Past Events

21 September 2019
Although it was later in the growing season and we had
fewer plants in bloom, we still had a wide variety of
plants on display at this September event, which was
celebrating 10 years since the rebuilding of the Pavilion.

6 July 2019
It was our 10th year holding a plant stall at the school
fete and unusually it was a day when our houseplants
as opposed to garden plants were in demand.

12 July 2018
Speaker, Geoff Hodge, garden writer and local radio
broadcaster, took us through a number of ways to
make some gardening tasks easier in his talk on 'Easy
Gardening: Low Maintenance Gardens'. Geoff covered
innovative gardening tools, suggestions for specific
garden planting, plant care and weed control. He also
judged our 'drinking-can' floral arrangements.

7 July 2018
Shade was in short supply on this scorching hot
afternoon at the Trumpington Federation PTA Fair
held at Fawcett School but the plants were given
priority! Thank you to all who supported the plant stall.

17 March 2018
Pam and Wendy had a plant stall at the first event to
be held at the new Clay Farm Centre.

12 July 2017
Wrest Park, Silsoe, proved a very good choice for our
trip. Well done, Pam! The guided tours, 2 walking
groups and one 'golf buggy' ride (for those wary of the
distance to be covered) were excellent. They gave us
an account of the changes in garden design as occurred
at Wrest Park during a period of over 300 years and
showed us the fruits of recent restoration work. The
cloudy start to our visit soon gave way to a sunny day.
We enjoyed the cafe refreshments (tempted by cakes)
and didn't resist the urge to purchase just a few more
plants for our gardens.

13 July 2016
Pam arranged a very successful coach trip to Peter
Beales Roses and then on to East Ruston Old Vicarage
with its 32 acre exotic coastal garden.

9 July 2016
It was a breezy afternoon for the Trumpington
Federation PTA Fete but our plant stall had shelter
from the nearby marquee!

28 November 2015
We had a stall at the Trumpington Christmas Fair
organised by the TRA and hoped that our house plants
would make perfect Christmas gifts!

16 July 2015
The Beth Chatto Garden was the destination of this
year's successful coach trip. Participants went on a
guided walk and then explored the series of distinctive
gardens. Several newly acquired plants made the
homeward journey!

4 July 2015
We had a plant stall at the first Trumpington
Federation PTA Fete held at Trumpington Meadows

21 May 2015
Members of TruGS contributed plants for the
restoration of the flower borders at the rear of the
Village Hall. Many of the plants are bee and butterfly
friendly species. Many thanks to everyone who
donated plants and to those who helped with the
planting on the evening of 21 May.

9 April 2015
Speaker, Michael Brown, the Historic Gardener,
enlightened the audience about poisonous plants and
associated myths and tales of murder with his talk
'Death in the Garden'. This was the first evening
meeting for TruGS since 2011. Plans were discussed
for future activities, such as the adoption of the shrub
border behind the Village Hall in May and the coach
trip to Beth Chatto's Gardens in July.

29 November 2014
This was our first venture of offering plants at a winter
event and were delighted with the interest shown in
both the house and garden plants at the bazaar.

17 July 2014
We had a very successful coach trip to Hever Castle
and its Gardens. The weather was beautiful for us to
wander around the many different style gardens. The
roses were still in full bloom. Pam is already
considering a venue for next year's outing!

28 June 2014
Again we set up a plant stall at the Fawcett PTA Fete
with a wide range of donated plants. Sales were brisk
at noon the beginning of the event but by 2pm nature
sprang into action and gave our remaining plants a
power wash! Our next plant sale will be at the Church
Christmas Bazaar on 29 November 2014 in the village

8 June and 6 July 2013
We held successful plants stalls at the Church Garden
Party at Trumpington Hall and the Fawcett PTA Fete
at the school field. We were fortunately in the TRA
marquee, sheltered from the cool breeze, at the church
event and basked in the heat (28 degrees) at the school
do. Thank you for all the donated plants. I hope the
buyers were pleased with the quality and variety of the
plants on offer.

30 June 2012
Although no meetings were arranged for 2012, we did
our best to promote the Society from a plant stall at the
Fawcett School Summer Fete. Considering the amount
of rain we have had since the fete, the plants we sold
should have been well watered into their new locations!

15 December 2011
33 members and friends enjoyed a Christmas Party at
the Village Hall. We were entertained by the lively
Barber Shop Singers. The event ended with short
speeches by President, Stephen Brown; Chairman,
Pam Stacey; and Vice President, Margaret Marrs
expressing their regret at the current suspension of the
Society but with the hope that the group will be able to
start up again in the near future.

15 September 2011
The Autumn Show was held together with a quiz of
gardening-related questions. Daphne Bridgeman and
Pam Stacey were presented with the Forbes Trophy
and the Frank Laver Memorial Bowl respectively. This
was followed by an Extraordinary General Meeting.
The meeting was chaired by the President, Dr Stephen
Brown, who gave a brief history of the Society and
then described the problem of continuing our activities.
The majority of attending members voted to mothball
the Society from the end of the year.

Summer 2011
It's been a busy period - preparing for the fetes. Many
of the TruGS members' donated plants will now be
taking root in their new homes in Trumpington!

Members have also enjoyed two Summer outings: a
day visit to the RHS Gardens Hyde Hall and an
evening visit to a garden in Fen Ditton.

17 March 2011
This year there were plenty of daffodils in flower in
time for the show. Pam Stacey was presented with the
Eileen Norman Memorial Cup. President Stephen
Brown chaired the AGM.

16 September 2010
Despite it being late for runner beans and too early for
chrysanthemums, we had an enjoyable show. Stephen
Brown won the Forbes Trophy with the highest
number of points and Janet Hendy won the Frank
Laver Rose Bowl.

26 June and 2 July 2010
Summer activity
Plant and planter stalls were set up at the church and
school fetes. There could not have been more contrast
in the weather on the two occasions: unseasonal cold
with periodic pouring rain and unrelenting sunshine and
heat! Both events were great fun.Many thanks for all
the donated items.

18 March 2010
AGM and Spring Show
Spring flowers were flowering about 3-4 weeks later
than usual this year due to the exceptionally cold winter
and we had a low number of show exhibits as a result.
However members enjoyed the general knowledge quiz
and the 'wild flower identification parade' quiz, which
had been arranged for the evening. The President,
Stephen Brown, chaired the AGM.

16 July 2009
Summer Show & Photo Quiz
A crowd gathered around the final table as we sampled
and judged the home produce of cheese scones, brown
bread and Victoria sandwich cakes. This was the
climax to an enjoyable show of vegetables, fruit and
flowers. Pam Stacey and Janet Hendy were joint
winners of the Frank Laver Rose Bowl, Mary Pitman
was awarded the E.Saville Peck Memorial Cup for her
floral arrangement and Stephen Brown won the Forbes
Trophy for the highest number of points gained in the

4 July 2009
TruGS members ran a successful plant and produce
stall at the Fawcett School Summer Fete . Many
thanks to all who donated plants, jam, etc. for sale.

19 March 2009
AGM and Spring Show
We had a bumper number of exhibits this
year.Daffodils were in abundance. Recent warm
weather had brought out the flowers and butterflies!
The Eileen Norman Memorial Cup was passed to
Wendy Roberts for her floral arrangement. At the
AGM it was agreed that, in 2010, the member's
subscription would be increased to £7pa and that the
charge for a non-member would be increased to £2
per visit.
Officers and Committee
President: Dr Stephen Brown
Vice Presidents: Margaret Marrs and Pam Milne
Chair: Pam Stacey
Vice Chair and Programme outings: Maureen Graham
Treasurer: Edmund Brookes
Secretary: Wendy Roberts
Programme talks: Janet Hendy
Ruth Truesdale

20-25 October 2008
Trumpington Village Hall Centenary Exhibition
A display of past and present activities, a quiz and a
plant & produce stand was manned by members
throughout the exhibition week.

19 June 2008
Evening Outing to Russell Smith Farms, Duxford
Following up the February talk by Andrew Nottage on
local production of organic vegetables, we visited the
Duxford farm. Andrew took us on a trailer round the
fields and pointed out many of the features of growing
organic vegetables and efforts to encourage wildlife,
such as beetle banks.

15 May 2008
Outing to Pensthorpe, Norfolk
By coincidence, TruGS arranged a day visit to
Pensthorpe, near Fakenham, just as the BBC
producers of 'Spring Watch' TV programme were
preparing their first series from this new location. We
spent a very enjoyable day exploring the grounds and
enjoying the plants and birdlife.

20 March 2008
AGM and Spring Show
This meeting fell immediately before Easter weekend
and many regular members sent their apologies for
non-attendance. Margaret Marrs was proposed as a
Vice President in her absence and the proposal was
carried unanimously.
The mild winter had encouraged early flowering of
daffodils and exhibitors were spoilt for choice when
selecting blooms from their gardens! Congratulations to
Jill Whaley, who won the Eileen Norman Memorial
Cup for the 'Best Exhibit of Show' for the 2nd year

20 September 2007
Autumn Show & Quiz
Friendly competition was the theme of the evening,
with considerable attention on the sampling of the
Victoria Sandwich cakes. Many thanks to Arthur
Brookes for devising a challenging quiz.

21 June 2007
Evening visit to Balsham Maze
21 members visited James Potter's garden at Balsham.
We spent a pleasant couple of hours wandering the
grounds under guidance and were then entertained in
the Manor with wine and nibbles.

16 May 2007
Day visit to Helmingham Hall, Stowmarket
Travelling by coach, 33 TruGS members and friends
visited the gardens of Helmingham, the home of the
Tollemache family since 1487. Lunch was booked in
advance for our arrival and the afternoon was spent
exploring the many parts of the garden. There was
plenty of time to stock up with plants at the shop
before departure!

15 March 2007
AGM and Spring Show:
Margaret Marrs and Frank Whaley retired from the
committee after many years of service and the Society
passed on its sincere thanks for all their hard work.
They will still be active members of TruGS of course!
We also said farewell and many thanks to our Past
President, Reg Norman, who will be leaving the
Cambridge area.
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Summer Show 2009
The winner of the Forbes Trophy, the E.
Saville Peck Memorial Cup and the joint
winners of the Frank Laver Rose Bowl
Photo: Wendy Roberts
Fawcett School Summer Fete 2009
TruGS plant & produce stall
Photo: Wendy Roberts
Spring Show 2009
Pot plants - foliage and flowering
Photo: Wendy Roberts
TruGS stand at the Village Hall Centenary
Exhibition. 20-25 October 2008
Photo: Stephen Brown
Evening Outing 2008: Visit to Russell Smith
Farms, Duxford
Photo: Andrew Roberts
Autumn Show 2007: members
enjoying judging the exhibits
Photo: Jenifer Embrey
Spring Show 2007: entries in the
'Basket of Flowers' class    
Photo: Stephen Brown
Spring Show 2007: Retiring President,
Reg Norman, presenting the Eileen
Norman Memorial Cup to Jill Whaley
Photo: Stephen Brown
Fawcett School Fete 2010
TruGS plant & planter stall
Fawcett School Fete 2011
Photo: Andrew Roberts
Church Fete 2011
Photo: Andrew Roberts
Fawcett School Fete 2012
Photos: Andrew Roberts
Autumn Show 2011
Daphne Bridgeman and Pam Stacey -
Winners of the Forbes Trophy and the Frank
Laver Memorial Bowl
Photo: Stephen Brown
Church and Fawcett School fetes 2013
Photos: Andrew Roberts
Fawcett School fete 2014
Photos: Andrew Roberts
Hever Castle and Gardens, 2014
Photo: Pam Stacey.
Church Christmas Bazaar, 2014
Photo: Wendy Roberts.
Talk: 'Death in the Garden', 9 April 2015.
Speaker: Michael Brown, the Historic
Gardener. Chair: Pam Stacey
Photo: Andrew Roberts.
Evening planting session, Village Hall
flower borders, 21 May 2015.
Photo: Wendy Roberts.
Beth Chatto Gardens, 16 July 2015.
Photo: Pam Stacey.
Fawcett Federation Fete, 4 Jul 2015.
Photo: Andrew Roberts.
Fawcett Federation Fete, 9 July 2016.
Photo: Wendy Roberts.
Wrest Park, Silsoe, 12 July 2017.Photo: Wendy Roberts.
Wrest Park, Silsoe, 12 July 2017.
Photo: Wendy Roberts and Pat Werdmuller.
TRA Spring Fair at the Clay Farm Centre,
17 March 2018.
Photo: Andrew Roberts.
Speaker, Geoff Hodge, with Wendy Roberts
and Pam Stacey, 12 July 2018.
Photo: Andrew Roberts.
Jazzy 'Drinking can' floral arrangements, 12
July 2018.
Photo: Andrew Roberts.
Trumpington Federation PTA Fair, 7 July 2018
Photo: Andrew Roberts.
Pam Stacey at Trumpington Pavilion 10th
Anniversary Celebration
, 21 September 2019.
Photo: Andrew Roberts.
Trumpington Federation School Fete, Fawcett
, 6 July 2019. Photo: Andrew Roberts.