. Centenary. 1884-1984. One Hundred Years of
County Football. Compiled by F.C. Barrett, Cambridgeshire Football Association, 1984, League
results in
Appendix 1]. In 1977 Trumpington Rovers won their Division 4 play-off match against
West Wratting with the score of 2-1 after extra time. They were also one of ten short-listed April
claims to the Cambridge Evening News Light Blue ‘Ball of the Month’. They were selected on
the basis of their games in the Cambridge City Knockout Cup: the CEN summary “Trumpington
Rovers: Having beaten Third and Second Division County League opposition in the previous
rounds of the Cambridge City Knockout Cup, Division 4A side, Trumpington, then disposed of
Division One side, Camden United, in the semi-final, winning 3-1 through a well-taken first half
hat-trick by Jolley.” However Quy Reserves were the final winners of that ‘Ball of the Month’.
[Source: CEN, Saturday 14 May 1977, p.9]. Brian King was manager of the Trumpington
Rovers team in 1977 and the team included goal keeper, Phil Mumford, and John Cornwell,
Steve Cornell, Roser Tooley, Peter Huckle, Paul Jolley, Philip Rae, Melvin Cordy and Gary
Haylock. [Source: personal communication, Paul Jolley via Raymond Jolley, 2019].  In 1982-83
Trumpington Rovers won the Creake Charity Shield. “Kleen grabs hat-trick as Trumpington
triumph. Bryan Kleen won the battle of the County League soccer hot shots at Histon last night
… and the Creake Shield for Trumpington Rovers. Kleen grabbed a hat-trick as his side crushed
Earith 6-1 … after the losers had gone ahead in the second minute when Malcolm English hit his
64th goal of the season. Then 27 year old Kleen, taking his tally for Rovers to 43, took over as
Earith lost a final for the second time in a week at Bridge Road. Earith, who missed out on
promotion from Division 1B by a point and had gone down in the Junior Cup Final on Monday
afternoon, were taken apart by Trumpington. Kenny Smith backed Kleen up with two goals and
Mark Benstead got the other as Division 1A champions Trumpington romped in and brought a
promise from skipper Dave Quinn. “We can go one better than Pye next season.” said Quinn.
And if Rovers do that, it means they will be champions of the Tyre Service Cambridge Premier
League, Division B, 12 months from now. Pye have had to settle for second behind Linton after
they took Division 1B by storm last season.” [Source: CEN, Friday 6 May 1983, p.47].

This was followed by a further accolade: “Champs Rovers come up Trumps. Which football
team finished with an average of 4.1 goals a game, two trophies and promotion? Trumpington
Rovers, that’s who. And next month they will receive another award: Godolphin Sports Merit
Shield Team of the Year. Winners of the County League, Division 1A, with just one defeat in 22
matches, the play-off with 1B champions Bottisham and the Creake Shield with six goals in the
final against Earith, Trumpington Rovers gained the majority vote of the judges who met on
Monday night to assess claims. JMC and Queen Edith were the other names in the frames, but
Trumpington Rovers got the vote from five of the eight-man panel and will collect a shield and
complete set of shirts at Cambs FA’s annual meeting on June 7. “I am overwhelmed,” was the
immediate reaction of secretary, Harold Chappell, when informed of the award that will cap a
memorable campaign for a team whose title-winning effort was emulated by their reserves in
Division 3A. “I think we have never had a better season, it has been an all-round effort,” added
Chappell. “They have all done so very well, I am a bit speechless.” Manager John Kivlin has just
completed his third season in charge and is already looking for another leap forward in 12
month's time. John Butler, a mainspring of the side’s success, has said he doesn’t want to play
so much next season. Time will tell whether the Scot will stick to that, but Kivlin is taking no
chances. “It’s no use resting on your laurels,” said a man who hopes to add to a squad that
showed all bar Cherry Hinton Reserves and Castle Camps in the Junior Cup a clean pair of
heels. Previous monthly winners of the Merit Shield: Willingham, Pye, Earith and Mildenhall
Reserves, were all among the contenders, with other champions JMC (Division 4A) and Queen
Edith (3B) just edged out. Each will enter higher grade football later this year able to boast
impressive disciplinary records, one of the factors which was considered by the judges. “I think
the response to the awards has gone beyond my wildest dreams,” commented Cambs. FA
League and Cups Committee chairman, Cliff Bullen. And sponsor, Peter Reeve, who will be
making the award to Trumpington Rovers, added: “We have been very happy with the response
so far and I think we are helping to aid discipline.” [CEN, 19 May 1983, supplied by Mrs Anna

From 1992 to 1995 the Trumpington team was entered as Tally Ho Trumpington. The Club
Secretary was Martin Brown. The team was sponsored by the local public house, The Tally Ho,
Trumpington High Street. It was not entered in the Saturday league table between 1995 and
Left: Stephen Thompson, club player, wearing the Tally Ho Trumpington
colours, maroon and sky. c1992 [Source: supplied by Barry Thompson]

Right: Tally Ho Football Club, Trumpington, 1993-1994. Division 4A,
Photo: Eaden Lilley.
Back row from left: J. Rose (Assistant Manager), P. Ferguson, M. Keefe,
R. J. Robinson, T. Tinkler (Chairman), S. Rose, Konrad Bidwell, Karl
Cockerton, Martin Brown (Manager).
Front row from left: J. Goodwin, S. G. Bates, Peter J. Huckle, M. J. Pearl
(Captain), Stephen Thompson, Brenden Powter, J. Rose ‘Junior’.
Absent: D. Lancaster.
Source: photograph loaned by Stephen Thompson.
Details of Trumpington team colours and secretaries were reported in the lists of CFA Affiliated
Clubs given in the Cambridgeshire Football Association Handbooks [List of Trumpington details
from 1928-29 to 1993-94 (incomplete) reproduced in
Appendix 2].

1973 - 2012+, Trumpington Tornadoes
In the early 1970s Neville Haylock, ex-player for Cambridge Town and then Cambridge United
Football Club, who lived in Byron Square which overlooked the Trumpington Recreation
Ground i.e. King George V Playing Field, decided to set up a boys’ football club. He wrote a lot
of leaflets which he distributed through neighbours’ letter boxes. His wife, Joan, reminisced that
by the time he had returned home and sat down for his tea, there were about 10 or 12 children at
the door wanting to sign up [Source: Habitorials, Issue 0 (2014)
uk/field_of_dreams/]. First Neville was manager and then he was chair of the football club. Early
responders included Gary Haylock, Philip Reed, Kenny Smith, Peter Brown, John Tibbetts,
David Haynes, Robert Cuthbert, Jamie Mahoney and Trudie Mahoney. A contribution of a
sketch of a football above a whirl, during a team name suggestions exercise, led to the selection
of the name of Trumpington Tornadoes. Alan MacDonald, of Cambridge City Football Club,
presented footballs at the first meeting of Trumpington Tornadoes. The large group of children at
that event were joined by some local shopkeepers, Jack Campbell (of the hardware shop), Bert
Truelove (the newsagent), Thomas McAllister (the Tally Ho manager), and Lacy Anderson (the
greengrocer), who were early sponsors of the club. The establishment of the Trumpington
Tornadoes generated a strong community atmosphere with the involvement of local people in the
running of teams and fund raising.
Alan MacDonald (Cambridge City's
captain) presenting footballs to
Trumpington Tornadoes, July 1973.
Source: CEN, 12 July 1973, p.26.
Soccer crazy kids... They're football crazy, they're football mad ... the soccer kids of
Trumpington just cannot wait for next season. There are about 40 of them keen to play for
Trumpington Tornadoes in the new under-13 Cambridge and District Colts League. And they
have not given their manager, 45-year-old Neville Haylock, a roofing tiler and former Cambridge
United player, of Byron Square, Trumpington, a minute's rest in recent weeks. "They are so
keen that we have already had to start training for next season," he said. His son, Steve, an
18-year-old player with Cambridge City, is to coach the boys. The City club and local
shopkeepers have provided balls. [Source: CEN, 12 July 1973, p.26].
Photograph foreground: Alan MacDonald (Cambridge City's captain) presenting 2 footballs to
Mark Huckle, who received them on behalf of the Tornadoes; closely surrounded by Neville
Haylock and son, Daren Haylock; local sponsors, Jock Campbell, Bert Truelove, Tom
McAllister, Lacy Anderson; and young Kevin Ablett and Richard Grey. Scattered in the
background (starting on the left) David Haynes, Jonathan Chapman, Clive Teulon, Phil Reed,
David Parr, Terry Shepherd, Peter Brown, Trudie Mahoney, John Tibbetts, Gary Haylock,
Chris Parr, ? Cooper on far right of picture.
People identified by Robert Cuthbert, Mrs Joan Haylock and Gary Haylock.
Trumpington Tornadoes, early
1970s. Photo: Terry Andrew.
At back: coach, Martin Brown, and manager, Neville Haylock,
Standing: Robert Parr, ?, Chris Andrew, Robert Cuthbert, David Haynes, ?, Lawrence Jebb
Sitting: ?, Gary Haylock, David Cox, Jamie Mahoney, John Tibbetts, Phil Reed. Early 1970s.

The Cambridge and District Colts League had been formed in 1970. The 1973-74 entry for
Trumpington Tornadoes in the Cambridgeshire Football Association Handbook records the Club
Colours as white/black vertical stripes but in later years the colours were more often noted as
blue/black stripes. The club had its own song, of which the first two lines were “Black and blue
is our colour, Football is our game”. Football became a popular sport for the local children. In
1983/84 Trumpington Tornadoes had multiple teams in the Colts League – under 11, under 12,
under 13, under 14, under 15 and under 16. The 1987-88 Handbook specified the colours for
the teams that season as u11, u12, u16 sky/navy; u13 white/red; and u14 green. Some years
Trumpington entered in the league a couple of teams of the same age group. Managers would
take a team for several years through the league. Neville Haylock was the first manager, joined
by others such as Martin Brown and Tom Davison. Over the years the list of managers and
assistant managers (including fathers and grandfathers of players) grew, including Robert
Cuthbert, Alan Caudwell, Colin Howlett, Mick Grainger, Nigel Payne, Dave Betts, Gary Willis,
Steve Bidwell, Kurt Bidwell and Konrad Bidwell. The list of club chairs included Neville
Haylock and Terry Andrew. Club secretaries included D.M. Hignell, R. Martin, E.L. Nightingale,
Tom Davison, Colin Howlett, Barbara Allaway, T. Holden, Mrs Housden and Steve Bidwell.
From season 1975-1976 to 1982-1983 Neville Haylock was the President of the Cambridge and
District Colts League [Source: personal communication with Julie Gee, Secretary of the
Cambridge and District Colts League, 2019]. Trumpington Tornadoes was a very successful
football club: lifelong friendships were forged between team members and many cups/shields
were won. Some of the teams had the excitement of playing at grand venues, such as Cambridge
City Football Club, Milton Road, when, in their first season, the u13 team played in the 1974
Colts League Cup Final and at Cambridge United’s Abbey Stadium, Newmarket Road, when the
u11 and u14 teams played in the 1983 Colts League Knockout Cup Finals. Football matches
proved a good excuse for the building of groups of cheer leaders. “I bet no one has any pictures
of the unwelcome cheer leaders. I was one and remember it with fondness…” reminisced
Tracey Rule. However a photograph did exist…
Trumpington Tornadoes cheer
leaders. In the photograph
c1985-1990: Donna Powter,
Rebecca Pleasance, and Tracey
Rule [Source: supplied by Mrs Julie
On occasions the teams would attend distant competitions. Robert Cuthbert remembered an
exciting weekend travelling by coach to Blackpool with the teams. The younger children were
put up with local families while he and his wife, Tillie, and others, camped overnight [Source: R.
Cuthbert, personal communication 2019]. Jim Sharp noted that he had played in the team
managed by Alan Caudwell in the late 1970s/early 1980s and they had had a successful tour of
Switzerland in 1980, winning all 3 games they had played [Source: response on Mrs Carol Wood’
s Facebook page, 2019]. Mrs Julie Powter (née Lander) added that her parents accompanied her
brother, Steven Lander, on this outing to Switzerland. Mrs Haylock talked of the trips made to
Valkenburg and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The outing to Valkenburg was in April 1982 and
the under-13 side won both tour games [Source: CEN, Wednesday 14 April 1982, p.22]. Mrs
Julie Powter explained that the footballers and their families stayed in a hostel in Valkenburg but
she and her family went as part of the “fan club” and stayed in a nearby hotel. During the trip, a
bowling evening was arranged, and much to the amusement of the boys, Neville Haylock
dropped a bowling ball on his foot! (“He never lived that one down.”) Shaun and his mother,
Mrs Smith, mentioned an exchange scheme in 1982 with schoolboys from Cambridge’s twin city
of Heidelberg coming to stay with local families for a week and playing matches. Twenty six
boys from all over Cambridge made the return trip to Heidelberg the following year and they
won a 5-a-side tournament and a series of matches against under-13 and under-15 sides [Source:
CEN, Wednesday 13 April 1983, p.14]. These exchange visits occurred in later years, such as in
Easter week of 1987, when Mrs Julie Powter’s son, Brenden, went with the under-12 team and
their new strips, which had been sponsored by Millers Coaches of Foxton [Source: CEN, 1987,
supplied by Mrs Julie Powter].
Trumpington Tornadoes hosted
visitors from Heidelberg: Mario,
Heidelberg’s manager’s son, with
Tornadoes player, Darren Wood,
and his sister in Cambridge. April
1982 [Source: supplied by Mrs Carol
Trumpington Tornadoes players and
family members included in the
group on the trip to Heidelberg,
1983. [Source: supplied by Clare
Ryan née Howlett]
The local annual event of the five-a-side tournament was still remembered by many residents in
2019. Teams travelled from across Cambridgeshire to attend this competition, involving teams
covering a wide range of ages. Good organisation and preparation was essential. This five-a-side
tournament was later held at Fawcett School playing field in the 1990s. The annual tournament
assisted with fund raising as did an occasional raffle stall in front of the Anstey Way crescent of
shops. Dances and jumble sales were held in the Village Hall. At home matches teas, soft drinks
and cakes were served – provided by the “mums, friends and nans”. Any food was welcomed,
which was available in the Pavilion at a low cost. Refreshments were also provided in the
Pavilion at the five-a-side tournament and a raffle was held. Neville Haylock established bingo
sessions in the Village Hall as a money raising venture in 1978. This regular Trumpington
Tornadoes Bingo Club proved to be very successful, attracting up to 100 players per session,
and it continued weekly on Fridays. It was still active in 2008 [Source: Exhibition,Trumpington
Village Hall. Centenary Celebration, October 2008]. Terry Andrew was a key organiser.
Sponsorship also assisted the funding of the club. An example of sponsorship was the provision
of track suits and kit for the u13s in 1992-1993. These were given by the Lamont family, who
lived in Trumpington: their son was a team member and they ran the La Margherita Restaurant,
Magdalene Street, Cambridge. Sheila Betts, whose son was team goalie, designed the logo of the
Margherita daisy for their kit.

Trumpington Tornadoes gave encouragement and opportunities to young players to improve
their skills and nurture talent, for example two youngsters, Daren Haylock (11) and Justine
Pearson (12) picked up top coaching awards at the Bobby Moore Soccer School in Brighton.
Girls were allowed by Football Association rules to play in mixed teams up to the age of 14.
Three girls were mentioned in conversations about Trumpington Tornadoes: Trudie Mahoney,
Samantha Griggs and Shelley Rae. Trudie had three older brothers, Mark, Shaun and Jamie – all
were members of the football club. She was a brilliant player but could only play in friendly
matches, 5-a-sides and competitions. On the pitch, the boys regarded her as just one of them and
the Tornadoes’ committee made Trudie an honorary member of the club. She also played for
Pye Ladies Football Club and went on to play for some London teams. Shelley switched to
rugby union and represented England at the 2002 and 2006 Women's Rugby World Cup. The
boys were able to move up through the Colts League to the under 16/18 teams and then transfer
to men’s teams. An example of such a player was Steve Holden. He joined the Tornadoes as a
ten year old and at the age of 17 was an apprentice at Leicester City [Source: CEN, Wednesday
25 April 1990, p.29]. The last Trumpington Tornadoes team to be entered in the Colts League
was probably the under-15 team which played in the 2000-2001 season. However, from the
1990s, there was a Trumpington Tornadoes team entered in the men’s Cambridge and District
Sunday League. The club continued in the Sunday League until the 2011-2012 season. It then
ceased its affiliation with the Cambridgeshire Football Association, ending Trumpington
Tornadoes’s membership period of forty years. A group of team members played together in
various other competitions during the period 2000-2014, including a very successful series of
games in the Cambridge 5-a-Side Football League and the Cambridge Fans United/Kelsey
Kerridge Sports Centre Christmas 5-a-Side Football Tournament.

While gathering information for this history the researcher became aware of the strong
community involvement in the establishment of the Trumpington Tornadoes football club and
the significance it played in the lives of many families. A feeling of fondness for the club was
expressed by many contributors, who offered phrases such as “Very happy days and fond
memories” [Mrs Julie Powter née Lander]; “Getting the club off the ground were the good years
and I am glad I was part of it” [Mrs Dianne Mahoney]; “[Colin Howlett] loved coaching the
team” [Clare Ryan née Howlett]; and “Can remember driving my team to away games between
1988 and 1993. One memorable trip to Duxford, we were almost there when a small voice from
the back seat said “I’ve forgotten my boots”, quick drop off and run back to Trumpington,
happy days” [George Bentley].
Trumpington Tornadoes
Membership Card and Club Rules.
[Source: supplied by Mrs Dianne
Jamie Mahoney playing on King
George V playing field, 1973.
[Source: supplied by Mrs Dianne
Tom Davison and Terry Andrew –
Christmas Raffle Draw in Anstey
Way, 1990s [Source: supplied by
Mrs Sheila Betts]
Annual 5-a-side tournaments on
King George V playing field. This
team included Justin Pearson and
Daren Haylock, c. 1982. [Source:
supplied by Mrs V. Pearson]
Training at Fawcett - players
wearing sponsored track suits and kit
with La Margherita logo [Source:
supplied by Mrs Sheila Betts]
u13s/u14s in La Margherita kit
(blue) at Fawcett School – games
were held at Fawcett School grounds
if the men’s team had a match on
King George V playing field.
[Source: supplied by Mrs Sheila
Trudie Mahoney and 5-a-side team
members, with team manager,
Robert Cuthbert, and Trudie in
action. [Source: supplied by Mrs
Dianne Mahoney]
The following list of teams is the result of a dip into the Cambridge Evening News to find
Trumpington Tornadoes team activity through the years in the Colts League. Items, supplied by
kind contributors or found during research, have been entered within the season dates to give a
flavour of the young players and their games. (The list is open to additions as further information
becomes available):

Cambridge and District Colts Football League
1973 -1974 Season
[Source: CEN, Monday 29 October 1973, p.19; CEN, Monday 18 March 1974, p.15]
u13 League Cup Final -  Sawston Rovers 0  Trumpington Tornadoes 1
Cambridge and District Colts Football League, programme for
u13 League Cup Final, 1974. [Source: supplied by Phil Reed]
u13 League Cup Final - pre-match
photograph of the team plus 2
‘mascot’ younger brothers of
players. Standing: coach, Martin
Brown, David Haynes, Ian Timms,
Lawrence Jebb, Raymond Woods,
Robert Cuthbert, Robert Kennard,
Clive Trulon, Christopher Andrew,
manager, Neville Haylock; sitting:
John Tibbetts, Ken Smith, Jamie
Mahoney, Gary Haylock, 2 mascots,
Phil Reed, David Cox [Source:
supplied by Mrs Anna Smith]
u13 League Cup Final, captain, Phil
Reed, at kick off. [Source: supplied
by Phil Reed]
Action during u13 match at
Cambridge City Football Club.
[Source: supplied by Phil Reed]
Phil Reed scoring the winning goal at
Cambridge City F.C. [Source:
supplied by Phil Reed]
u13 winners of the final at
Cambridge City F.C. [Source:
supplied by Mrs Anna Smith]
“Reed winner for Tornadoes.
A crowd of nearly 400 at Cambridge City FC’s ground yesterday afternoon saw Trumpington
Tornadoes beat league champions Sawston Rovers Colts, by the only goal for the game, to win
the Cambridge and District Colts Under-13 League Cup. Sawston had the early pressure but the
Tornadoes soon got into the game. Only good work by both keepers prevented any score before
the interval. After half-time Trumpington took a firm grip in midfield and the Sawston defence,
particularly after the injury of centre-half Dockerill, looked vulnerable to attacks down the left. It
was such a move by Timms, Mahoney and Reed that gave Reed the chance to drive into the top
right hand corner of the net, leaving goalkeeper Gamble no hope. It was only the skill and
courage of Gamble, particularly when Reed broke through again, that prevented Trumpington
turning their second half dominance into more goals.” [Source: CEN, 18 March 1974, p. 16,
supplied by Mrs Anna Smith].

The cup was presented to Trumpington Tornadoes by the professional footballer, Martin Peters
of Tottenham Hotspurs, a member of the England team which won the 1966 FIFA World Cup.
Martin Peters, Tottenham Hotspurs,
at the Trumpington Tornadoes
match. [Source: supplied by Mrs
Dianne Mahoney]
u13 Colts League Cup winning team:
Martin Brown (coach), standing on
left beside ?, Robert Cuthbert, Clive
Teulon, Ian Timms, David Haynes,
?, ?; sitting from the left Phil Reed,
?, Kenneth Smith, Mr Neville
Haylock (manager), Gary Haylock,
Jamie Mahoney, ? [Source: supplied
by Robert Cuthbert and Mrs Dianne
1974 – 1975 Season
2 x u13, u14
[Source: CEN, Monday 24 March 1975, p15]

1975 – 1976 Season
u13, u14, u16
[Source: CEN, Monday 1 March 1976, p.14; CEN, Monday 8 March 1976, p.14]
A five-a-side football treble. Three
happy captains hold aloft their
trophies after yesterday’s
‘Cambridge Evening News’ five-a-
side soccer tournament, held for the
first time at Kelsey Kerridge Sports
Hall, Cambridge. Almost 500 boys
took part in the 12-hour tournament.
The winning captains (from left to
right) are Stephen Geoghegan, of the
under-14s winners, Hormead Hares;
Gary Haylock, of under-13 winners,
Trumpington Tornadoes; and Jon
Nethercott, of under-16 winners,
Griffin Colts. [Source: CEN, 2
January 1976.]
Trumpington Tornadoes with the
under-13 cup held by Trudie
Mahoney, the only girl in the
competition. With her, (left to right),
Tim Holmes, Gary Haylock, Ken
Smith, Andy Caudwell and Laurence
Cullen. Manager, Neville Haylock
[Source: Mrs Anna Smith]
‘News’ fives open 1976 in style. The Cambridge Evening News gave nearly 500 schoolboy
footballers – and many more parents and supporters – a rousing start to the New Year with their
highly successful five-a-side soccer tournament at the Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall, Cambridge,
yesterday. Immaculately organised by the Cambridge and District Colts League, the tournament
raced through its hectic 77-match 12-hour schedule to produce champions in three different age
groups. Two of the trophies went to the Royston and District League, Griffin Colts winning the
under-16 section and Hormead Hares the under-14, with Trumpington Tornadoes, of the
Cambridge and District Colts League, taking the under-13 cup. But for the winners and losers
alike, there was a bonus from Mr A.J.H. Durham, of Cambridge Newspapers Ltd, who said he
was sure the tournament could be staged annually. Presenting the under-13 trophies and medals,
he told the packed galleries the tournament could well become a major annual event on the local
sporting calendar. The tremendous interest and healthy competition it provided for so many boys
was surely for the good of Cambridgeshire and for the new Sports hall in helping to make full
use of its facilities he said. The news was welcomed by Colts League and Sports Hall officials,
who are keen to stage a repeat next year. In fact, Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall, with its
opportunity of regular training facilities, could be a key factor in helping the Colts Leagues’
attempts to win back the two trophies that went to Royston. The under-16 section was
dominated by Buntingford-based Griffin Colts, who gave a lesson in five-a-side skills built up in
weekly training sessions at Sainsbury’s gymnasium. They scored 28 goals in four games to reach
the final, always keeping their shots hard and low, covering each other as they swopped
positions, and using the surrounding walls to effective advantage. But the final was no walkover
for the Royston and District under-16 league leaders. Cambridge Hornets, of the Colts League,
held them to 1-1 at half-time, pulled back to 3-2 after conceding two quick goals to Mark
Debnam, and so nearly made up for their lack of experience and weight. Griffin Colts manager,
Fred Oram, admitted: “They made us sweat. They played it very tight and almost pulled it off.”
For Griffin this could be one of the club’s last titles – they meet soon to decide whether to carry
on for a third season, and will do so only if a suitable under-17 or under-18 league can be found.
Andy Fenn, a highly skilled Spurs youth player, scored their other goal, while Richard Saunders
scored two for Hornets, who had boys travelling from St. Neots, Bottisham and Sawston to play
for them and have most of their players still available for the under-16 section next season. It
was quite a New Year’s Day for Debnam family for Paul Debnam, cousin of Griffin’s two-goal
Mark, was the star of Hormead Hares’ 6-2 win over Needingworth in the under-14 final. Also
from the Buntingford area, Hormead showed the teamwork of a side who have been together for
five years to win a final that was almost an anti-climax after their thrilling 5-3 semi-final win over
Cambridge Musketeers. For Hormead, Debnam hit two final goals with a lethal left foot, the
others coming from Yusuf Falk (2), substitute Martin Beaver and skipper Steve Geoghegan.
Mark McGuigan and Nick Robinson scored for Needingworth, a team composed entirely of St
Ivo schoolboys. Trumpington pulled off their biggest prize since forming three years when they
successfully battled through five rounds to take the under-13 trophy. They looked a classy, well
disciplined side throughout and scored 18 goals to prove it. But Cambridge crusaders provided
them with a tough final. It was a superb match, full of fast constructive exchanges with
Trumpington always holding the upper hand after establishing a 2-0 lead. Crusaders pulled it
back to 3-2 before their Colts League rivals clinched the trophy with a further score and 4-2
result. The champion marksmen were Laurence Cullum, Gary Haylock, Trudie Mahoney and
Andrew Caudwell. Peter Lindsay and Ian Brown scored for Crusaders. Team manager, Neville
Haylock, who is also president of the Cambridge Colts League, said he was particularly pleased
for his lads whose enthusiasm and interest had taken them to all three coaching sessions held at
the Sports Hall by the County FA on the three days preceding the tournament. The whole
tournament was ably controlled by just seven referees – Stuart Allen, Malcolm Pick, Keith
Craney, Derek Potter, John Coston, Derek Croxall and Philip Hill. Presentations were made by
Mr Durham, to the under-13, Charles Phillips, bursar of Christ’s College and chairman of the
Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall Trust, to the under-14s, and Neville Haylock, president of the Colts
League, to the under-16s. [Source: CEN, Friday 2 January 1976, p1, p.5, p30]

Soccer boys face Trudie trouble… When 12-year-old girl goal-grabber Trudie Mahoney joins the
boys of Trumpington Tornadoes football team, opposing sides see red. But when the Tornadoes
met the all-boy side called Crusaders for an invitation cup-tie on Cambridge’s Vinery Road
Recreation Ground this week, the Crusaders’ manager, Mr Gerry Holdsworth, went to unusual
lengths to try to stop Trudie playing. When the match was about to start, Mr Holdsworth, of 136
Coleridge Road, ran on to the pitch to protest… and was promptly sent off by the referee, Mr
Dennis Jacklin. Said Mr Holdsworth: “My feeling is that my boys are too polite to tackle a girl
properly. Trudie is a fine young player and, if you hold back off her, she will take advantage and
stick the ball in the back of the net.” But in defence of her football-mad daughter, Mrs Dianne
Mahoney said yesterday: “Mr Holdsworth is being absolutely unreasonable and I think showing
his temper at Monday’s game was wrong in front of these children.” As for Trudie, a pupil of
Netherhall School, she has lost count of the number of goals she has scored this season. [Source:
CEN, 1976, supplied by Mrs Anna Smith].

Cambridge City Council Six-a-Side Tournament, Pye Sports Ground
Trudie Mahoney, Trumpington Tornadoes’ girl player, scored for them in the under-13 final, but
her side went down 3-1 to Cambridge Musketeers [Source: CEN, 1976, supplied by Mrs Julie

1976 – 1977 Season
u13, u14, u15
[Source: CEN, Monday 4 October 1976, p.14, CEN, Monday 18 October 1976, p15]

1977 – 1978 Season
u13, u14
[Source: CEN, Monday 3 October 1977, p.10; CEN, Monday 6 March 1978, p.15; CEN,
Monday 10 April 1978, p.15]
u13 League Cup Final -  Trumpington Tornadoes 4  Sutton United 1

Tornadoes confirmed their superiority at under-13 level when their A side beat their B team with
a Paul Scott goal. The two teams were made up from the club’s first side who have won the
Colts under-13 title and play in the finals of the two cup competitions. [Source: CEN, 1978]
Under-13 winners League Cup
Final. Trumpington Tornadoes (left
to right): Anthony Shipp, Kenny
Smith, Paul Scott, Ewan McCabe,
Kelvin Lee, Andrew Caudwell, Leon
Feinstein [Source: CEN, 1978,
supplied by Mrs Anna Smith].
1978 – 1979 Season
u14, u15
[Source: CEN, Monday 5 March 1979, p15; CEN, Monday 12 March 1979, p.15; CEN,  
Monday 2 April 1979, p.13; CEN, Monday 9 April 1979, p.13; CEN, Monday 23 April 1979, p.
u14 League Cup Final -  Trumpington Tornadoes 5  Fordham Hammers 0
u14 Knockout Cup Final -  Arbury Rangers 1  Trumpington Tornadoes 5
u14 East Anglian Sunday Youth Cup Final -  Trumpington Tornadoes 3 Clacton United 3 (aet)

East Anglian Sunday Youth inter-League Cup, quarter-final
“The under-14 representative side had East Anglian success last week, beating a strong
Colchester League side to qualify for the semi-finals of their competition. Again the wind played
a big part but that did not deter the Cambridge lads as they went ahead after 15 minutes when
Ken Smith headed home following a free-kick outside the area. The hosts equalised before the
interval, and the scoreline remained level until 20 minutes from the end when a brilliant run by
full back Fraser Confrey allowed Smith to score a second, and minutes later Budgie Fordham put
the result beyond doubt. Goalkeeper Tony Shipp had a fine game and his secure handling in the
blustery conditions played a large part in the Cambridge victory.” [Source: CEN, March 1979,
supplied by Mrs Anna Smith].

East Anglia Sunday Youth Football Competition 1978/79. Lord Sainsbury Cup, Under 14 Final.
To be played at the Sainsbury Ground, Buntingford, Herts, on Sunday April 1st, 1979, Kick-off
3.15pm. Clacton United (Essex) versus Trumpington Tornadoes (Cambs).
Trumpington Tornadoes, Secretary: T.H. Davison; Manager: A. Caudwell; Colours: Blue/Black
shirt, Black shorts, Black hose. Team from: Anthony Shipp (14yr 7 m), Kelvin Lee (14yr 2m),
Kevin Loveridge (14yr 3m), Stephen Gawthrop (14yr 5m), Paul Harrow (14yr 6m), Paul Scott
(13yr 11m), Martin Bentley (13yr 6m), Jim Sharp (14yr 6m), Andrew Caudwell (14yr 6m),
Ewan McCabe (14yr 6m), Kenneth Smith (14yr 7m), Stephen Lander (13yr 11m), Kevin Flynn
(13yr 8m), Paul Pleasance (14yr 1m), Paul Bernal (14yr 3m), Michael Pearl (13yr 11m),
Jonathan Code (13yr 10m). [Source: Match programme, supplied by Mrs Anna Smith].

“Anglian Cup double. The two Cambridge Colts League sides who had fought through to East
Anglian Sunday Youth cup finals carried off their respective trophies at Buntingford on Sunday.
In the under-16 final Cambridge Crusaders edged in by 1-0 against Panshanger Whites (Welwyn
Garden City) …
There was certainly no lack of goals or excitement in the under-14 final in which Trumpington
Tornadoes beat Clacton United 5-3 after extra time. Tornadoes went ahead through an own goal,
but Clacton scored twice to lead at half-time. Ken Smith scored an equaliser for Tornadoes to
send the match into extra time. Smith again put them only to see Clacton draw level within
seconds. Diminutive winger Martin Bentley, who had nearly run himself to a standstill, managed
to find reserve of energy to score two well taken goals in the second period of extra time to give
Tornadoes a well deserved victory. [Source: CEN, 30 March 1979, supplied by Mrs Anna

“Cambridge & District Colts Football League. League Cup Finals. [1979] Under-14. The Hunts
Fordham v. Trumpington Tornadoes. Manager: A. Caudwell, Colours: Blue/Black.
Team selected from: Goal Keeper: Anthony Shipp; Defenders: Kelvin Lee, Stephen Lander, Paul
Scott, Stephen Gawthrop; Midfield: Paul Harrow, Martin Bentley, Jim Sharp; Forwards: Andrew
Caudwell, Ewan McCabe, Kenneth Smith; Subs: Kevin Flynn, Michael Pearl, Kevin Loveridge.
The Trophies will be presented by the President of the Cambridge & District Colts Football
League – Mr Neville Haylock. We would like to thank the Management of Cambridge City
Football Club for allowing us the use of their facilities.” [Source: Match programme, supplied by
Mrs Anna Smith].

“In the following under-14 League Cup final, East Anglian champions, Trumpington Tornadoes,
captured their second trophy in a week with a 5-0 win over Fordham Hammers. The result never
looked in doubt for Tornadoes, who led by two Ken Smith goals at the interval, and they added
three more later in the game through Andy Caudwell, Smith who completed his hat trick, and
Ewan McCabe.” [Source: CEN, 1979, supplied by Mrs Anna Smith].

“Caudwell comes. Trumpington Tornadoes’ successful under-14 side captured their third trophy
of the season last Sunday, beating Arbury Rangers 5-1 in the Cambridge and District Colts
League KO Cup final. Tornadoes, who had already won the East Anglian Sunday Youth Cup
and the League Cup, took an early lead through Andy Caudwell and Ewan McCabe grabbed
another two before the interval. Arbury came back strongly in the second period and after hitting
the bar with successive shots Steve Townsend netted at the third attempt. Tornadoes put the
results beyond with two late goals, Caudwell completing his hat-trick.” [Source: CEN, 1979,
supplied by Mrs Anne Smith].

1979 – 1980 Season
u12, u13, u15, u16
[Source: CEN, Monday 3 March 1980, p.15; CEN, Monday 31 March 1980, p.15; CEN, Friday
11 April 1980, p.29; CEN, Monday 14 April 1980, p.15; CEN, Monday 7 July 2003, p.15;
CEN, Monday 14 July 2003, pp 20-21]
u15 League Cup Final -  Trumpington Tornadoes 5  Arbury Rangers 1 - at Cambridge City FC,
Milton Road, Cambridge
u15 League Knock Out Final – Trumpington Tornadoes v. Sutton Colts – at Cambridge City
Football Club

Cambridge & District Colts Football League. League Cup Finals. Under Fifteen. The C.E.N.
Cup. Arbury Rangers v. Trumpington Tornadoes. Manager: Alan Caudwell; Colours:
Blue/Black. Team selected from: Anthony Shipp, Kelvin Lee, Kevin Loveridge, Paul Harrow,
Steven Gawthrop, Paul Scott, Ewan McCabe, Gary Ball, Andrew Caudwell, Jim Sharp, Kenneth
Smith, Steven Lander, Kevin Flynn, Adrian Spicer, Paul Abrams.
The Trophies will be presented by the President of the Cambridge Colts League – Mr Neville
Haylock. We would like to thank the Management of Cambridge City Football Club for allowing
us the use of their facilities. [Source: Match programme, supplied by Mrs Anna Smith].

Cambridge & District Colts Football League. Knock Out Cup Finals. Under 15. The West Cup.
Sutton Colts v. Trumpington Tornadoes. Manager: Alan Caudwell; Colours: Blue/Black. Team
selected from: Anthony Shipp, Kelvin Lee, Kevin Loveridge, Paul Harrow, Steven Gawthrop,
Paul Scott, Ewan McCabe, Gary Ball, Andrew Caudwell, Jim Sharp, Kenneth Smith, Steven
Lander, Kevin Flynn, Adrian Spicer, Paul Abrams.
Once again we would like to take this opportunity to thank the Management of Cambridge City
Football Club for allowing us the use of their facilities. [Source: Match programme, supplied by
Mrs Anna Smith].
Who won the cup: these young lads
were one of the winning sides in the
Cambridgeshire Colts League in
1980 - but do you know which age
group? And are you in the picture?
[Source: CEN, Monday 7 July 2003,
p.15, supplied by Mrs Anna Smith.]
Footy mystery resolved. The riddle
of last week’s mystery photograph
featuring a young soccer team in
Cambridge has been solved.
[Source: CEN, Monday 14 July
2003, pp 20-21. Item supplied by
Mrs Anna Smith via Robert
We asked readers to tell us who the team were and several people contacted us to say the team
featured winning a Cambridgeshire Colts League trophy in 1980 was the Trumpington
Tornadoes, who played together from under-13s to under-15s. Reader Andy Phillips, of Over,
said: “I think the occasion was them winning the under-14s or 15s Cup.” Ann Scott of Sawston
said: “They were a very successful side and won many cups. They were managed by Alan
Caudwell, who was very good. The boy holding the cup is my son, Paul Scott, and the other
team members were Steve Lander, Kevin Flynn, Tony Shipp, Gary Ball, Jim Sharp, [Kenneth]
Smith, Kevin Loveridge, Ewan McCabe, Paul Harrow, Andy Caudwell, Kelvin Lee, and Steve
Gawthrop.” [Source: CEN, Monday 14 April 1980, p.15; CEN, Monday 14 July 2003, pp 20-
21. Item supplied by Mrs Anna Smith via Robert Cuthbert]

East Anglian Inter-League Competition 1979-80.  Semi-Final 16 March 1980.
Under 15. Suffolk & Essex Sunday Youth Football Combination v. Cambridge & District Colts
Football League. Team members for the Colts selected from : Anthony Shipp (Trumpington
Tornadoes), John Gautrey (Phoenix), Kelvin Lee (Trumpington Tornadoes), Paul Harrow
(Trumpington Tornadoes), Andrew Whyatt (Manorians), Allen Theobald (Manorians), Stephen
Townsend (Arbury), Ewan McCabe (Trumpington Tornadoes), Andrew Caudwell (Trumpington
Tornadoes), Jim Sharp (Trumpington Tornadoes), Ken Smith (Trumpington Tornadoes)
Substitutes: Graham Lane (Sutton Utd.), Conroy Crowe (Manorians), Paul Scott (Trumpington
Tornadoes), Frazer Confrey (Manorians, Adrian Spicer (Trumpington Tornadoes). [Source:
Match programme, supplied by Mrs Anna Smith].

1980 – 1981 Season
u11, u12, u13, u14
[Source: CEN, Monday 2 March 1981, p.15; CEN, Monday 9 March 1981, p.15; CEN,
Monday 30 March 1981, p.15; CEN, Monday 6 April 1981, p.15; CEN, Monday 13 April 1981,
u12 League Cup Semi-final – Cheveley Road 3  Trumpington Tornadoes 2
u13 League Cup Final – Trumpington Tornadoes 0  Priory Parkside 6
u14 Royston & District League -  Trumpington Tornadoes 8 Thundridge 0
u14 Royston & District League – Trumpington Tornadoes 5  Dunton 2

In the under-12 League Cup semi-finals Cheveley Road knocked out Trumpington Tornadoes
with a 3-2 home win. Cheveley centre-forward Whittleton scored the first goal from a Kevin
Rogers cross, but Justin Pearson quickly replied for Trumpington. After misses at both ends,
Whittleton raced through to give Cheveley the lead again only for Pearson to make it 2-2 at the
break. In the second period, with Mark Doyle having an impressive game in defence, the
Tornadoes forwards were blunted and it was left for a Kevin Rogers 25-yard scorcher to win the
game for the Newmarket side. [Source: CEN, 1981, supplied by Mrs V. Pearson].
Back row: (left to right) Manager
Tom Davison and far right goal
keeper, Nick Sutcliffe
front row: second from right, Daren
Haylock. Possibly u12 team c1981.
[Source: supplied by Mrs V.
u13 team played in League Cup
Final. Back row: (left to right) ?,
Ricky Durose, Hamish Finlayson,
Danny Grainger, Ian Howlett,
Andrew Clitheroe, Matt Alcock?,
Robert Ison; front row, Steven
Moir, Mark Locks, Anthony Rudd,
Tim Miller, Kevin Ablett?, Steven
Murray [Source: supplied by Mrs
Clare Ryan née Howlett]
1981 – 1982 Season
u11, u12, u13, u14, u15
[Source: CEN, Monday 5 October 1981, p.15; CEN, Monday 12 October 1981, p.15; CEN,
Monday 19 October 1981, p.15; CEN, Wednesday 3 March 1982, p.19; CEN, Wednesday 14
April 1982, p.22; CEN, Wednesday 21 April 1982, p.23]
u13 Trumpington Tornadoes 2  SV Vilt, Netherlands, 1 and
Trumpington Tornadoes 1 Merefeldia, Netherlands, 0

Tornadoes hit Dutch double. Trumpington Tornadoes made a successful trip to Holland over the
holiday with their under-13 side winning both tour games. Kevin Ablett and Daren Haylock
scored in a 2-1 victory over SV Vilt and Haylock grabbed the only goal against Merefeldia. … In
the under-14 knock-out cup quarter-final Musketeers trounced Trumpington Tornadoes 9-1.
Paul Shadrack burst through a hesitant defence to lash a spectacular shot into the top corner of
the net and from then on Musketeers were unstoppable. Goalkeeper, Joey Upton, who had an
uncomfortable opening spell, was hardly troubled again until Ian Howlett caught him out late in
the game with a well judged long range job. Shadrack looked particularly sharp, scoring four
times and striking partner Ray Missen finished with five. [Source: CEN, 14 April 1982, p.22].
Trip to Valkenburg, u13 team
including Daren Haylock, Stephen
Melbourne, Nick Harris and Nick
Sutcliffe. [Source: supplied by Mrs
Joan Haylock]
Trip to Valkenburg, u13 team incl.
Daren Haylock, Trevor Goodchild
and Kevin Ablett. [Source: supplied
by Mrs Joan Haylock]
In the under-13 League Cup third round, Lt Downham Eagles emerged 7-5 victors over
Trumpington Tornadoes. Eagles, with the wind and the slope to their advantage, built up the 5-0
interval, but the second period brought a great rally by the visitors, who had a goal disallowed at
6-5. Scorers for Eagles: Melvin Pryer 4, Julian Drewett 2, and Peter Baker.
James Keeble, Justin Pearson, Daren Haylock, and Ian Knights scored for Trumpington.
[Source: CEN, 3 March 1982, p.19, supplied by Mrs V. Pearson].

In the under-13 divisions there were two more top clashes – between Trumpington Tornadoes
and Lt Downham in division B and Cambridge Crusaders v Cheveley Road in division A.
Tornadoes gained revenge for their defeat at Downham in September this time winning a thriller
3-2. Ian Knight and an own goal gave them a two goal advantage but Eagles pulled one back
before the interval. Tornadoes went further ahead with a James Keeble goal but Melvin Pryer
reduced the arrears and it was an exciting finish with Eagles pressing for the equaliser. …  
[Source: CEN, 21 April 1982, p.23, supplied by Mrs V. Pearson].

Trumpington Tornadoes under-13s twice previously involved in close encounters with City
Kestrels, romped home 7-2 winners. Tony Rudd and Matthew Allcock got three each and Kevin
Ablett the other, while Pat Chalklin and Mike Gilroy replied for Kestrels [Source: CEN 1981,
supplied by Mrs Anna Smith].

It was cup day for most in the Cambridge and District Colts League last Sunday. There was a
shock for Howard Mallet who, playing at home, lost an action-packed second round League Cup
game 5-4 to Trumpington Tornadoes. The visitors dominated the opening exchanges and were
two up after 11 minutes. Mallet pulled one back through Tony Polito but Daren Haylack
completed his hat-trick to maintain the margin. Just before the interval, Polito converted a
penalty awarded for hands to make it 3-2. The second half was full of exciting end-to-end
football. Ian Knight’s pressure up front led to Haylock getting a fourth and then the home team
made a great fight back with goals by Jonathon Heavens and Graham Fowler forcing extra time.
Mark Jarrold hit the bar for Tornadoes and there were misses at both ends before Justin Pearson
turned in Haylock’s cross for the winner [Source: CEN, supplied by Mrs V. Pearson].

Taking the town by storm. Cambridgeshire under-12 colts went to town at Huntingdon on
Sunday, slamming their Huntingdonshire hosts 9-1. Chris Shambrook opened the scoring and
went on to shoot a hat-trick for them, Cambridgeshire sweeping into a 6-0 half-time lead. Daren
Haylock, Paul Godfrey, Tim Rapley, Shaun Taylor, Stewart Coleman and Peter Brigden got the
other goals. … Trumpington are on course for the 13B title after beating Priory Parkside 4-3 at
St. Neots, their goals coming from Ian Knights, Justin Pearson and daren Haylock, plus an own
goal, Stephen McKnight (2) and Kevin Dawson replied for Priory. … Trumpington under-14s
finished their season with a 5-4 win at Sutton, Kevin Ablett notching a hat-trick while Adrian
Emson netted another hat-trick for Sutton. [Source: CEN, Wednesday 28 April 1982, p.18].

Cambridge and District Colts League representative side… Melvin Pryer opened the scoring for
the under-13s. Another good move involving Jason Cowling and Kevin Rogers ended with
Steven White chipping the ball over the goal-keeper. Then a free kick by White was brilliantly
headed home by Rogers. Colts were now totally in command and Rogers cracked home the
fourth. Glynn Stocker in the Huntingdon goal played very well and kept out a number of
goalworthy efforts. Colts team: Melvin Pryer, Kevin Rogers, Simon Jarvis, Justin Pearson, Niel
Ellum, Steve Ridyard, Mark Payne, Steven Turney, Steven White, Tony Polito, Jason Cowling
[Source: CEN, supplied by Mrs V. Pearson].

Cambridge and District Colts League under-13 side have booked themselves a place in the final
of the East Anglian Sunday Youth Cup. They made it with a 2-0 win over Bedford at Pembroke
College, Steven Turner setting them on the way with a first after just three minutes. Just before
the break Kevin Rogers was unlucky to hit a post with a neat chip, but in the second period
Tony Polito wrapped it up with the second from a great pass by Melvin Pryer. Bedford had their
moments but a solid, all-round team performance saw the Colts through. Team: Jarvis, Ellum,
Keeble, Ridyard, Pearson, Turney, Polito, Lingham, Kelley, Pryer and Rogers (Sub. White)
[Source: CEN, supplied by Mrs V. Pearson].

“Two young Cambridgeshire footballers have picked up top coaching awards at the Bobby
Moore Soccer School in Brighton. They are Daren Haylock, 11, from Netherhall Comprehensive
School, and Justin Pearson, 12, from Sawston College. Both boys were given gold awards after
coming top of their groups, presented by Brighton chief scout, Jimmy Melia. The lads, who are
both keen to become professional players, were put through their paces by six qualified coaches
for six hours a day. [Source: CEN, [1982], supplied by Mrs V. Pearson].
Darren Wood holding the cup.
Manager - Peter. Possibly u12 team
c1982. [Source: supplied by Carol
Daren Haylock holding the 2 shields
and his father, Neville Haylock,
behind him. Manager - Tom
Davison. Possibly u13 team c1982.
[Source: supplied by Mrs. V.
1982 – 1983 Season
u11, u12, u13, u14, u15
[Source: CEN, Wednesday 6 October 1982, p.18; CEN, Wednesday 20 October 1982, p.22;
CEN, Monday 7 March 1983, p.25; CEN, Monday 21 March 1983, p17; CEN, Wednesday 4
May 1983, p.18; CEN, Monday 16 May 1983, p.17]
u11 Knockout Cup -  Trumpington Tornadoes 3  Cheveley Road 1
u14 Knockout Cup – Trumpington Tornadoes 1  Cambridge Crusaders 1 (aet) Cambridge
Crusaders won on penalties – both KO matches were at Cambridge United’s Abbey Stadium,
Newmarket Road, Cambridge, 1 May 1983
u14 League Cup Final -  Trumpington Tornadoes 0    Cambridge Crusaders 4 – played at Soham
Town Rangers FC, 15 May 1983
u14. EASY semi-final – Trumpington Tornadoes 5  Barrow Youth (Suffolk) 1

Tornado fightback brings down Eagles. Trumpington Tornadoes produced a whirlwind fightback
in Sunday’s windswept Cambridge and District Colts League under-14 cup match against Little
Downham Eagles. Trailing 3-1 at half-time, Trumpington stormed back with the wind to win 7-
3. Justin Pearson, their first-half scorer, completed his hat-trick to level the scores as James
Keeble and Ronnie Allaway drove the side on from midfield. Keeble put Trumpington ahead and
they swept on to success with further goals from Naivyl Sola (2) and Trevor Goodchild. [Source:
CEN, 1982, supplied by Mrs V. Pearson].

Colts like the taste of cup action. Trumpington Tornadoes and Cambridge Crusaders tore into
their East Anglian Cup ties on Sunday, both recording convincing wins. The Trumpington under-
14s won 5-1 at Southend Manor while Cambridge and District Colts League rivals Crusaders
won 3-0 at home to Raleigh boys. Tornadoes shook their opponents with two goals in the first
seven minutes from Justin Pearson. Southend tried to get back but good work by the visiting
defence, with Matthew Dickinson particularly impressive, kept Tornadoes 2-1 ahead at the
interval. David Jackson and Daren Haylock scored in the second half. …
In the under-15s, Trumpington beat Sutton 7-1 in the same division, with a good all-round team
performance. Centre backs Darren Jackson and Andrew Taylor played particularly well. Steve
Moir, Stephen Murray and Kevin Ablett hit two goals each and Jez Gray the other. Ian Oakes
scored Sutton’s consolation effort.[Source: CEN, 6 October 1982, p.18, supplied by Mrs V.

Trumpington Tornadoes keep flag flying. A team of Cambridge schoolboys became the latest
participants in the age-old soccer rivalry between England and West Germany. And the
Trumpington Tornadoes kept the flag flying at a tournament held in Cambridge’s twin city,
Heidelberg, coming away with two trophies for their efforts. The visit was part of an exchange
scheme which saw a group of German schoolboys come to Cambridge last year. “We had a
great time there – and what is more, managed to win all our matches.” Said the club’s secretary,
Mr Colin Howlett. The club took 26 boys from all over Cambridge on a week-long tour, and
they won a five-a-side tournament as well as a series of matches against local under-13 and
under-15 sides. [Source: CEN, 13 April 1983, p.14]
Team Manager David Cranmer with
the under-15 and under-13
Trumpington Tornadoes football
teams back from Heidelberg.  
[Source: CEN, 13 April 1983, p.14]
Tearaway Tornadoes. Trumpington Tornadoes blew aside Suffolk side Barrow Youth in the
East Anglian Sunday Youth cup. The Cambridge and District Colts League under-14s hammered
their visitors 5-1 to reach the final with a couple of goals apiece from Daren Haylock and James
Keeble, and a fifth from David Jackson. Tornadoes have to wait to know their final opponents.
In the other semi-final Cambridge Crusaders and Howard Mallett were locked in a 1-1 draw. …
Five goals from Russel Doel enabled Trumpington Tornadoes under-13s to beat Cottenham 8-0.
The others came from Fraser Mott, John McMenemy and Tim Fox after Charlie Murray and
Shaun Chapman had forged the way in midfield.  [Source: CEN, 1983, supplied by Mrs V.

Trumpington Tornadoes under-14s will now meet Cambridge Crusaders in both the League Cup
and Knockout cup finals. In their semi-final against Willingham Wolves they trailed for most of
the game to an Andy Lingham goal and survived a goalmouth scrimmage as Wolves hit the bar
and Ronnie Allaway knocked the rebound off his line. Tornadoes showed great resilience and
Justin Pearson curled in an equaliser with 10 minutes left and then hit the winner two minutes
later. Simon Topper had a good game in Wolves goal as tornadoes pressed hard in the second
period. Tornadoes under-11s are having a great season hitting Godspa with five good goals to put
them into the KO cup final. Stewart Brown, their leading scorer this season, got another hat-trick
with Nigel Plumb and Jonathan Neal getting the others. [Source: CEN, 1983, supplied by Mrs V.

Cup win marks the revival of Tornadoes. Hale the champions…Trumpington Tornadoes captain,
David Hale, holds the Cambridge and District Colts League under-11 knockout cup aloft – at the
climax of a remarkable revival. The Tornadoes’ 3-1 cup success over Newmarket opponents
Cheveley Road completed a league and cup double. Yet a year ago the Tornadoes were finishing
a season in which they won only one league game. This season they have slammed in 165 goals
against 12 and dropped only one point in 23 league games. The cup final triumph during the
Colts League finals day at the Abbey Stadium was launched by leading scorer Stuart Brown with
a goal in the first 30 seconds. Darren Eales equalised for a young Cheveley Road side, who
pushed hard to get in front for a time. Injuries to Darren Cousins and Brown forced
Trumpington to reshuffle, midfield player Cousins swapping with goalkeeper Neil Peachey while
Brown limped off in the closing stages. But Peachey added zest to midfield and Stewart Morley
and Nigel Plumb got the winning goals as Cheveley Road tired. That climaxed a tremendous
season under new joint managers Richard Gillies and Johnny Hale at Trumpington. The two
former County League combatants – Gillies played for Trumpington and Hale for Shelford –
have rebuilt the side from last season’s ashes. Hale’s son captains the side from midfield and
Gilles junior, Simon, is a member of the miserly back four, completed by representative side
player Johnny Neal, Colin Bradford, the son of former Cambridge United defender. David, and
Glen Dawson. … Crusaders under-14s beat Trumpington Tornadoes but only on a penalty shoot-
out after the sides finished all square at 1-1 after extra time. Liam Collins scored an own goal
after a Mickey Caine shot rebounded off the bar to put Crusaders in front. Determined attacking
by Tornadoes saw Justin Pearson equalise. Caine and Pat Chalkin impressed for the winners
while Ronnie Allaway and Matthew Dickinson shone for Tornadoes. The two sides must meet
again in the League Cup. [Source: CEN, 4 May 1983, p.18]
Hale the champions…Trumpington
Tornadoes captain, David Hale,
holds the Cambridge and District
Colts League under-11 knockout
cup aloft, May 1983. [Source: CEN,
4 May 1983, p.18]
Cambridge & District Colts Football League. Under-14 League Cup Final. The Hunts Cup.
Cambridge Crusaders v. Trumpington Tornadoes. Played at Soham. [Note from Cambridge
Crusaders’ Manager. We play Trumpington again in a second Cup Final inside three weeks, an
achievement which is a credit to both teams. Whoever lost the first encounter will be out for
revenge, and a keen tussle must be anticipated. I hope we have an exciting match, free from
injuries and something for both sets of supporters to shout about.] Tornadoes Manager: Tom
Davison; Colours: Red/Black. Team selected from: Goal Keeper: Nick Sutcliffe, Trevor
Goodchild; Defender: Liam Collins, David Jackson, Nick Harris, Mark Jarrold; Midfield: Ronnie
Alloway, James Keeble, Justin Pearson; Forward: Naivyl Sola, Daren Haylock, Matthew
Dickinson, Ian Knight. [Source: Match programme, supplied by Mrs Anna Smith]
u-14 team with Mr Neville Haylock
and Mr Tom Davison
Standing: Mark Jarrold, Robin
Whitmore, Jason Bishop, Danny ?,
Nick Sutcliffe, ?, ?; kneeling: Ronnie
Allaway, Nick Harris, Daren
Haylock, Justin Pearson, Naivyl
Sola, Stephen Melbourne, ? [Source:
TRA website]
Cambridge & District Colts Football League. Under-18 League Cup Final. The F Segrave Cup.
Fulbourn v. Sawston Enterprises. Sawston Team included former Tornadoes players: Kevin
Loveridge (attacking player), Kenny Smith (Skilful midfield player), and Steve Lander (Attacking
midfield player) and Martin Bentley (Very skilful and fast winger). [Source: Match programme,
supplied by Mrs Anna Smith] Sawston Enterprises 4 Fulbourn 0

Colts in Abbey finals repeat. The well-behaved players and supporters of Cambridge and District
Colts League soccer teams have won themselves a return to Abbey Stadium. Five finals will be
staged at the Cambridge United ground on May 1, a repeat of last year’s big end-of-season
event… [Source: CEN, April 1983, supplied by Mrs Anna Smith].

East Midlands Youth Combination. Cambridgeshire v. Suffolk, at Cambridge City F.C. on
Wednesday 4 May 1983, 7.30pm
Cambridgeshire (Blue). Cambridgeshire team included K. Smith (Sawston Enterprises, former
Trumpington Tornadoes) [Source: Match programme and Cambridgeshire Football Association
Certificate, supplied by Mrs Anna Smith]. Kenneth Smith later played for Trumpington Rovers,
Cherry Hinton and Cottenham]

1983 – 1984 Season
u11, u12, u13, u14, u15, u16
[Source: CEN, Monday 3 October 1983, p.17; CEN, Monday 2 April 1984, p19]
u12 League Knockout semi-final  Abington     Trumpington Tornadoes
u12 League Knockout final   Sawston v. Trumpington or Abington
u12 League Cup Final Trumpington 1  Abington 0 at Cambridge United Abbey Stadium
Cup winners. Tom Davison’s u11?
team, 1984? [Source: supplied by
Steve Bidwell]
Mystery photograph. Possibly c1984
[Source: supplied by Konrad Bidwell]
Youth Soccer. Trumpington beat PGL 4-2 … in the Cambridge and District under-15 league.
Trumpington never allowed PGL to play their fluent game and ran out convincing winners with
goals from Niavyl Sola, Paul Wilkins, Mark Simpson and Matthew Bird. … Sawston romped
through to the final of the under-12 KO cup with an 8-1 win over Priory in the semi-final. Mark
Shelford hit four with the rest coming from David Maskell, Charles Parnell, Julian Murray and
John Burkett. Their opponents are still unknown after Abington and Trumpington fought out a 0-
0 draw for the second week running [Source: CEN, 4 April 1984, p.30].

The league’s under-12 cup semi-final replay between Abington and Trumpington went to a
penalty shoot-out before Trumpington finally won through. The sides finished level at 1-1 after
extra time, Adrian Boyd scoring for Abington and Andrew Tolliday for Trumpington. … The
Cambridge and District Colts League under-15 side have won the East Anglian inter-league
competition by beating Harlow 6-1. Cambridge scored all seven goals, Giles Wheatley netting for
both teams. The others were put in by Neil Ellum (2), Pat Chalklin (2) and Justin Pearson
[Source: CEN, Wednesday 11 April 1984, p.22].

In the under-16 league Trumpington were able to field a full side for the first time in weeks – and
it paid off. They had a narrow 4-3 win over Slepe United. Stephen Murray celebrated with his
first hat-trick for four years. Steve Moir got the other goal [Source: CEN, Wednesday 18 April
1984, p.37].

Soccer Success. … Ciba-Geigy junior six-a-side championships at Coldhams Common,
Cambridge…. Trumpington Tornadoes had to go to penalties to beat Chesterton after a 2-2
under-16 draw. Trumpington team: Jason Johnson, Liam Collins, Sean White, Matthew Bird,
Paul Wilkin and Sean Pardon [Source: CEN, Wednesday 25 April 1984, p.26].

Spotlight on Colts soccer finals. … at Cambridge United’s Abbey Stadium. A first minute goal
from Stuart Brown proved the under-12 cup winner for Trumpington thanks to a miraculous late
save from Darren Cousins. Abington, inspired by Jonathan Saunders, were fighting desperately
for the equaliser when Cousins stopped a well taken free-kick from Ian Fish. … Cheveley Road
under-11 captain Jimmy Glen collected the league cup on the eve of leaving England [Source:
CEN, Wednesday 2 May 1984, p.27].

1984 – 1985 Season
u11, u12, u13, u14, u15, u16
[Source: CEN, Monday 1 October 1984, p.23; CEN, Monday 29 April 1985, p.23; CEN,
Monday 22 April 1985, p.21; CEN, Wednesday 24 April 1985, p.30; CEN, Wednesday 8 May
1985, p.22]
u11 Knockout Cup Final  – Trumpington 0 Sawston 2
u13 Knockout Cup Final  – Trumpington Tornadoes 3  Priory Parkside 0
u13 League Cup Final - Sawston 1  Trumpington Tornadoes 4
u16 League Cup Final – Howard Mallett 2  Trumpington Tornadoes 2 (aet) Trumpington won
on penalties

Colts Soccer:  …  Mallett tried to make it a double cup triumph in the under-16 final but
Trumpington had other ideas. In a tense and exciting clash, the match went into extra time. But
at the end of that the score still stood at 2-2 after Neil Ellum got both Mallett’s goals and Shaun
Pardon and Matthew Bird had netted for Trumpington. The final went to penalties and that was
where Trumpington goalkeeper, Paul Wilkins, turned up trumps. He saved three spot kicks while
another went wide. Although Trumpington missed one of theirs, the underdogs’ victory was a
formality. [Source: CEN, 24 April 1985, p.30].

Andrew Bears was the two-goal marksman who won the under-11 cup for Sawston. Although
Trumpington dominated the first half, prompted by Danny Brown, they failed to take their
chances and Sawston, inspired by David Barnes, gradually took control. Trumpington’s treble
bid is still on. Having won the under-13 League Cup the previous week they took on Priory in
the Hobbs Cup. And they were always in control. Stephen Holden and Nigel Plumb dominated
proceedings. Plumb scoring in the 3-0 victory. John Neal and Stuart Morley scored the other
two. [Source: CEN, 8 May 1985, p.22].
Champions ... Trumpington skipper
Stuart Brown holds the Hobbs Cup
aloft, surrounded by his teammates,
1985.[Source: CEN, 8 May 1985,
1985 – 1986 Season
u11, u12, u13, u14, u18
[Source: CEN, Monday 7 October 1985, p.21; CEN, Monday 14 October 1985, p.21; League
Cup Final match programme]
u11 League Cup Final – Chesterton Community 2  Trumpington Tornadoes 0
u11 League  Girton 1  Trumpington Tornadoes 2
u14a League champions
u14 League Cup Final – Cambridge Cavaliers 0  Trumpington  Tornadoes 2
u18 League runners up
u18 Knock Out Cup Final – Barrow 1  Trumpington Tornadoes 2

Cambridge & District Colts League.   Under Eleven. League Cup Final. The Rodney Slack
Trophy. Played at Bottisham Football Club. Chesterton Community v Trumpington Tornadoes
Trumpington Tornadoes. Manager: Mr D. Sutcliffe and Mr G. Shipp; Colours: Yellow/Black
Team selected: Goal Keeper Patrick Hamilton; Right Back Brenden Powter; Left Back Kevin
Fulcher; Right Half Jacob Culank; Centre Half Nicholas Bishop; Left Half Benjamin Mills; Right
Wing Angus Sutcliffe; Inside Right Lee Wood; Centre Forward Mark Shipp; Inside Left
Benjamin Wallman; Left Wing Simon Hale; Subs. Neil Coles, Stuart Hicshle, Adam Smith.  
“Trumpington Tornadoes joined the Colts League in 1974 and have five teams from U/11 to
U/18. The U/11 team has been together in its present form since August 1985. The boys have
made good progress during the season to reach the final of the League Cup. We have 15
members of the team, all having good discipline and dedication and all play in the true spirit of
the game. We have been very lucky to have three members, Patrick Hamilton, Brenden Powter
and Nicholas Bishop chosen for the County U/11 team. It is hoped that as far as possible the
U/11 team will stay together through to the U/18s.”
Joe Smith, who supplied this Colts League programme and who several years later joined the
Trumpington Tornadoes, was playing as a defender for the Chesterton Community team and the
Chesterton club was the winner of the match. The programme gave details of forthcoming Cup
Final matches to be played at Porson Road, which included:
Under 14 League Cup – Camb. Cavaliers v Trumpington
Under 18 Knock Out Cup – Trumpington v Barrow or Longstanton
[Source: Match programme, March/April 1985, supplied by Joe Smith]
Brenden Powter on King George V
playing field, c.1986 [Source:
supplied by Mrs Julie Powter]
Colts League. A goal in each half from Carl Hazelwood gave Chesterton the under-11 league cup
with a 2-0 victory over Trumpington [Source: CEN, Wednesday 9 April 1986, p.30].

Trumpington double up. Trumpington took the Cambridge and District Colts League honours
with a cup double at the “News” ground in Porson Road, Cambridge. Their under-14 team,
runaway leaders of the Division A table, beat B section leaders, Cambridge Cavaliers, 2-0 in the
League Cup Final. Paul Corday gave them the lead and John Neal clinched victory with a
cracking goal just before the end. Trumpington’s under-18 team upset league leaders, Barrow, in
the KO Cup Final. They scored twice in the second half before Barrow pulled one back through
Andy Goddard. Trumpington’s under-11 team kept up the winning streak with a 2-1 victory at
Girton. Goals from Ben Waldman and Mark Shipp outweighed Girton’s goal from Andrew
Crooks [Source: CEN, Wednesday 16 April 1986, p.30].

Colts Soccer Round-up. In the under-11 league matches Cottenham beat Trumpington 2-1
thanks to goals from Andy Smith and Jamie Sheppard. … Top team, Trumpington [under-14A]
look set to retain the championship after beating Manorians 3-0. Stuart Brown and Andrew
Jeffrey scored one each with the third coming from an own goal [Source: CEN, Wednesday 23
April 1986, p.30].

Colts Soccer. Cheveley Road had already clinched the under-11 championship but came down to
earth when Trumpington [7th in the u11 league] beat them 2-0 with goals from Mark Shipp and
Brenden Powter. … In the under-14 league Histon were beaten 6-0 by Trumpington and the
vital game between Sawston and Histon will decide who are runners-up to Trumpington [Source:
CEN, Wednesday 14 May 1986, p.27].
[Histon were the under-14 league runners-up [Source: CEN, Wednesday 21 May 1986, p.31]]

1986 – 1987 Season
u11, u12, u13, u14, u15
[Source: CEN, Monday 20 October 1986, p.21; CEN, Monday 23 March 1987, p.25; CEN,
Monday 6 April 1987, p.17]
u15 League Cup final – Linton 0  Trumpington Tornadoes 4
u15 Knockout Cup Semi-final – Histon 1  Trumpington Tornadoes 5
u15 Knockout Cup final – Priory Parkside, St. Neots  0  Trumpington Tornadoes 6

Boys dressed for action. Young Cambridge soccer players are all kitted out for a trip to the
Continent – thanks to a local coach firm. Trumpington Tornadoes under-12 team has been
sponsored by Millers Coaches of Foxton, who have bought the youngsters a super red, white and
blue strips and other kit. Now the junior footballers will be able to parade their new gear – as
well as their skills – on an Easter trip to West Germany. They are off to Heidelberg, Cambridge’
s twin town, as part of an exchange visit. Youngsters from Heidelberg’s SG Peterstar football
club came to Cambridge last year. The week-long visit gets underway on Easter Sunday, aboard
six coaches provided by Millers for the 300-strong Cambridge party.
Brenden Powter in the team photo,
2nd from the right. [Source: CEN,
1987, supplied by Mrs Julie Powter].
Trumpington treble. Free-scoring Stuart Brown and his Trumpington under-15 team-mates are
after more silver following a cup double on successive days this week. Tonight they take on
Sawston in a crucial Cambridge and District Colts League clash as they chase the championship
title to go with the league and knockout cups. They won the cups by eclipsing Linton 4-0 in the
league cup final and Priory Parkside, from St. Neots, 6-0 in the KO cup final, both played at
Histon. Brown scored twice in both games. Nigel Plumb and John Ashdjian helped shoot down
Linton, despite the defiant efforts of Brian Pearce and Martin Palmer. Ashdjian, who also got
two, Plumb and David Hale got the others against Priory [Source: CEN, Wednesday 6 May
1987, p.30].
In control. Stuart Brown
(Trumpington) shields the ball from
Priory's Chris Harman in the
under-15 KO cup final [Source:
CEN, Wednesday 6 May 1987,
1987 – 1988 Season
u11, u12, u14, u16
[Source: CEN, Monday 4 January 1988, p.12-13; CEN, Monday 7 March 1988, p.23; CEN,
Monday 18 April 1988, p.25; CEN, Monday 9 May 1988, p.27]
u14 CEN ‘Centenary Year’ 5-a-Side tournament final – Trumpington Tornadoes champions
u16 CEN ‘Centenary Year’ 5-a-Side tournament final – Trumpington Tornadoes runners-up
u16 League Cup Final – Trumpington Tornadoes 1  Woodston 0
u16/18 Canavamoor Trophy Semi-final  
Cambridge Musketeers u18  2   Trumpington Tornadoes u16  2  (aet)

Year comes in with a kick like a colt. The “News” kicked off its centenary year with a bumper
Colts five-a-side soccer festival at Cambridge’s Kelsey Kerridge sports hall. Mid Anglia’s top
young players contested the under-13, under-14 and under-16 championships, and they gave the
year a sparkling send-off with 451 goals in 85 matches, reports by Mike Finnis, pictures by Dick
Colin Vowden scored with the last kick of the day to climax an action-packed tournament – and
complete a personal clean sweep of “News” five-a-side soccer titles – at Cambridge’s Kelsey
Kerridge sports hall last night. The Sawston Enterprises centre-forward’s oh-so-timely goal left
arch-rivals Trumpington Tornadoes with no chance to hit back after they had twice led in the
under-16 final. Sawston collected their second trophy of the day – their under-13s also finished
champions – and a handy total of £200, from special “News” centenary year awards, towards
club funds. The under-16 final was a hard fought clash of sides dominant in the Cambridge and
District Colts League. Unbeaten Sawston hammered 22 goals in four games on the way to the
final, but found themselves up against it as Mark McTrusty shot Trumpington into a first half
lead. Goalkeeper Darren Cousins threatened to keep the Tornadoes in front with some fine
saves, topped by a brilliant full length dive to his left to keep out a scudding David Braybrooke
shot. But a sudden burst of goals in the second half made it 2-2: Stuart Griggs equalised,
McTrusty regained the lead and Braybrooke equalised again. A pulsating last couple of minutes
of end-to-end play boiled up to the final shot from Vowden, who finally escaped Steve Holden to
poke the winner in from close range. It was the last hurrah for Vowden, who shot Newmarket
side Cheveley Road to under-13 and under-14 triumphs in earlier years. A Cambridge United
youth player, he finished the day with eight goals. “It was a marvellous final” said Sawston
manager Brain Parnwell. The other finals featured five-goal hit shows from Trumpington under-
14 striker Adrian Cambridge and Sawston under-13 hot shot Darren Powley as their sides
overran their opponents. Trumpington stormed back from 2-0 down to a 9-2 trouncing of
surprise under-14 finalists Fen Ditton B. Who would have thought it as fen Ditton, semi-final
conquerors of Cambridge crusaders, swept into their two-goal lead? Adam Nash bulled through
for the first goal; Trumpington defender Ian Hills deflected the ball into his own net for the
second. But Hills buckled down to play a leading part in turning the game on its end. He
defended resourcefully and found time to get forward for a goal of his own. Two cousins from
Foxton, Adrian and Ian Cambridge, scored seven goals between them. Adrian going nap, and
Shane Smith maintained his record of scoring in every game. “We like to come from two
behind” joked manager Terry Flint, whose side are unbeaten Cambridge League leaders. But
Trumpington had found it much tougher going recovering from a similar deficit to pip Cambridge
Crusaders B 3-2 in a qualifying group match and rated the 1-0 victory over Manorians, also in
the qualifying group, as even harder. The under-13 champions, Sawston, also found it hardest
getting to the final. They had to go to penalties before beating off a spirited Chesterton challenge
in the semi-final. The diminutive Chesterton side were within 10 seconds of the day’s shock
result against much bigger opponents – until Powley popped up with yet another goal. “We have
to put gro-bags at the bottom of their beds at night. We are the smallest team in the league”
observed Chesterton manager John Boyle. The powerful Powley found his 5ft 8in physique no
bar to success in the final, however.
Trumpington Under-16: Darren Cousins, Andrew Jeffrey, Steve Holden, Mark McTrusty,
Richard Skelly, Stuart Morley
Trumpington Under-14: Richard Orvis, Ian Hills, Ian Cambridge, Adrian Cambridge, Shane
Smith, Martin Flint     [Source: CEN, 4 January 1988, pp12-13]
Ian Richard, new managing director
of the ‘News’, presenting the under-
14 trophy to Trumpington
Tornadoes’ players, from left, Ian
Cambridge, Richard Orvis, captain
Ian Hills, Martin Flint, Adrian
Cambridge and Shane Smith.
Despair for Trumpington keeper
Darren Cousins as Colin Vowden
shot gets through. Under-16 match.
[Source: CEN, 4 January 1988,
1988 – 1989 Season
u11, u12, u13, u14, u15
[Source: CEN, Monday 3 October 1988, p.23; CEN, Monday 10 October 1988, p.27]

1989 - 1990 Season
2 x u11, u12, u13, u14, u15, u16, u18
[Source: CEN, Monday 9 October 1989, p.25; CEN, Monday 23 April 1990, p21; CEN,
Wednesday 25 April 1990, p.29; CEN, Monday 30 April 1990, p21; CEN, Monday 14 May
1990, p.23; CEN, Wednesday 16 May 1990, p.31]
u11 Knockout Cup Final replay -  Sawston Enterprises  1 Trumpington Tornadoes  2
u11 East Anglian Cup Final – Trumpington 3 Valley Green 1
u13 Knockout Cup Final – Trumpington Tornadoes  Lions  score unknown
u14 League Cup final – Histon 2 Trumpington 2 (aet),  Histon won on penalties
u14 Knockout Cup Final – Trumpington Tornadoes  Godmanchester  score unknown
u15 League B Division  top of section   Trumpington Tornadoes
u16 League Cup Final – Trumpington Tornadoes  Milton   score unknown
u16 Knockout Cup Final – Trumpington Tornadoes 6  Sawston Enterprises 3
u18 Chiltern League Cup Final – Trumpington 3 Dunstable Dynamoes 0

Deadly Tornadoes. Trumpington Tornadoes are leaving a trail of destruction through the
Cambridge and District Colts League. The club have four teams unbeaten at various age groups
and over the next two weeks are represented in five cup finals. And their under-18 team are in
with a chance of the Chiltern League first division title as well as contesting the finals of the
League and East Anglian cups – the East Anglian against Stevenage at Royston tomorrow. “I can’
t remember a better season for the club,” said Secretary Tony Holden, who has been involved
with Tornadoes since his son Steve, now a 17-year-old apprentice at Leicester City, joined as a
10-year-old. “And it’s not just good for the club but good for Cambridge football. The success of
the Cambridge schoolboys’ teams is a lot down to the hard work of Colts League managers – not
just ours – and I don’t think they get enough credit. And the older lads come out of the Colts
League and improve the standard of the County League.” Most successful of the Tornadoes
seven Colts League sides are the under-16s. They top their division by three points with two
games in hand on second-placed Milton, who they face in Sunday’s League Cup final, and are
also in the final of the Knockout Cup. But they are being pressed for top spot in the 1990 roll of
honour by the under-14s. They also contest both cup finals, against Histon on Sunday and in the
KO competition against Godmanchester a week later. The youngsters top the under-14A division
eight points clear of Godmanchester, who have four games in hand, but could take it to goal
difference in the two-points-for-a-win league. Trumpington’s other title chasers are the under-
11B side, who are two points behind Sawston – opponents in the KO Cup final next month – but
with a game in hand and a superior goal difference. But Sawston are on a hat-trick so will give
little away to their arch rivals. The only trophy they do not clash with Trumpington for is the
League Cup, where they face St. Neots, A-section runners-up, at Ely FC on Sunday. Tornadoes’
under-15B side already clinched their title, topping their section unbeaten and four points clear of
NCI. And they conceded just two league goals – a feat matched only by Sawston’s under-11B
team, who still have three games to play. [Source: CEN, Wednesday 25 April 1990, p.29].
Double Tornado Triumph. [Jamie
Rose holding the shield for the team
(possibly 5-a-side tournament)
c1990] [Source: CEN, c1990,
supplied by Mrs Julie Powter].
1990 – 1991 Season
u10, u11, u12, u13, u14, u15
[Source: CEN, Monday 1 October 1990, p.21; CEN, Monday 8 October 1990, p.21; CEN,
Monday 22 April 1991, p.29; CEN, Monday 29 April 1991, p.21; CEN, Wednesday 1 May
1991, p.33]
u12 League Cup Final – Cambridge Crusaders 1 Trumpington 2
u15 E.A.S.Y. Cup Final – Trumpington 3 Woburn Tigers 2

Trumpington took the lead in a hard-fought under-12 tussle., thanks to Cliff Waldman, only for
Mark Bowler [of Cambridge Crusaders] to level before half-time. Neil Loughnane made
Trumpington’s pressure count with the deciding goal. [Source: CEN, 1 May 1991, p.33].

1991 – 1992 Season
u11, u12, u14, u15, u16
[Source: CEN, Monday 21 October 1991, p.24; CEN, Monday 27 April 1992, p.28; CEN,
Wednesday 29 April 1992, p.31]
u11 League Cup Final – Burwell 2 Trumpington 1 (aet)
u12 League B Division  Trumpington Tornadoes 5  Histon 1
u16 League A Division  Trumpington Tornadoes 1  Abington 0

Now under-11, the Burwell team won their age group League Cup with a 2-1 win over
Trumpington coming from behind to take the trophy thanks to Lee Johnson’s equaliser and a last
minute winner from Steven Hugg. … In the under-12 B division Trumpington played against the
wind in the first half but still went in a goal up against Histon thanks to Jonathan Kirby. Then,
with the elements in their favour, they romped to a 5-1 victory with goals from Jean-Pierre
Lamont (2), Damien Blake and Michael Dunn. Mark Freeman scored a late penalty for Histon.
… Trumpington’s under-16A side beat Abington 1-0 in a top-of-the-table game with Chris
Humble scoring late in the first half. [Source: CEN, 29 April 1992, p.31].
u12 team 1991-1992
Back row: Paddy & Noel, Assist.
Manager Dave Betts, Manager Nigel
Standing: Ramon Clark, Dominic ?,
Paul Jordan, Martin Betts, Johnny
Kirby, ?, Johnny Payne, Wesley
Sitting: Ross Gillings, ?, Carl Flory,
Michael Dunn, Rodney Richards,
Jean-Pierre Lamont
Sitting on ground: Jon Meadows,
Dean Turner [Source: supplied by
Mrs Sheila Betts]
u12 team 1991-1992 East Anglian
Cup 3rd round at Southend.
Trumpington Tornadoes won 6-0  
[Source: supplied by Mrs Sheila
u12 team 1991-1992 team prize
giving in tent at the home of Mr and
Mrs Betts. (from left of picture -
Jean-Pierre Lamont, Andy Dunn,
Dave Betts, Sèan Garner [Source:
supplied by Mrs Sheila Betts]
1992 – 1993 Season
u11, u12, u13, u16
[Source: CEN, Monday 5 October 1992, p.28; CEN, Monday 12 October 1992, p.27; CEN,
Monday 19 April 1993, p.27]

1993 – 1994 Season
u11, u12, u13, u14
[Source: CEN, Monday 18 October 1993, p.35; CEN Monday 18 April 1994, p.35]

1994 – 1995 Season
u10, u11, u13, u15
[Source: CEN, Monday 3 October 1994, p.35; CEN, Monday 24 April 1995, p.31]

1995 – 1996 Season
u11, u12, u14
[Source: CEN, Monday 2 October 1995, p.31; CEN, Monday 1 April 1996, p32; CEN,
Wednesday 8 May 1996, p.35]
u12 League B Division  Burwell 3  Trumpington Tornadoes 1

Colts soccer. … In the under-12 B section Burwell beat Trumpington 3-1 to maintain their title
charge with Thomas Sheldrick, Matt Robinson and Matt Cox on target. Leigh Meddows was the
marksman for Trumpington, who produced one of their best performances of the season.
[Source: CEN, 8 May 1996, p.35].

1996 – 1997 Season
u12, u13, u15
[Source: CEN, Monday 7 October 1996, p.37; CEN, Monday 21 April 1997, p27; CEN,
Monday 28 April 1997, p29]

1997 – 1998 Season
u13, u16
[Source: CEN, Monday 20 October 1997, p.29; CEN, Monday 27 October 1997, p.29]

1998 – 1999 Season
[Source: CEN, Monday 19 October 1998, p28]

1999 – 2000 Season
[Source: CEN, Monday 4 October 1999, p.34]

2000 – 2001 Season
[Source: CEN, Monday 2 October 2000, p.37]

The Cambridge & District Sunday Football League was formed in 1965. In the 2015-2016
Handbook, results were given covering the 50 years of the League.

1995 - 1996 Season   
Sunday League Lower Junior Cup
Winners N.C.I. Musketeers; runners-up Beefeater Trumpington   score 4-2

1995 - 1996 Season  
Sunday League, Division 5
Winners Beefeater Trumpington; runners-up Post Office All Stars

1998 – 1999 Season    
Sunday League V.B. Trophies Lower Junior Cup.           
Winners Trumpington Tornadoes; runners-up Jolly Boys  score 1-0
VB Trophies Lower Junior Cup and
Joe Smith and Daniel Kidd holding
plaques and cup, 1999. [Source: Joe
Smith, photo: Wendy Roberts]
1999 – 2000 Season
Trumpington Tornadoes Sunday League team members: Tom Austin, Konrad Bidwell, Kurt
Bidwell, Karl Cockerton, Kristian de-La-Riva, Jason Farrow, Daniel Kidd, John Perks, Brenden
Powter, Gary Sharp, Joe Smith, Paul Simpson, William Watson, Adam Jamieson, Nigel Jones,
Illuminato Coppola, Paul Wilson, Ian Freestone, Joe Smith, Leroy Wilson [Source: Team
Members’ list from Joe Smith, personal communication, 2019]

2000 – 2001 Season
Trumpington Tornadoes were Sunday League runners up in Division 2 (B) [Source:]
[Source: supplied by Joe Smith]
Team members: back row from left – Nigel Jones, Sam Jones, Kurt Bidwell, Scott Walsh, Dan
Kidd, Joe Smith, Alan Hawes, Martin Mitchell, Wesley Wilson; front row - Kristian de-La-Riva,
Ian Freestone, Brenden Powter, Carl Cockerton, Leroy Wilson, Illuminato Coppola, Konrad

2001 – 2002 Season  
Trumpington Tornadoes had a team playing in Halls of Cambridge Sunday League Division 1B
and a Trumpington Tornadoes Reserve team playing in Division 4B [Source: CEN, Monday 1
April 2002, p.26; CEN, Monday 8 April 2002, p.29].

2002 – 2003 Season
The Trumpington Tornadoes had a jaunty headline in the local paper in 2003, “Flying Pig swept
aside by a Tornado”, when they encountered their rivals of the Hills Road public house in a
match. “Trumpington Tornadoes enjoyed a 3-1 success against the Flying Pig in Division 1B of
the Halls of Cambridge Sunday League with Wesley Wilson, Craig Huckle and Illuminato
Coppola on target for the winners.” [Source: CEN, Thursday 13 February 2003, p.60; supplied
by Joe Smith]

2003 – 2004 Season

2004 – 2005 Season

2005 – 2006 Season

2006 – 2007 Season
Trumpington Tornadoes were Sunday League winners of Division 3 (B).
Trophy for Sunday League winners
of Division 3 (B), 2006-07. [Source:
Joe Smith; photo: Wendy Roberts]
2007 – 2008 Season
Trumpington Tornadoes team,
2007-08. [Source: Konrad Bidwell]
2008 – 2009 Season

2009 – 2010 Season

2010 – 2011 Season

2011 – 2012 Season
Sunday 15 April 2012 Shelford & Stapleford Strikers Seniors 4 vs. 4 Trumpington Tornadoes
Strikers make a point and finish in top three, by Trevor Davies
Strikers took the point that assured them of a top three finish as the two teams battled their way
to a 4-4 draw for the second time this season. But the home side were left kicking themselves for
not winning the game, as four times Strikers took the lead, but four times Trumpington, who
went down to 10-men in the second half, came battling back to earn a share of the spoils.  …
But the visitors were back on terms three minutes later to leave the score at 2-2 with just 10
minutes on the clock. After such a frenetic start the game settled down, with Strikers having the
majority of possession, but Trumpington worked hard to keep on level terms. Even so, Strikers
could have regained their advantage before the break as the hard-working Walter saw an effort
come back off the bar, then Coulbeck raced clear down the left, but opted to cut the ball back
across the face of the goal rather than shoot. After the break the game following a similar pattern
with Walter and Liam Camp pulling the strings in midfield, but for all their neat possession, it
was Trumpington who almost snatched the lead on 55 minutes when a fierce drive cannoned
back off the bar. Strikers regained the lead for the third time on 66 minutes when, after failing to
break down the visiting rearguard with their tidy football, Mason opted for raw power and his
strike from 25 yards arrowed into the top corner. It should have been enough to have broken
Trumpington’s brave resistance and 10 minutes later Camp’s clever run into the box saw him
stroke an effort goalward, only for the ball to strike the inside of the post and bounce out to
Jarvis, who blazed the rebound over the bar from inside the six-yard box. It proved to be an
expensive miss as Trumpington levelled on 73 minutes as the home rearguard appealed for an
offside flag that never came.Ten minutes from time it seemed as if the home side had finally
made sure of the points when they went ahead for a fourth time.Walter played a neat ball into
the feet of Mason and the striker rolled it back into the midfielder’s path as he continued his run
into the box and neatly finished. But Trumpington refused to throw in the towel, threw men
forward and seven minutes from time a shot from the edge of the box took a deflection off
Walter’s head and beat Chris Coates’ despairing dive as the visitors restored parity for the fourth
time. A win would have lifted Strikers up into second position, instead they go into the final
week of the season trailing Newnham Rangers by two points. …Strikers: Coates 5; Bubien 6,
Crawte 6, Foster 7, Golding 6; Capes 5 A. Walter 7, Camp 7, Coulbeck 6, Jarvis 6, Mason 7.
Sub: Dixon;   Star man: A Walter; Referee: E Karram
[Source: Shelford and Stapleford Strikes website:]
Sunday League, Trumpington
Tornadoes and manager, Steve
Bidwell, c2011-12? [Source: Konrad
Back row: Ivan Loureiro, Tom Austin, Paul Chapman, Steve Bidwell (Manager), Dean
Hancock, Leroy Wilson, Joe Smith, Martin Mitchell, Konrad Bidwell, Dan Smith; Front Row:
Kurt Bidwell, Carl Cockerton, Gerald O’Dyer, Craig Huckle, Mark Watson, Luke Berryman,
Ian Freestone, Wesley Wilson, Adam Lee, Wayne Bishop

The Cambridge 5-A-Side Football League was formed in 1976, initially under the name of the
Kelsey Kerridge 5-a-Side Football League. There were no Trumpington entries from 1978-79 to
1999-2000. However from their entry to the 5-A-Side League in 2000-01, Trumpington
Tornadoes gained outstanding success:
2001 – 2002 Division 1 runners up
2002 – 2003 Division 1 runners up
2004 – 2005 Division 1 champions and Knock Out Cup winners
2006 – 2007 Division 1 runners up and Knock Out Cup winners
2007 – 2008 Division 1 champions
2008 – 2009 Division 1 runners up and Knock Out Cup winners
2009 – 2010 Division 1 champions
2010 – 2011 Division 1 champions and Knock Out Cup winners
2011 – 2012 Division 1 champions and Knock Out Cup winners
Division One Champions 2004-5,
2007-8, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12.
Knock Out Cups [2004-05],
2006-07, 2008-09, 2010-11, 2011-12
[Source: Joe Smith; photos: Wendy
2004-05 Trumpington Tornadoes team members:
Kurt Bidwell, Konrad Bidwell, Joe Smith (1Y), Dan Smith, Luke Berryman, Wes Wilson, Karl
Conradt, Mark Watson, Adam Lee, Stuart Banks, Karl Cockerton, Craig Huckle, Paul Wilson,
Martin Mitchell, Neil O’Donohue

2005-06 Trumpington Tornadoes team members:
Kurt Bidwell, Konrad Bidwell, Joe Smith, Dan Smith, Neil O’Donohue, Wes Wilson, Karl
Cockerton, Luke Berryman

2006-07 Trumpington Tornadoes team members:
Kurt Bidwell, Konrad Bidwell, Joe Smith, Dan Smith, Gary Sharp, Westley Wilson, Russel
Kouradt, Paul Wilson, Karl Cockerton, Adam Lee, Ian Freestone, Luke Berryman, William

2007-08 Trumpington Tornadoes team members:
Kurt Bidwell, Konrad Bidwell, Joe Smith, Dan Smith, Gary Sharp, Westley Wilson, Russel
Kouradt, Paul Wilson, Karl Cockerton, Adam Lee, Ian Freestone, Luke Berryman, William
Perez, Lewis Baille, Marco Deluca

2008-09 Trumpington Tornadoes team members:
Kurt Bidwell, Konrad Bidwell, Dan Smith, Joe Smith, Martin Mitchell, Wes Wilson, Luke
Berryman, Russel Konradt, Fernando Ribeiro

Trumpington Tornadoes were also Sawston United 5-a-Side winners in 2008 and Cambridge 7-a-
Side Division 2 champions and League Cup winners in Spring Summer 2012.
Sawston United 5-a-side winners,
Cambridge 7-a-Side, Division 2
champions and League Cup winners,
Spring - Summer 2012.
The Cambridge Fans United/Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre Christmas 5-a-Side Football
was established in 2002.
“Tornadoes blow away opposition. Sixteen teams took part in the inaugural five-a-side football
tournament organised by the Cambridge United Fans Supporters Trust ‘Cambridge Fans United’
and sponsored by the Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre. Teams came from as far as Northampton,
Peterborough and Dulwich to take part alongside local teams made up of both supporters of
Cambridge United and others who regularly play in the local leagues. Spokesman for CRU, Dave
Matthews-Jones, said: “It was a good afternoon’s football that everyone seemed to enjoy.
Although it was very competitive, the matches were all played in the right spirit and were a credit
to all the teams taking part.” The eventual winners of the competition were Trumpington
Tornadoes, who defeated the supporters trust side from Northampton Town 3-1 in the final. The
main aim of the Cambridge Fans United is to help raise the necessary funds to rebuild the Abbey
Stadium. The organisation enjoys the support of the board of directors of the club, though is
totally independent of it.” [Source: CEN, 4 January 2003, p.30]
[Source: CEN, 4 January 2003, p.30]
Trumpington Tornadoes were winners of this competition from Christmas 2002 to 2006. This
competition was not under the aegis of the Cambridge Football Association and the team
continued to play under the name of Trumpington Tornadoes. They were runners up in 2012
and then winners again in 2013 and 2014.
[Source: and

“Tornadoes put the opposition in a spin. Trumpington Tornadoes defended their crown in style
at Cambridge Fans United’s annual festive five-a-side tournament. Tornadoes won the first five
editions of the competition, which is now in its 13th year, before regaining the honours last
season. And they scored 34 goals in nine matches this time around at Kelsey Kerridge Sports
Centre to hold off the threat posed by SK Team and All Blacks to win once more. CFU vice-
chairman Robert Osbourn said: “We have seen another entertaining and sporting encounter with
worthy winners. Trumpington really set out to do well and have dominated this year’s event
from start to finish.”” [Source: Cambridge News, 3 January 2015, p.39]
Winners 2002
Winners 2014
[Source: Joe Smith; photos: Wendy
Badge designed by Heidi Cockerton
[Source: Konrad Bidwell's Facebook
page, 2019]
Badge of Trumpington Tornadoes
Circa 1970s-1980s   Fawcett School and the local Scout Group

Football was a sport enjoyed by many at Fawcett Junior School, playing in Cambridge & District
Schools Football Association matches, and also by members of the 44th Cambridge
(Trumpington) Scout Group.

1971 - 1972
Inter-School Football Shield. Back
row: (left to right) ?, Phil Orvis, ?,
Clive Teulon, Robert Cuthbert, ?;
middle row: John Tibbetts, David
Cox, Jamie Mahoney, ?, Phil Reed;
front row: ?, Gary Haylock [Source:
supplied by Phil Reed]
1975 - 1976
Primary champions Fawcett do it again. Fawcett Junior School, already winners of the
Cambridge primary schools tournament, doubled up by winning the City Councils’s six-a-side
competition for under-11s at the Pye sports ground. They walloped St. Andrews 4-0 in the
youngest of the five sections of the City Council six-a-side championships [Source: CEN, 1976,
supplied by Mrs Julie Powter].

1982 - 1983
Back row: (from left to right) Lauren
Hignell, Mark Turner, Ben Coombs,
James Diver, Stephen Thompson,
Robert Hesketh; front row: (from
left to right) Marc Jeanneret, Shaun
Smith, Andrew Mitchell, Duncan
Riley (Capt.), Trevor Butler, Jamie
Andrew [Source: 1983, supplied by
Shaun Smith]
1982 - 1983
Inter-School Football Shield. Back
row: (from left to right) Patrick
Adams, Shane Smith, Barry ?, Jason
Powell, Martin Flint, Damian
Brown, Richard Harvey; front row:
Richard Orvis, Chris Johnson,
Robert Hesketh, Ben Rosavere, ?
(Source: Trumpington Past &
Present, 2003, p.105)
Football Tournament at Fawcett
School, 44th Cambridge
(Trumpington) Scout Group, Cubs
c10 years old, c1990
Photo: at back: coach, Dave Betts;
middle row: Martin Betts, ?, Glen
Hopkins, Henry Greenhalgh; front
row: ?, Mark Bentley, ?, Nick
Dowell-McGrillan [Source: supplied
by Mrs Sheila Betts]
2017 - present    Trumpington Football Club, T.F.C.

After a gap of some years, a new club was established in Trumpington for children to take part
in football activities. Between 2012 and 2022, the population of Trumpington will have increased
from 7000 to 17,000 people with three major housing developments. The changes include the
doubling in size of Fawcett Primary School and the opening of Trumpington Meadows and
Trumpington Park Primary Schools, and Trumpington Community College. Edward Davidson,
the External Engagement Officer of the Club in November 2018 provided a short history:
Formed in April 2017 to give children in Trumpington and environs the opportunity to play
competitive football. Founded by a small group of parents of children who had been training at
Trumpington Meadows 3g pitch with professional coaching company Over & In. Over & In are
represented on the committee and provide a professional coaching service to all the players. A
constitution was written and the club was registered with the Football Association in double quick
time and its first season began in September 2017.

In its first season, the club had just under 60 kids, 6 teams, age u8 to u10, playing in the
Cambridgeshire Mini Soccer Leagues. The first annual awards ceremony was at Trumpington
Meadows School, 16th June, 2018.

For 2018-19 the club had 9 teams u8-u11, just under 100 boys and girls. They played at King
George V Playing Field, Trumpington Meadows School (grass pitch), and Trumpington
Community College (3g pitch). They trained at Trumpington Meadows 3g and at Trumpington
Community College 3g and at Shelford Rugby Club 3g.
TFC ‘Knight’ design on the team
strip - match played on the King
George V playing field, [Photo:
Andrew Roberts, 17 November
Trumpington Football Club had benefitted from generous sponsorship by Trumpington Meadows
(Grosvenor and Barratt) and Over & In, also from Cooke Curtis & Co Estate Agents. The club
introduced bursaries in 2019 and 5 families benefitted.

The club logo is based on Trumpington's village sign, and the teams within each age group are
designated Kings, Archers, Knights.
Logo of Trumpington Football Club
Notes from the coach re the first season: "One team (u10 Kings) went the whole season
unbeaten except in the Cup Quarter Final; u9 Kings and u10 Kings both reached cup quarter
finals; u8 Archers turned their season around from barely understanding football to winning their
last few games.

Provided we can find the training and playing facilities we need, we are confident we can grow in
a couple of years to provide fitness and fun to 200 local kids!” [Source: Edward Davidson,
personal communication, November 2018]

It was announced in the Cambridgeshire Football Association & McDonald’s Grassroots Football
Awards 2019, that Trumpington Football Club was the regional winner of the award of
Community Club of the Year and Nicola Hogan (Secretary of TFC) was awarded Volunteer of
the Year. In May 2019, teams were being sorted out for the 2019-20 season. The club had over
160 players. There were over 30 girls participating in the Club’s Football Association Wildcats
Training Scheme. [Source: Edward Davidson, personal communication, May 2019]

Trumpington Pavilion 10th Anniversary, Saturday 21 September 2019
A community event to celebrate 10 years since the opening of the rebuilt  Pavilion and nearly 70
years since the opening of the King George V playing field. The day was organised by the
Trumpington Residents’ Association.

During the afternoon, the Mayor of Cambridge, Cllr Gerri Bird, unveiled the names of the three
changing rooms, the Neville Haylock Room, Tornadoes and TFC to commemorate the use of
the football facilities by Trumpington Tornadoes (from 1972 to 2012) and by Trumpington
Football Club, TFC, (2017 - present).
Cllr Gerri Bird and Mrs Joan
Mrs Joan Haylock with her family
and Mrs A Smith
Mrs Joan Haylock with her family
and Mrs A Smith
Ian Elston and Ed Davidson, two of
the founder members of
Trumpington Football Club,  with
three TFC players at King George V
playing field, 12 October 2019.
[Photo: Andrew Roberts]
Many thanks are given to the people who were willing to spend time answering my questions
about local football club activities, particularly thanks to Mrs Sue-Ellen Beadle, Luke Berryman,
Mrs Sheila Betts, Konrad Bidwell, Robert Cuthbert, Mrs Joan Haylock, Raymond Jolley, Mrs
Dianne Mahoney, Mrs V. Pearson, Mrs Julie Powter, Phil Reed, Mrs Clare Ryan (née Howlett),
Mrs Anna Smith, Joe Smith, Barry Thompson, Mrs Carol Wood and Edward Davidson. Thanks
to Andrew Roberts for editing and reformatting the text to make it suitable for the Trumpington
Local History Group website.