Trumpington Village Sign unveiled June 2010, designed by Sheila Betts.
Trumpington Local History Group

The Unicorn Public House
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The Unicorn (now The Lord Byron Inn) is one of nine public houses
which have operated in Trumpington in the last 500 years. This page is
based on a presentation given by Peter Dawson at the meeting titled
Along the High Street, 26 March 2009.
Extract from the Inland Revenue Land Value
for Trumpington, 1910-11, showing the
Unicorn. Reproduced by permission of
Cambridgeshire Archives, file 470/047, sheet

The Victoria County History (VCH) (1982) includes a summary of the different pubs, p.
250-51. See the
bibliography for full details.
The Unicorn public house, May 2009. Photo:
Andrew Roberts.
If you have any further information about this or
the other pubs in Trumpington, we would be
very interested to hear from you.
The Unicorn is on
Church Lane, the one
surviving pub not
located on the main
road through the village.

It was extended in 2008
to provide bed &
breakfast. After 170
years as
The Unicorn, it
was renamed
The Lord
Byron Inn
in May 2012.
The Unicorn and Lord Byron Inn pub signs, March 2009 and
May 2012. Photos: Peter Dawson and Andrew Roberts.
Land Value map, 1910.
The Unicorn public house, May 2009.
The Unicorn pub sign, March 2009.
New sign for the Lord Byron Inn (formerly The Unicorn). Photo: Andrew Roberts, May 2012.