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Trumpington Public Houses
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March 2009 and later updates

This history of Trumpington public houses was based on a presentation
given by Peter Dawson at the meeting titled
Along the High Street, 26
March 2009. It has been updated with later changes.

There have been nine public houses or inns in Trumpington over the last
500 years. Four of these pubs remain in use as pubs or restaurants:
The Green Man
The Coach & Horses (redeveloped as the Sole & Duck, late 2020)
The Tally Ho (renamed Hudson's Ale House, October 2015)
The Unicorn (renamed The Lord Byron Inn, May 2012)

while four of the pubs no longer exist:
The Volunteer (renamed Zahza Grill etc., closed 2015)
The Red Lion
The Black Swan
The Ram's Head
The White Lion
Extract from the Inland Revenue Land Value map
for Trumpington, 1910-11, showing the Green
Man, the Coach & Horses, the Red Lion, the
Tally Ho and the Unicorn. Reproduced by
permission of Cambridgeshire Archives, file
470/047, sheet XLVII.10.
There is evidence of the Ram's Head, the
White Lion and the Black Swan in the
16th-18th centuries, but they appear to
have closed before the late 18th century.

The only inns recorded in the 1790s were
the Green Man and the Coach & Horses,
opposite each other on the High Street.

By the 1840s, the Red Lion and the Tally
Ho had also opened, a short distance to
the south along the High Street. The Red
Lion was rebuilt in the 1930s and
eventually closed in the 1970s.

The Unicorn opened in Church Lane in
the 1850s and the Volunteer on
Trumpington Road also in the 1850s.

Three of the pubs
were converted into
restaurants: the Coach & Horses
(Sole and
, the Green Man and the Volunteer
Zahza Grill) (closed 2015).
Land Value map, 1910

The Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (1959) describes the Green Man and the
Coach & Horses, p. 390-91.
Victoria County History (VCH) (1982) includes a summary of the different pubs, p.

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bibliography for full details.